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🏅 10 Best Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains & Their Reviews 2020

Source of energy over the years has evolved scientifically, from manual in the days when crude tools like bowls and buckets were used to fetch water from nearby stream to mechanical.

In the days when pulley system was used to fetch up water from a deep dug well to chemical/mechanicals.

In the days when machines powered by chemicals in form of petroleum such as water pump were used to draw up underground water for domestic use or pump and hose used to irrigate a farmland from a nearby river or pump and pipeline used to supply water to a town.

But in this generation, science has evolved into using renewable source of energy such as solar energy to power a machine to draw up underground water and other sources of water.

Solar is an energy derived from the sun, it is a combination of sunlight and sun heat with accompanying radiations which can be converted into an electrical energy in a solar panel.

This electrical energy is used to drive a motor that suction up water into the fountain channel.

A basic fountain is made up of a pump, a nozzle and a basin.

The pump also called fountain pump is a compressor that suction up water from the basin also called fountain basin and forces it through the nozzle or fountain nozzle.

This draw a flow of water to rise up from the basin through the nozzle and crashes down back again into the basin.

The basin is normally filled with enough water such that the pump does not run out of fountain water to pump up through the nozzle.

As the fountain water crashes back down into the basin, it  refills the supply of water in the fountain basin, this process ensures the fountain can run without pausing on a constant amount of water.

Below is the list of best solar powered bird bath fountains and their reviews for 2020.


Solatec Solar Function Pump is an awesome black eco friendly bird bath that can be located outdoor.

It’s constructed to be suitable  for outdoors because it can resist frostiness and it’s also weather resistant.

It’s quite attractive to charming birds which drive them close to your garden and make your garden look beautiful.

It can shoot water up to 30-50 cm and it has four different types of nozzles which shoot at different heights

Solatec comes with English instruction and it is available in black color

The package contains a solar fountain pump, a big suction cup with a fishing line, four nozzle heads, a manual,  a year warranty and customer service.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Eco Friendly: Solatec is an adequate solar panel that is  completely powered by solar energy. It doesn’t require electricity for operation neither does it need a battery. It’s eco friendly and isn’t costly.
  • Sprayer for Different Water Style: the pump has four types of nozzles that helps to shoot water at different heights and patterns.
  • Multiple Applications: solatec can be used for fish tank, pool, small pond, garden, oxygen water circulation. Solatec is capable of making your garden look so decorated and attract passers-by.
  • Ease of operation : Solatec is quite easy to to pump on water and make it float and let sunlight shine on it then it will automatically run after a few seconds.

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2. Tranmix

If you are looking for solar birdbath fountain with highly efficient solar panel with brush less pump,  then Tranmix isn’t just your best choice but also your only choice.

Traffic solar fountain floats on water and needs no electricity, but run automatically under the sunlight.

It is suitable  for small pond, garden, pool, lawn, patio, fish tank and water circulation.

Pros & Benefits:
  • 1.4W current/3second solar fountain without battery or electricity:tranmix save up 1.4W of current from solar energy to shoot up to 50-60cm high in every 3 seconds of exposure to sunlight without electricity or battery.
  • 8 Selectable Sprayers: Tranmix comes with 8 different nozzles which can shoot at different heights and with different shape.
  • Easy to install: the technical-know-how of tranmix is very simple, just place the pump on the water under sunlight then the fountain will pump automatically in 3 seconds, the brighter the sun the more effective it is.
  • Multiple Applications: Tranmix is good for Garden, lawn, patio, water circulation of oxygen, fish tank, bird bath.
  • Warranty: there is 30 days refund, 12 months manufacturer’s warranty and replacement policy.

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Roastec is a solar fountain with Battery. It is available with built-in battery, which enables it to store electricity while working.

It still work even when the weather is cloudy or when the sunlight is weak.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Build-in battery solar pump & Detachable washable solar fountain: Roasted solar pump works in a cloudy weather and when sunlight is weak. Note that,  the solar panel should be charged under the sun for about 30 minutes before use.
  • 4 kinds of different Nozzles : The package comes with four different kinds of nozzles.the nozzle can easily be changed to get a desired height and shape of spay.
  • Built-in water level monitoring system: Roadtec is designed to automatically stop working when the basin is out of water to prevent overworking.
  • Applicable Uses: Roastec solar water fountain can be used for fish tank,  bird bath, garden decoration, small pond, water circulation for oxygen.
  • Manufacturer Warranty:
    Roadtec Brand offers one year warranty and full money back guarantee.

