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10 Best Solar Micro Inverters & Their Reviews [Updated 2022]

Solar panels get all the glory, but it’s the micro-inverters that do all the work, unlike the conventional inverters, micro-inverters provide flexibility and optimization for your photovoltaic system. With a conventional inverter, if a single solar panel is shaded or has poor performance, the entire photovoltaic string is affected, micro-inverters solve this performance problem.

Inverters use a technology known as Maximum Power Point Tracking to optimize photovoltaic solar panel output; this technology allows the micro-inverters to harvest most power from each panel. Micro-inverters are easily expandable; they’re light and simple to install the standard weight of micro-inverters is 5 pounds, and their installation is clear, simple, and easy.

An expensive, efficient micro-inverter is always a wise investment. You might have to pay a couple of hundred dollars more, but it’s worth it because they will be on your roof for thirty years.

1. Enphase IQ7X-96-2-US Micro-inverter

Enphase IQ7X-96-2-US Microinverter

The IQ7X is one of Enphase’s latest innovative fabrications, it’s probably the best micro-inverter out there in terms of performance, and it has a clean installation and high system efficiency.

The performances of the IQ7X are mind-blowing; it has the highest maximum input DC voltage, peak power tracking voltage, and the maximum continuous output current.

Thanks to its innovative design and unique circuit, the IQ7X can handle 12 units per 20A( L-N) branch circuit.

The IQ7X has a power factor setting of 1.0, an AC port Backfeed current of 0A, and an overvoltage class AC port III.

The IQ7X uses Enlighten Manager to with help monitor the performance of your solar panels and your home consumption.

Enlighten Manager is compatible with Enphase Envoy-S.

A bit expensive, The IQ7X is worth 185$ but can be paired with optimized 96 cell modules, this means it can handle up to 460 Watts input from a solar panel.

The IQ7X is approved for wet locations and has one of the highest CEC efficiencies 97.5%.

It has a double insulated Class II enclosure and has a maximum input DC voltage of 79.5V.

The 25-years warranty is one of the significant gains when buying the IQ7X because the standard warranty of micro-inverters is five years.

The IQ7X is reliable and has been tested more than a million times.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight and simple to install
  • 25-years warranty
  • 97.5% CEC efficiency and 79.5V maximum input DC voltage
  • Provides a reliable monitoring system
  • Reputable company

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2. Enphase IQ7 Plus-72-2-US

Enphase IQ7PLUS-72-2-US

Similar to its brother, the IQ7X in so many features, the difference, is in the flexibility that comes with the ability to pair it with the 60 and 72 cell modules.

The CEC efficiency of the IQ7-Plus is 97.0%, which is only 0.5% less than the IQ7X but is worth only 158$ and has a fairly uncomplicated and simple installation.

The Enphase IQ7 comes in the middle, it’s not as efficient as the IQ7+, but it’s cheaper and flexible, it’s the most cost-efficient of all the Enphase seven generation micro-inverters.

The IQ7-Plus weighs 2.5 pounds; its cables are 50% lighter than its predecessor, it has a double insulated, corrosion-resistant and polymeric enclosure.

The maximum peak output power is slightly lower: 295VA compared to 320VA to that of the IQ7X.

However, the warranty is the same.

It’s important to note that the warranty of the systems installed before prior to 1 September 2021, is only 10 years.

The IQ7-Plus has a power factor setting of 1.0, an AC port Backfeed current of 0A, and an overvoltage class AC port III.

The IQ7-Plus uses Enlighten Manager to with help monitor the performance of your solar panels and your home consumption.

Enlighten Manager is compatible with Enphase Envoy-S.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 25-years warranty
  • Compatible with 60 and 72 cell modules
  • Plug & play (simple to install)
  • Provides a monitoring system
  • Reputable company

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3. Enphase IQ7-60-2-US IQ7­-60-­2-­US Microinverter

Enphase IQ7-60-2-US IQ7­-60-­2-­US Microinverter

Thanks to the IQ7-60, Enphase is now known as a good reputable company and has conquered the market of the United States and is slowly conquering the market of Australia.

The cheapest of the Enphase’s IQ7 series, Enphase IQ7-60 is compatible with 60-cell modules only.

Therefore, it’s ideal for people who have 60-cell modules.

It’s worth only 134$.

The IQ7-60 is for people who are in a budget since it only has 48V maximum input DC voltage and can only handle modules in the range of [235W-350W].

The IQ7-60 shares the Enlighten Manager with its brother IQ7-Plus to help monitor home consumption and solar panel performance.

You cannot go wrong when buying Enphase IQ7-60.

It’s cheap, reliable, easy to install, and comes with a warranty, this micro-inverter is recommended by most technicians.

