Top 10 Solar Companies In The World

We have reached a point of no return when talking about environmental problems and global warming so top solar companies in the world have a difficult task at hand. The use of fossil fuels has proven to be deadly for the environment and to our own pockets. In Solar Power Nerd, we strongly advocate the […].

10 Different Methods Of Harnessing Solar Energy

There are several methods of harnessing solar energy. The sun does more good to the planet aside from providing sunlight. Every ray coming from the sun we can use to generate electricity and eliminate the need for fossil fuels. The heat and radiant light from the sun is harnessed through a variety of ever-evolving technologies […].

10 Best 500 Watt Solar Panel Systems Reviews

So you’ve chosen to go solar and buy a 500-watt solar panel? Choosing the right solar panel may be a headache. Technological innovations help the solar industry grow and produce lightweight and portable solar panels that can charge almost any device. Larger panels are meant for solar farms, but the light solar systems we review […].