10 Best Solar Bug Zappers & Their Reviews (Updated 2019)

Solar bug and mosquito zappers work by using electricity, which is converted from sunlight, thanks to the photovoltaic or solar cells in or on the device. This electricity kills the bugs and keeps them at bay.

In general, you’ll find that the solar panel or cell is often on top of the device so that it can gather as much sunlight as possible.

Thus, the zapper is exceptionally effective once it’s been placed in an area where sunlight is moderate to strong, with few or no obstructions blocking the way.

All models can gather sunlight when it’s sunny outside, however, many models will also grant you the option of collecting sunlight during the day and then continuing to function during the sunless night.

With that said, let’s get started with this list of the 10 best solar bug zapper and their reviews for 2019.

1.   New & Improved Solar Powered Zapper

First on our list is a new and improved solar powered zapper, you want to give mosquitoes a total knockout, then this is the product for you. Finally, get that annoying buzzing and biting under control.

This new and improved 0.5W LED solar bug zapper takes mosquitoes back to their maker, gives flies a fatal punch, and surprises moths with a one-way ticket to elimination town.

You can say goodbye to the utility bills once you get this riveting bug zapper. You’ll never have to keep buying new batteries and the upgraded capacity of the zapper keeps the bugs away as the night progresses.

It has dual functionality in addition to zapping bugs, the cordless mosquito killer lamp functions as a decorative piece or a beautiful garden light as well.

You can wow the neighbors with the gorgeous white lighting and decorate your patio with the timeless lantern design. A bug zapper has never looked this good.

You don’t have to keep turning the rechargeable bug bite zapper on and off; a photocell does all the work for you.

So, save yourself the stress of manually operated zappers that you’ll keep forgetting to turn on, embrace the technology, and experience stress-free bug control.

No need to call that expensive electrician. Simply stake the wireless electric bug killer into the ground or hang it on the porch, a very simple installation.

And unlike other bug zappers that annoyingly break on day one, the tough abs plastic guarantees you service that lasts for years. Click Add to Cart now!

Pros and Benefits:
  • Functions as a zapper and a garden light
  • The photocell will turn the zapper on and off automatically
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Tough ABS construction

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2.   YIER Solar-Powered Outdoor Insect Killer/Bug Zapper/Mosquito Killer

This solar power zapper by YIER is the second feature on the list. It turns on automatically at night, lights turn off automatically during the day. It works on the feature of automatic charging

It’s 100% safe for humans and pets, it’s got no smell, it has got great safety and environmental protection which prevents mosquito and insect bites

It’s got heat-resistant design and it’s really easy to install and in addition to these features, this solar bug zapper is Waterproof.

This zapper has got two lightening modes. Mode 1 represents the white light for the prairie landscape and mode 2 represents the purple lighting insecticidal lamp

When you’re using this device, it will be safe and easy to use for your whole family. In other words, not only will the human members of your family be safe, but this device will also not harm your pets.

It is odorless, so there is no stink left over to damage your house or backyard. It even includes significant environmental protection and is easy to install, thus minimizing the risk that you will injure yourself.

And since the design is waterproof and heat-resistant, that ensures additional safety in case of inclement temperatures or harsh weather conditions.

This zapper viably accumulates the solar energy in your patio or around your home and Its lights will naturally turn on and off, contingent upon what the lighting resembles outside.

It will charge itself automatically as well so that you will be able to benefit from a full charge.

The lights themselves feature different modes of illumination; in the case of the first, it’s ideal for landscapes, with the second being a purple light that is meant specifically for killing insects.

Thus, if you’d like to use the zapper to light up your outdoor area, without necessarily killing insects, then the first mode will be perfect for you.

If you find that this zapper isn’t quite to your liking, you can easily return it at any point in time, for up to 30 days.

