10 Reasons To Install Solar Panels & Why You Should Go Solar

There are many reasons to install solar panels. Traditional electricity comes with a lot of negative consequences: it is limited, creates pollution, and it is becoming scarce, for which its price is continuously rising. Whenever we generate electricity burning fossil fuels, we produce air pollution and emit greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change […].

5 Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages List

Although not a new technology, solar energy is gaining popularity so we have compiled a solar energy advantages and disadvantages list. We’re in living in a world where most of our things rely on electricity. The things that we own individually our appliances like television, air-conditioning units, refrigerators, to name a few, rely on power. […].

Top 7 Benefits of Renewable Energy Resources

Renewable energy is one of the biggest and most significant innovations of the century and the benefits of renewable energy resources are many, especially when compared to the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels. The creation of an alternate source of energy other than regular fossil fuels marked the dawn of a new age of […].

10 Most Ethical Benefits of Solar Panels

What are the ethical benefits of solar panels production and installation? With the increased use of solar energy systems, many people believe that the production and usage of photovoltaic cells pollute the planet as much as burning fossil fuels.   Besides, the more population increases, the more power demands grow. As a direct result, there is […].

10 Different Methods Of Harnessing Solar Energy

There are several methods of harnessing solar energy. The energy of the sun is a renewable energy source that provides environmentally friendly green energy. Solar technologies are advancing every day and improving the energy efficiency of solar panels. They convert sun rays into electrical energy through photovoltaic cells (solar panels) and are becoming the dominant […].