The IQ7-60 has a power factor setting of 1.0, an AC port Backfeed current of 0A, and an overvoltage class AC port III.

The mechanical aspect of the IQ7-60 is also similar to its brothers, as it has class II double insulated, corrosion-resistant polymeric enclosure.

The CEC efficiency of the IQ7-60 is 97.0%, and its peak efficiency for 208/240VAC is 97.6, only 0.1% higher than its brothers, but shares the same 25-years warranty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Slightly better performance for 60-cell modules
  • 25years warranty
  • Reputable company

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4. ECO-WORTHY 2300W 24V Off Gird Solar Panels System for Homes, Include 12pcs 195W Solar Panels and 6...

ECO-WORTHY 2300W 24V Off Gird Solar Panels System for Homes, Include 12pcs 195W Solar Panels and 6...

Eco-Worthy micro-inverter is a very stable and reputable inverter it’s ranked #4 in best sellers rank in the Solar & Wind Power inverters, you can’t go wrong buying this inverter.

For this micro-inverter to produce efficient results, it’s necessary to pair it with a 600W solar panel.

It has a maximum DC input current of 40A and DC maximum Open-circuit input-voltage of 50V.

Like most reputable and stable micro-inverts in this list, the Eco-Worthy 600W micro-inverter also uses brilliant IP65 waterproof technology and can function properly in a temperature range of [-40°C:65°C].

The use of reverse power transportation technology is one of the advantages of acquiring Eco-Worthy 600W provides, this technology helps reverse your power and economize on electricity bills.

When we talk about Eco-Worthy 600W, We talk about performance and efficiency, Eco-Worthy 600W uses intelligent technology of maximum power point tracking to maximize power input.

You don’t have to worry about snow, rain, or dust because the Eco-Worthy 600W has an aluminum alloy fuselage that is heat-resistant, its electrical circuits are perfectly protected as well.

People often buy the Eco-Worthy 600W because it can be connected to a battery bank of 48V.

However, it’s recommended to set the power limit to 500W.

If the solar power input to the inverter is more than your consumption, the power will convey to the state grid.

This can be illegal in some states; in such cases, the use of a battery is highly recommended.

The Eco-Worthy 600W package includes One user manual, One AC cable, 1pouch of screws for micro-inverter installation, and the Eco-Worthy 600w 24-110v waterproof micro-inverter.

Pros & Benefits :

  • Reverse power transportation & MPPT technology
  • Aluminum alloy fuselage & IP65 waterproof
  • #4best sellers rank in Amazon’s Solar & wind power inverters products
  • Maximum DC input current of 40A
  • Can be connected to a battery bank

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5. PIKASOLA 1200W MPPT Micro Grid Tie Solar Inverter

Pikasola 1200W MPPT Micro Grid Tie Solar Inverter with IP65 Waterproof 22-50VDC Wide Input Voltage...

Pikasola is a Grid-tie pure sine wave micro-inverter that can be paired with four 300watts solar panels in an open circuit and can handle up to 1200w maximum input power.

Make sure that the open circuit when your pair the Pikasola 1200W with your solar panel is in the range [36-50VOC].

Some home appliance requires a pure sine wave to function, so this micro-inverter is perfect for people who have complicated digital appliances, don’t worry your new smart TV will not be harmed.

Thanks to its unique circuit and design, the Pikasola can handle up to 80A maximum DC short current, and has relatively low night time power consumption (<1W).

The mechanical aspects of the Pikasola are remarkable; it has a frame made of aluminum alloy.

This helps diffuse heat, it has one of the best dispersion performance.

The Pikasola micro-inverter is expensive, it’s worth 269$, but is ideal if you have a lot of 300watts solar panels, it’s CEC efficiency is 95.0%, and has an output efficiency of 120VAC.

The Pikasola micro-inverter has an only 1-year warranty, but has a CE national technology certificate and is equipped with the new waterproof technology of IP65 that can handle wet locations.

The Pikasola micro-inverter can operate in temperatures ranging from [-40°C to 60°C] and uses super-maximum power point tracking technology, with a Static MPPT efficiency of 99.5%.

The Pikasola micro-inverter has electric transportation reaching 99% and is self-cooling thanks to its aluminum alloy frame.

The package includes an installation manual and installation accessories.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can handle 4 solar panels of 300watts in an open circuit
  • Unique design with aluminum alloy and IP65 technology
  • Maximum Power Point tracking efficiency reaching 99.5%
  • 1-year warranty

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6. KD 600W IP65 Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC to AC Grid Power micro Inverter (AC110V)

KD 600W IP65 Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC to AC Grid Power micro Inverter (AC110V)

It’s worth 169$ a lot cheaper than its brother; the KD-600W uses IP65 waterproof technology.