Pros and Benefits:
  • Charging is autonomic
  • Safe for pets and humans
  • Odorless
  • Includes protection for the environment
  • Lights turn on and off automatically depending on the time of day

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3.   Sandalwood NK63 Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper, Insect Killer & LED Garden Lamp Included UL Adapter

Third on our list is an NK63 UV Zapper Lamp which attracts & entraps Flies, Mosquitoes & Other Flying Insects. It has got 8 bright LED bulbs that provide Local illumination for garden, patio or Walkway.

It has got Integrated Solar Panel Powers Zapper from Sun, and a UL Charger. It has got a Hanging String which is perfect for Balcony, included Stake for Garden Installation.

Two factors of efficiency that you’ll have to look for when purchasing a solar zapper are lightning and zapping, and the NK63 is successful on both counts.

On the lighting side, it’s got 8 LED bulbs along with an ultraviolet LED lighting which ensures that it provides bright illumination once it’s charged properly.

The illumination can even be extended over a range measuring up to 3000 square feet. When exposed to light, the device will turn off automatically, so that it will be able to save its energy.

Once properly charged, it can hold its charge for the whole night.

As for the zapping, this model is also quite effective; it will kill the bugs, and thus ensure that they don’t crowd up the areas around your house, such as the spot behind your back door, your pergola, or your patio.

When attracting bugs, it shines a light that is bright blue in color, and the LED lights are white. This model is made in such a way that it will remain strong and durable no matter how often you use it.

It is built to last, and in addition is certified with certifications from the FCC, CE, and RoHS. And as part of the package, it includes a UL charger as well.

Pros and Benefits:
  • 8 bulbs
  • Ideal for walkways, gardens, and patios
  • Range: 3000 square feet
  • The LED light is UV
  • UL charger included

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4.   Solar Powered LED Light Pest Bug Zapper Insect Mosquito Killer Lamp Garden Lawn

This solar powered mosquito killer lamp is made of monocrystalline silicon solar panel. It requires no charging and no wiring required.

Simply place them in the ground, and the sun powers them consistently for steady insurance from bugs throughout the night. This bug zapper can also be installed with two AA size batteries for cloudy days.

This solar powered LED bug zapper has 2 modes to choose, the white light can be used as a lawn lamp, the purple light is used for the mosquito killer lamp, which can be easily switched depending on your needs.

It’s safe and chemical free.  Insects are attracted and easily killed by the high voltage metal grids, safe around humans and environmentally friendly. And in addition to these features, it’s non-toxic and non-radiative.

Simply put them in the ground, and the sun powers them every day. The mosquito killer is equipped with a detachable cover, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

There is a great customer service provided for this bug zapper. The company guarantees for the solar-powered LED light bug zapper efficiency and durability.

If you encounter any trouble with this mosquito zapper, do not hesitate to contact the customer service. They will surely help you solve your problem to ensure your satisfaction.

Pros and Benefits
  • Children and pet-friendly
  • Kills several different kinds of flying bugs
  • Non-toxic and non-radiative
  • Recharges with solar light
  • Little maintenance
  • Can be hung up or staked to the ground

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5.   Greenlighting Solar Powered UV LED Bug Zapper & Lantern – Insect Killer Lamp, Matte Black

The Green lighting solar bug zapper is one of the most powerful and long lasting zappers.

The UV LED bug zapper setting attracts and traps mosquitoes and other flying insects up to a range of 3500 sq ft, and uses a 1200v grid to kill on contact.

It’s top is mounted, 6V/170 mA polycrystalline silicon solar panel charges the 2600 mAh battery, providing 15 hours of use on zapper setting, And on a full charge, it will provide 30 hours for regular light

This solar zapper has been designed to be used at night and it doesn’t function during the daytime. If the sensors used for the solar panel sense light, then the bug zapper turns off, which is typical during the daytime.

It’s got two usage modes; two light modes allow this lantern to work in a variety of settings.

The UV LED insect zapper mode kills pests on contact, while the normal lantern mode uses 8 LEDs to provide illumination where you need it the most.

The Green lighting Bug Zapper Light is designed to be ultra-portable and versatile; it can be used in a wide variety of situations.

