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10 Best Solar Industry Jobs In 2022

Day by day, the dependency on renewable energy is increasing because of decreasing fossil fuel by an alarming rate.

In the meantime, CO, CO2, NOx and many other harmful gases emitted due to the burning of fossil fuel.

As a result, these gases create an adverse effect on forming the greenhouse effect and increasing heat in the universe.

To minimise these gasses, we should decrease the dependency on fossil fuel besides increasing utilisation of renewable energy.

There are various types of renewable energy Hydro Energy, Wind Power, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy and Tidal Power.

However, solar power is a leading source for energy and around 1,368 W/m2 (watt per sq meter) power dissipated from solar on earth.

Alternatively, it also has great importance based on the availability of solar power everywhere in the world.

Due to a substantial beneficial aspect of solar energy, peoples are intended to use around the world.

Especially, As a result, it’s expediting the solar industry over the world as an emerging industry for producing solar panel.

Alternatively, as an evolving solar industry, it creates lots of excellent job scope for the upcoming graduates as well as a trained person in this sector.

Now a day there are few best jobs available in the solar industry over the world, which are describing below.

1. Marketing Specialist for the Solar Industry

In the solar industry, marketing specialist is the most responsible and respective position for analysing the solar energy market around the world.

Market analyst scrutiny the present and future solar energy demand for a particular or specified area to enlarge the business plan of the solar industry.

There is another essential responsibility of the market analyst to find ideas about the marketing campaign for raising solar instrument demand using brainstorming such as lucrative instalment of pricing, various offer.

Establishing liaise with vendors for executing the promotional campaign to advertise about solar product quality, varieties, and availability.

However, the beneficial side for market analyst job holder of the solar industry becomes proactive, self-motivated, and individual about marketing strategies to execute the successful adverting campaign and expanding solar industry reputation.

Moreover, to hold this lucrative position in the solar industry, the candidate needs to have good knowledge about solar energy and its beneficial issues.

As well the incumbent will catch sight of the organisation higher authority if the candidates acquire certificates from the renowned institutes.

Nowadays, job seekers will get extra attention if they have excellent communication skills, good knowledge of few computer skills such as Microsoft Office, Adobe illustration packages as well as CMS software.

2. Procurement & Logistics Officer

Procurement & logistics is another essential term for the solar industry.

Sometimes it’s considered as the heart of this industry.

Because, if any solar industry has poor procurement & logistics supporting system, then the growth of that organisation will drop drastically.

So, the incumbent of procurement & logistics section has a remarkable responsibility to introduce as a thriving industry in the economic competition over the world.

Mainly, procurement can define as purchasing and managing required raw materials or servicing for producing solar energy-producing equipment.

As well as logistics can be defined as the managing conveying systems for raw materials or finished solar energy-producing products to ensure availability to the door to door of customers.

So, from the definition, any candidate can imagine the responsibility for becoming procurement & logistics office.

However, to gain this job, the incumbent should have the intelligent and managing capability.

Because for the case of procurement and logistics, there is numerous issue remaining interrelated with this section such as quotations & tenders, supply chain functioning properly, continuing production, genuine raw materials purchasing and so forth for the solar industry.

To grab a good chance as procurement & logistics office, the job seeker should have to have a good knowledge about matters as mentioned earlier.

In the meantime, if the candidates acquire certificate on CSM from renowned institutes, then they will get extra benefits and consideration from a higher authority.

3. Research and Development Engineer

For the engineer, most precious and innovative job sections are research & development area in the solar industry.

Usually, solar industry invests extra capital for research and development purposes of establishing robust existence in the competitive market.

As an emerging sector, R&D engineers in the solar industry are continuously involved in research work to find the best patent as well as the solution for an excellent outcome.

Generally, they engaged themselves in the development of photovoltaic cell, module, performance monitoring, durability testing, degradation characterisation, cell performance testing and risk assessment, and so forth.

There is a vast scope for the expertise from this section to lead the government and non-government projects.

Generally, this sector warmly welcomed those people have excellent strong analytical abilities and reasoning capabilities in the solar industry.

For Physics, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Engineering students, the R&D section in the solar sector dreamed destination.

Because they can exploit their knowledge correctly as well as get the colossal scope to nurture their learning.

So, to get the opportunity for becoming a member in this sector, the candidate should gather good knowledge of the matters as mentioned above.

As a job seeker to get extra attention, everyone needs to have extra skilled in CAD, Mathematical Modeling, MATLAB, and so forth besides academic knowledge.

4. Solar Equipment Designer

Generally, it also is known as a product designer.

For providing the quality product with a lucrative appearance for the customer, the designers or design engineers considered as fixed assets of the solar industry.

Because the designers help to appeal to the customer about the produced solar equipment in the competitive market.

Similarly, it also helps to provide the compact-sized product with better performance to the customer by minimising cost.

However, as a job seeker, everyone needs to have priority for gathering the knowledge in CAD, Mathematical Modeling, MATLAB besides academic experience.

The designers perform their design works for the new product with the best aspect and beauty.

In a perfect and precisely, they designed the equipment using a pair of an experienced hand.

Moreover, the solar equipment designing sector has lots of scope for upcoming generations to build up their career.

The designers should have fast learning and reasoning capability to design excellent solar equipment.

For the candidate to raise their scope of employability, they should increase their experiences and broaden their knowledge by attending the various designing workshop or courses.