It has an intelligent monitoring system and is simple and clear to install.

Multiple parallel stacking is one of the benefits you gain when buying the KD-600W; each micro-inverter can be paired with 2 solar panels of 300 watts.

Technicians recommend the KD600W because it’s safe and cheap.

To protect electrical safety, the KD600W’s input and output are fully isolated.

The KD600W uses an efficient, high-frequency communication mode: 433Mhz Wireless Communication.

The KD600W uses brilliant reverse transportation technology, meaning it can provide extra electricity to the grid and help you economize on electricity bills.

Buyers often wonder how they can connect the KD600W micro-inverter when it doesn’t even have an AC plug, connection to normal 110V outlet is achievable through the MC4 interface.

The KD600W uses an intelligent algorithm to capture and collect data about the changes in solar luminosity and helps regulate different output power using MPPT technology.

The KD600W has a wider range of operational voltage range [16-52V], and an extended output voltage range of [181-298V], and can handle up to 7 units for 20A per branch.

The CEC weighted efficiency of the KD600W is 95.5%, and the nominal maximum power point tracking efficiency is 99.5%.

This will help you get the most of your photovoltaic system and help reduce electricity bills.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Intelligent monitoring system
  • Brilliant MPPT technology
  • Reverse transportation technology
  • Can be paired with 2*300watts modules

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7. Marsrock IP65 Waterproof 1200 W Micro Grid Tie Solar Inverter 22-50VDC to 80-160VAC

Marsrock IP65 Waterproof 1200W Micro Grid Tie Solar Inverter 22-50VDC to 80-160VAC (110vac) Pure...

The Marsrock-1200 W is 5 pounds heavier than its brother.

Although he can handle up to 1440 watts maximum input power.

The Marsorock-1200 is recommended to be paired with 1200 watts solar panel.

You don’t have to worry about rain or overheating since the Marsorock has an IP65 waterproof technology and an aluminum alloy fuselage that is heat-resistant, anti-corrosion.

Most technicians recommend Marsrock for its high security-oriented circuit design, and its a simple and easy installation.

Its low night consumption is in the range of [50mW – 70mW].

Marsrock 1200W doesn’t need a powerline filter, and it’s a single-phase inverter.

However, some pieces of the Marsrock can be constructed for two-phase or even three-phase.

You might need to cut the supplied cable to put the plug end on it.

You will find three colors, make sure not to confuse them: red is for positive(L), yellow is for ground(G), and the rest is negative(N).

The Marsrock-1200W can help derive the most optimal energy from solar panels because it uses maximum power point tracking technology, its maximum output efficiency is 90%.

The operating voltage range is [17-50V].

The maximum short current is 80A.

However, the maximum input current is only 54.4A and is worth 256$.

The Marsrock uses a unique circuit design that produces a pure sine wave but has only 90% maximum output efficiency, and its average efficiency is only 88%.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Recommend for input power 1200watt
  • Aluminum alloy fuselage is heat-resistant and waterproof IP65
  • Produce pure sine wave and uses Maximum power point tracking
  • Unique circuit design

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8. KD WVC 1200W IP65 Waterproof Solar Grid Tie DC to AC Grid Power micro inverter

KD WVC 1200W IP65 Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC to AC Grid Power micro Inverter (AC110V)

Similar to the Pikasola micro-inverter, The KD WVC is also a 1200 Watt and can be paired with four 300watts solar panels in open-circuit voltage in the range of [36-50VOC].

What makes the KD WVC special is its intelligent monitoring management system and its use of reverse power transportation technology, not to mention its low-cost maintenance and easy installation.

Another quality the KD WVC offers is multiple parallel stacking.

This enables you to stack micro-inverters later on, allowing them to work as a single system and provide power to loads.

The KD WVC package contains 1 power cable (3*4 mm, 2 meters long) and a user manual; however, unlike the Pikasola micro-inverter, the KD WVC does not come with a warranty.

When under light load conditions, the KD WVC achieves good performance, it has a total harmonic distortion that is less than 5%.

Cheap micro-inverters often bring with them problems related to night consumption.

The KD WVC comes with a night power consumption that is less than 1 Watt.

Technicians recommend the KD WVC micro-inverter because of its high-frequency communication system 433/462MHz.

KD WVC uses waterproof IP65 technology and weighs 5.51 pounds and is worth 270$.

It has the same static maximum power point tracking efficiency as the Pikasola.

KD WVC has the same CEC certificate as the Pikasola.