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ADDTOP solar fountain is an upgraded solar fountain pump. It is an attractive  part of a birdbath, which attracts birds to beautify your garden.

It contains highly efficiency solar panel and brushless pump.

It start-up fast, it’s efficient and it has a strong stability. It can also floats on water and requires no electricity or battery.

It item is flexible and requires no pump, it is also convenient to use.

ADDTOP is environmental friendly and needs no battery for proper function. It also come with English user’s guide.

It comes with a solar fountain pump,3 suction cup, 8 nozzle heads, a replacement or a refund of 100% is available if the product does not satisfy you.

If the product does not work, you can follow these steps:

  1. Clean up the pump , and reassemble the nozzle
  2. Put enough water  to cover the pump and Keep the panel where sunlight can hit it.
  3. Afterwards, if it doesn’t work please send us an email.
Pros & Benefits:
  • 8 Sprayer for Different Water Style: ADDTOP comes with eight different nozzles which give different style of water spray to attract birds and children to your garden and give pleasure to the sight of passers-by
  • Adjustable Height: the different nozzles can give various heights and pattern.
  • Eco-Friendly: ADDTOP uses no battery and electricity. It runs for 3 seconds automatically when sunlight at its peak.
  • Multi-Application Fountain Pump: ADDTOP is round shape, high power and small size, this qualities makes ADDTOP flexible and can be used for fish tank, bird bath, pool, garden, small pond, pool, lawn, patio, water circulation for oxygen. It’s a good choice of garden decoration.
  • 12 Months Warranty: there is 100% warranty on each ADDTOP solar pump.

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5. is a solar pump that give great beauty to your garden and amuse passers-by while it invite birds and beautiful butterflies to your garden,  it has four spray heads with different spray patterns

Pros & Benefits:
  • Ease Of Operation: It is quite easy to operate. just keep the pump floating on water and let the solar panel gain some sunlight, then it will automatically run within a few seconds. The brighter the sunlight, the better the work.
  • Sprayer for Different Water Style: It has 5 different kinds of nozzle which are attached to the pump. This helps to change the water height and give different spray patterns.
  • Multipurpose: This solar pump is good for bird bath,  pool, garden, water circulation for oxygen, fish tank and small pond.
  • Solar Rechargeable Battery: It has inbuilt battery that can store solar energy when the sun is shinning which can be used to run the fountain when the sun goes down.
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6. Qualife

It is a solar powered water pump, it has no inbuilt battery to store solar works only during the day when sufficient sunlight is shining.

The higher the sunlight the higher the height of the fountain.

It is solar powered and  it needs no battery or electricity to run effectively, it comes with four nozzles and very flexible.

It is constructed to beautify your garden and invites birds and butterflies to your garden.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Smart Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath: This product is contrasted to be most  suitable as bird bath. It runs automatically in 3 seconds under sunlight. 
  • Very easy to clean: Qualify is a great product because it is designed to give room for regular cleaning.
  • 100% Warranty: Product satisfaction is guaranteed on qualify solar fountain , there is 30-day hassle-free money back, a year warranty.

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7. MInuano 

Mlnuano solar panel is fortified  with in-built battery which stores solar energy during operation, this makes it still effective when the sunlight is down.

Montana is more stable than other pumps because of its inbuilt battery, it also have an inbiult water sensor which stops the pump from working if not in contact with water this prevent overworking and ensure durability of the device.

Pros & Benefits:

Zero cost of running : Mlnuano uses sunlight energy which is a renewable energy that’s accessible at absolutely no cost.

  1. Power saving ability: Mlnuano has the ability  to save up solar energy which can be used to run the pump even in shady area or when the sun has gone down.
  2. pH maintenance: unlike many solar pump, Mlnuano is constructed to control the acid and base balance of the fountain water by aerating the water and in turn keeps the water circulating.
  3. Multiple Applications: Minuano is effective for fish tank, birth bath, garden decoration and water circulation for oxygen.
  4. Longer years of service: Mlnuano is designed with a new brushless motor which improve its lifespan.