5. Solar Equipment Production and Maintenance Engineer

Progressively, the demand for solar equipment is increasing due to the different beneficial aspect.

Therefore, the economic market of these products also expanding outstandingly for multiple purposes.

Similarly, growing the solar equipment producing industry over the world considerably.

So, it’s can imaginable that work scope for industrial production and maintenance personnel also increasing accordingly.

Thus, required excellent knowledge in their subjective matters those candidates want to join in this sector.

For the case of solar equipment production industry, incumbent involved for ensuring continuous production with managing decent quality.

As well as for solar energy plant the production engineer involved for providing uninterrupted power production and delivery to the primary grid.

In this case, the candidate should have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Solar energy-related subject.

On the other hand, maintenance personnel involved in smoothing the production process by taking care of the machinery instant or as per schedule maintenance.

These activity helps the machinery to become fit for continuous solar energy or solar equipments production as well as improve the longevity of machines.

Similarly, to join as a maintenance incumbent, the candidate should have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Solar energy-related subject.

Maintenance-related job increases the confidant of the incumbent by receiving a challenge during overhauling or troubleshooting activity.

Lastly, experienced personnel from the Production and Maintenance section has a great future to sweep to other organisation with a handsome salary and other facilities.

6. Quality Control Officer

Quality control is the most responsible job for any organisation to ensure customer satisfaction.

For this purpose, the incumbent should conscious to ensure coordination with production section as well as become active about sampling, calibration, and documentation also.

Generally, if any candidate wants to build up his career for quality assurance issues, they need to acquire international certifications from an international organisation like Bureau Veritas or similar organisation.

Because these institutes help to learn for finding the fault and procedure to detect irregularities of solar equipment ideally.

To grab the opportunity in quality control track, the candidate should have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial engineering, Solar energy-related subjects.

However, the expertise from this track has a high possibility to keep contribution internationally to a nation.

7. Software Development Engineer for Solar Industry

Day by day, we intend towards the digital things instead of analogue matters because of work accuracy and dependability.

As a result, the demand for app development related job is rising considerably.

Mainly, every organisation has a compulsory IT department for supporting about own organisational internal IT related matters, software development activity.

However, in the solar industry, the dependency on the PLC controlled system as well as software-based solar equipment configurations, operations, maintenance activity and communication are increasing tremendously.

If any candidate wants to buildup their career in this track, they need to acquire proper knowledge of coding, algorithm and programming logic.

So, to join as a software developer, the candidate should have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering related subjects.

Software development work is an entirely innovative and independent task for the incumbent of an organisation besides other responsibility.

8. Business Development Officer

Business development is an essential job for expanding the business plan and economic growth as well as the reputation of the solar industry.

Because the responsibility of employee from the business development sector is not only involved in sales or marketing but also disperse branding, organisation reputation, sales promotion, motivate national and international distributors and so forth.

Generally, the candidate should be a polite, friendly, extrovert, excellent convincing capability, and eloquent and so forth to hold the position of business development sector in the solar industry.

In the business development sector, the incumbent can enjoy his activity by sharing views as well as receiving a recommendation from customers about solar equipment as well as broaden the perspectives by learning a lot.

The expertise and dedicated incumbent in this section can quickly promote to the managerial position or has excellent scope to switch another renowned solar product producing industry with handsome salary.

However, to select the employee, the employers usually notice various aspects of the candidate such as education background, extracurricular activity, speaking fluency, convincing capability, brainstorming capability.

So, to join as a business development employee, the candidate should have technical knowledge on solar besides an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in BBA, MBA as well as certificates on CSM from famous institutes.

9. Solar Energy Distribution Engineer

In solar energy-producing industry, distribution engineer has lots of responsibility to ensure the continuous power supply to the consumers.

The distribution engineer planning for designing route for energy distribution to the general people.

On the other hand, they also profoundly responsible for the utilisation of available power by minimising power loss.

However, the incumbent for this sector not only maintain distribution of energy but also liable for the maintenance of distribution line as well as ensure protection.

However, to select the employee, the employers usually notice various aspects of the candidate such as education background, extracurricular activity, cares about responsibility, brainstorming capability and conciseness about the current situation.

So, to join as a Distribution Engineer employee, the candidate should have technical knowledge on power transmission system besides an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering as well as certificates on power transmission related issues from famous institutes.

10. Project Planning and Project Development Job for Solar Energy

Planning and development of the project for producing solar energy is a massive activity including drawing & designing plant, implementation, solar panel installation, distribution line installation, substation designing & transformer installation, energy storage arrangement & erection.

On the other hand, it also creates an opportunity for the involved person to gather knowledge about project planning, project management, and construction works.

The responsible person has considerable scope to acquire vast knowledge during project works and a bright future for holding a leading position in various project implementation work for the solar industry.

However, to join in this sector, the candidates should have mentally resilient to handle the work stress, technical sound and brainstorming capability besides an academic degree.

Generally, there is enormous scope for the student who earned an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Renewable Energy.

If the candidate has extra skills and a certificate in project management, procurement, supply chain management, then the candidate will get extra attention from the higher authority of the solar industry.

Final Thoughts

Evidently, there are a number of options out there in order to form part of the solar industry. The best thing to do is make a self-examination, get to know your skills, then find your place in this lucrative industry.