The top handle enables you to effortlessly drape the lamp from tree limbs or snares, and the included ground stake is ideal for planting the lamp in your yard.

Lamp estimates 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 8.5″, ground stake estimates 12″. It has been affirmed and certified by the CE, FCC & RoHS. This zapper will work no matter where you use it, provided that you’re outdoors.

Thus, it is perfect for backyard use as well as for when you’re out camping or on the docks.

Pros and Benefits:
  • Lighting sensor creates more efficient illumination
  • Two methods of placement: hanging or stake
  • Multiple usage modes: Attractive purple light and garden light
  • Easy installation    

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6. BATTOP Solar LED Outdoor Mosquito Killer Lamp

This solar zapper by BATTOP comprises of 4 LED UV lights for maximum brightening and productivity. The lights lure in the insects and the trap kills them quickly with a shock of electrical current.

The zapper has an automatic switch that switches on when the night sets in, but it can also be turned on and off with a manual button. The zapper provides eight hours of light.

This combined light/zapper works by turning itself off and on automatically at day and night respectively.

As a result, you won’t need to worry about turning it off and on all the time when not in use; it will simply take care of this task on its own, saving you unnecessary stress.

In addition, when it’s on during dusk, it will gather in sunlight via its large solar panel (5.5V, 1.5W), which it then converts into energy.

Once the sunlight has been converted, the energy is stored in the battery inside the device, which is a lithium 18650 model that runs on 2200 mAH. When it’s properly charged, this zapper could provide you with 8 hours of light.

Pros and Benefits:
  • Larger, improved design
  • Kills bugs instantly
  • Weatherproof (IP65 standard)
  • Turns on and off automatically during day and night

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7.   2PC Solar Powered LED Light Bug Zapper Mosquito Insect Pest Killer Lamp

You will save money on electricity and batteries when you switch to these amazing solar-powered bug zappers.

Simply place them in the ground, and the sun powers them consistently for steady insurance from bugs throughout the night. This Indoor and Outdoor solar powered mosquito and bug zapper can be powered with an AA battery.

It has a 2-in-1 Light Solar Powered LED Light. It’s got two kinds of light color white and purple. The purple light can effectively kill flying insects, protects your family from annoying mosquitoes, insects bites.

The bright white light appears as a decoration at night. Mosquito Insect Pest Killer Lamp can effectively prevent the invasion of mosquito’s pests’ insects’ flies.

This zapper is really suitable for indoor-outdoor garden porch patio backyard etc., also great for fishing, camping, hiking, jogging and golfing.

It’s very easy to install, just Insert to the land directly, no charging and no wiring is required. You need to install the solar light towards sunlight in order to get a better charging.

It has a UV light, which draws in the bugs before they can be executed by means of destroying. It’s 16.15 inches high.

This zapper is extraordinary in light of the fact that you can place it in your open-air pathways, on your yard or porch, or even inside window boxes.

It won’t harm any blooms inside the pots while it is doing its errand of executing and destroying bugs. It’ll not damage any flowers inside the pots while it is doing its task of killing and zapping bugs.

Pros and Benefits:
  • Switches on and off automatically depending on the time of day
  • Nontoxic and non-radiant
  • Height of 16.15 inches
  • can be used to light pathways, yards, flower pots

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8. SOLARMKS Solar Mosquito Zapper

The mosquito killer Features UV Light technology, it’s a got a riveting violet lightening. Violet color is not only designed for a beautiful color display but also, it’s the most effective color to lure the mosquitoes and other insects.

This mosquito zapper doubles up on its functionality by being an ornament as well as a bug killer.

It has the state of a flawless, antique-style lamp, which is gold in shading, and all things considered makes an extraordinary improvement for your yard, garden, yard or porch.

You can hang it up in an eave of your house, or even from a tree. You can also stake it into the ground, or put it on the floor of your patio.

As well, it doesn’t create any harm to the environment and is made with no toxic materials whatsoever, making it safe for everyone. It takes in sunlight via its solar panels, which are located on the top of the device.