However, it only has a maximum output efficiency of 92.5%, 2.5% less than the Pikasola, it has a rated voltage range of [80- 160VAC].

Pros & Benefits:

  • Intelligent monitoring system
  • Easy installation and low-cost maintenance
  • Multiple parallel stacking
  • Total Harmonic distortion (<5%)
  • Low night power consumption (<1W)

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9. Mophorn 600W MPPT Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC to AC 110V Micro Inverter (600W 110V)

Mophorn Solar Grid Tie Inverter, 600W MPPT Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC to AC 110V Micro...

You might want to consider buying Mophorn-600W if you want to change the structure of your photovoltaic system because it can be built in straight without altering the previous configuration.

The static maximum power point efficiency of the Mophorn-600W is 99.5% and has rated frequency in the range of [57-62.5 Hz].

The maximum power point efficiency allows you to harvest most power from your solar modules.

The Mohporn 600W might suffer from minor heating problems.

You can solve this problem either by adding a fan or a bigger heatsink with a thermal paste, and you won’t face this problem if you live in a cold area.

You don’t have to worry about electrical faults with the Mophorn 600W since the output and input are fully isolated, the collector and other mechanisms connect via RS232 serial port.

The Mohporn 600W comes with a warranty based on the place of purchase.

It can be either: 90 days, 6 months, 1-year or 25-years warranty.

A 25-year warranty is valuable, make sure to contact the seller and ask about what would be the warranty that comes with the purchase of the Mophorn 600W from your place.

The Mophorn-600w comes with a brilliant, inventive monitoring system.

It can harvest actual-time information about your solar panels and can be monitored to start-up, turnoff, or power regulate the output of your modules.

The mechanical quality of the Mophorn-600W is stable as it uses an IP65 waterproof technology, and weighs around 5.4 pounds and has a maximum output efficiency of 92%.

The Mophorn 600W offers reverse power transportation technology meaning that any extra electricity is transferred to the grid, helping you reduce electricity bills, plus it’s only worth 151$.

The use of Maximum power point technology allows the Mophorn-600W to optimize power output.

It helps solar panels capture and collect sunlight effectively.

The package contains a product manual, set of mounting accessories, 1.5m power cable, and a Tee connector together with the micro-inverter.

Make sure to always read the product manual before trying to install it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A brilliant, inventive monitoring system
  • Reverse power transportation
  • Stable technology IP65 and MPPT
  • Monitoring system based on real-time information

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10. Marsrock Waterproof 600W Micro Grid tie Solar PV Inverter

Marsrock IP65 Waterproof 600W Micro Solar Inverter Converter with DC 22-50VDC Wide Input Voltage to...

The recommended input power for the Marsrock micro-inverter is 300watts, can be paired with 2 solar panels, with a maximum input operating current of 27.2 A.

The Marsrock micro-inverter uses an advanced algorithm to maximize superpower capture, as well as having an efficient Maximum power point tracking and an Autolock maximum powerpoint.

The Marsrock micro-inverter comes with a monitoring system that is lifetime free, and the electrical transportation rate is up to 99%, this monitoring system helps you control and regulate home consumption.

The Marsrock micro-inverter is here on this list because it has a CE, FCC, and ROHS certificate and is also equipped with load priority technology.

Buyers of the Marsrock micro-inverter often complain about its bad heat dissipation design, you can solve this problem by bolting a bigger heatsink with the use of a thermal paste.

It’s also important to note that to use the lifetime free monitoring system, you must purchase the modem, the modem is available in the Marsrock store.

The price of the Marsrock micro-inverter is 160$ and has a rated power of 550watts and an input of (36-50V) DC; its maximum rated voltage is 160 VAC

The mechanical aspects of the Marsrock micro-inverter are fairly impressive, it weighs 3,7 pounds and has an IP65 waterproof rating, can operate in temperatures ranging from [-40°C 60°C].

Pros & Benefits:

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking & Autolock Maximum PowerPoint
  • IP65 Waterproof Rating
  • Lifetime free monitoring system
  • CE, FCC and ROHS certificates
  • Load priority technology

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Final Thoughts

Micro-inverters are the beating heart of every photovoltaic system, maximum power point tracking, and reverse transportation technology helps you harvest most power from your solar panels.

The synergy between your solar panels, grid systems, and micro-inverter is very important always make sure the micro-inverter you’re going to buy is compatible with your photovoltaic system.

Don’t buy a micro-inverter for its performance and technology alone, customer services, durability, and warranty are very important.

Micro-inverters remain a relatively recent invention when buying a micro-inverter, take your time and look for the advice of an expert.

The list above features the most cost-efficient and reputable product out there in the market, and I hope that this article has provided you with reliable and helpful information.