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Why Is Solar Energy Good For The Economy?

Solar power is on the rise, with more and more countries rising to utilize the Sun’s nigh-endless rays properly. As a non-exhaustible energy source that doesn’t impact the environment negatively, solar power has almost no downsides. The few it does have are easily made up for with its many benefits. But, going away from the […].

Top 10 Solar Companies In The World

We have reached a point of no return when talking about environmental problems and global warming. The use of fossil fuels has proven to be deadly for the environment and to our own pockets. In Solar Power Nerd, we strongly advocate the use of renewable sources of energy, especially solar, a cheap, and environmental-friendly source […].

What Is Solar Screen Fabric?

What is Solar Screen Fabric / Solar Shades? Solar Screen is a distinct window screen mesh that is particularly intended for Sun Control. It makes the most effective way to control and protect from the sun’s heat by blocking it before it enters through your window. Solar window screens also reduce glare, thus making reading or watching television easier in the […].