Another awesome thing about this zapper is that it’s easy to install. You don’t need any tools, and because it’s powered by solar energy, you won’t need to install any electrical components such as wires.

If you’re not properly satisfied with this product, then you’re not in danger: its warranty lasts one full year.

Furthermore, if you have questions that you need to be answered regarding this product, the company will reply to your e-mail within 24 hours.

 Pros and Benefits:
  • 10 hours of lighting from a full charge
  • No toxic materials; doesn’t harm the environment
  • No need to hook up electronics
  • Functions as an ornament

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9.   ixaer Solar Bug Zappers Light Outdoor Waterproof, Solar Mosquito Killer Light Mosquito Repeller Light

This zapper will successfully execute bugs, including bothersome mosquitoes, on account of its effective and efficient design. It traps the mosquitoes in a wide range.

Mosquitoes are electrocuted after entering the power grid and die. The killing effect is obvious. It contains a Solar-Powered Mosquito Killer light which features intelligent light control sensor and solar automatic charging.

Interface it to the sun based board and turn on to charge during the day. Light naturally turns on around evening time at that point. You never need to continue purchasing new batteries.

It’s very productive, efficient and eco-friendly. The Insect Killing Lamp is windproof, rainproof and 360 degrees waterproof. It’s got AC charging and mobile power bank charging as well.

It’s a multifunctional product because it serves as a bug zapper or a garden lamp at night, you can hang it on the porch or a tree.

You can place it flat on the floor or stake it into the ground of your lawn, garden or patio, the golden color, and vintage lantern shape design make it an attractive decoration at the same time.

Thus, because of all these cool features, it is able to kill bugs in many different weather conditions and climate types. Users have reported a significant decrease in the bug populations in their backyards.

This zapper is ideal for different kinds of locations in your outdoor areas. Not only can you use it on your porch, lawn, yard or patio, but it’s also ideal to keep by the pool, where bugs are likely to gather.

It’s made out of plastic and metal and measures 4-1/2 sq. X 3-1/4h. It works at night-time, so you can keep those bugs away even when you’re not awake.

Pros and Benefits:
  • Lasts through strong temperatures and heavy rain
  • Heavy enough to withstand strong winds
  • Is an effective bug-killer
  • Functions at night-time

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10.   Wakeman Outdoor 2 in 1 Ultraviolet Mosquito Killer Bug Zapper and LED Tent or Patio Lantern – Portable

The last feature on our list is the Wakeman solar powered nontoxic zapper. The lamp emits UV light to attract unwanted pests and eliminates them with a high voltage grid.

No smelly sprays or harmful chemical attractants are needed to keep an area free of insects. It can cover up to 445 square feet.

It’s very nature-friendly, the lantern runs on a combination of a solar panel located on the top and a rechargeable battery, creating less waste and eliminating heavy metal contamination from traditional batteries.

The LED lamp’s small size and convenient handle make it perfect for not only use on patios and decks but tents, RVs, boats and hunting cabins which makes it easily portable.

The cast aluminum and ABS plastic construction feature a rustic, oil-rubbed bronze design that will blend with any decor. It’s also waterproof, keeping you safe from pests, rain or shine.

It consists of 1.2V Solar Panels: 6V/2.5W polycrystalline and it provides 8 hours of use and charges in approximately 1 hour. You should consider buying this zapper because you really have nothing to lose.

This risk-free device is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or otherwise, you will get your money back if you return it within 60 days of the date when you first bought it.


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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking into purchasing a bug zapper for your backyard or lawn, then you should consider looking at the models we’ve mentioned in this article.

Not only are they of high quality but also can be used as beautiful outdoor lights or decorations. In addition to being only zappers, they are also solar-powered, and as such is a boon for the environment.

You should for sure consider the products we have mentioned above. The primary objective when you purchase a bug zapper is to be satisfied with your choice.

For this reason, most of the recommended solar bug zappers included in this post are the best choices that you’ll find in the market with regards to the price and the value.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 10 best solar bug zappers and their reviews for 2019.

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