Why Solar Panels Are Not Worth It: Pros & Cons

What Is A Solar Panel? A panel, which is specially designed to soak up the sun’s radiation and then use it to generate electricity. They convert light into electricity. It’s usually called ‘photovoltaics’ by some scientists, which means “light-electricity.” A solar panel is an assortment of solar cells that absorb the sun’s rays and convert […].

Why Are Solar Panels So Expensive?

Solar Energy The sun is one of the most significant sources of energy in the solar system. Since time immemorial, planet Earth has used the sun’s energy for the natural processes needed to ensure the continuity of life. Sun’s energy is considered renewable and sustainable. Humans can “harvest” the sun’s energy using photovoltaic or thermal […].

What Is A Solar-Powered Irrigation System?

What Is Actually A Solar-Powered Irrigation System? A solar-powered irrigation system is the answer to areas with no or unreliable access to water. The different components of farming, from pump to plant, are integrated and harmonized. From its title alone, it’s an automatic irrigation system running on solar energy through photovoltaic or solar cells that […].

Why Are Solar Panels So Inefficient?

In the last few decades, the number of problems regarding the environment, or finding ways to use different sources of energy, gave us a few solutions. One of them is the usage of renewable energy. Solar power has been regarded as one of the most highly praised in the society. Solar energy is one of […].

Top 10 Benefits of An On-Grid Solar System

Have you ever questioned yourself how we got to the enormous solar system? You might not as you’re used to it without noticing the difficulties, right? Energy, as known, is transferable from one form into another. Still, no one can deny that sources of power have become more in the offing over time- from using […].