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8. Feelle  

Feels is a great solar power fountain product with a 1.4W solar power pump which beautifies your garden and make it attractive to birds and butterflies.

It is an eco-friendly friendly bird bath and it is located outdoor.

It’s quite attractive to charming birds which drive them close to your garden and make your garden look beautiful.

It can shoot water up to 30-50 cm and it has four different types of nozzles which shoot at different heights

Pros & Benefits:
  • Solar Powered: Feeble comes with high efficient solar panel, and use no battery or electricity, the fountain works constantly and consistently under the sunlight.
  • Quite easy to use: all you need to do is to float the product on the fountain water, it will automatically run within 3 secs once the sun shines on it. It is also easy to move about to any place.
  • Different Spray Patterns: It comes in the package with 8 different kinds of nozzles that can give different patterns of water spray, and makes your garden more beautiful.
  • Multi-Application: Feelle solar fountain can be used for various purposes which includes bird bath, pool, small pond, garden, water circulation for oxygen and fish tank.

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Fit maker is a solar water fountain that comes with four different spray heads and different spray patterns,  you can choose any head to suit your desired shape and style of spray.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Electricity free fountain: Like most other solar fountain, fitmaker is independent on electricity or battery but makes use of energy from the sunlight,  all you need to do is to place it under the sunlight and it runs automatically.
  • Multiple spraying style: fotmagler comes with four kinds of heads and nozzles which gives you opportunity to change the height and pattern of spray.
  • Suitable for many purposes : it can be used for any of the following purposes, fish tank, pool, small pond, water circulation for oxygen, garden decoration, birdbath. Fitmax improves the esthetics of your garden and amuse the sight of passers-by.
  • Easy mode of operation : fitmaker is quite simple and easy to operate,  you just need to float the pump on the water and let sun shine on the solar panel and it will run automatically in a couple of seconds.

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COSSCCI is a solar power fountain which run on 7Voltage per 1.4Watts of current,  and it comes with brushless motor with a direct current of 4.5V to 10V.

It’s maximum  flow is 150L/h and maximum spraying height is approximately 45cm, when the maximum water depth the fountain is required to be 2cm, panel size is 16cm by 1.2cm.

A complete package of COSSCCI comes with a solar power fountain pump, a pouch of fittings, and a user manual.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Solar Powered Pump: it comes with highly efficient solar panel, that uses no battery or electricity, the fountain works steadily and consistently under the sunlight.
  • Easy Operating: it just  needed to be floated on the fountain water and let sun shine on it then it will automatically run, it requires no electricity or battery.

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11. Alisabler

This product is great because it comes with three suckers on the bottom which makes it stick to the water.

Place the pump inside the water totally and let the nozzle rise above the water and it will automatically run when there’s sunrise.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Requires no electricity or battery:  this device runs on no cost of electricity or battery as it feeds on the energy from the sun to give different spray based on the kind of nozzle used.
  • Durability : Alisabler is designed to be durable and long-lasting, eco-friendly and Hassle-free
  • Maximum water height: This device comes with different spray heads to give different pattern of spray and different heights.

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12. TekHome

TekHome is an upgraded solar fountain pump suitable for multiple purposes.

Despite that it did not come with no inbuilt battery yet it works very well under the sun the intensity of the sun determines the height the spray gets to.

It doesn’t work under the shade or when the weather is cloudy.

It comes has a patent calendula shape which give a perfect decoration to your garden, it also comes with 4 different  nozzles to give different pattern of flow, and it is flexible for birdbath, pond, swimming pool and fish tank.

Pros & Benefits:
  • TekHome is eco-friendly. And works well under the sunlight and run automatically within 3 seconds of exposure to sunlight.
  • Replaceable Nozzles: the nozzles are replaceable which give you chance to determine the height and pattern of the fountain.
  • Flexibility: It is patent calendula shaped and small size which makes it adaptable to be used as either fish tank, pond, birdbath or swimming pool.
  • Ease of cleaning: the is constructed to be cleanable for effective functioning.
  • 100% warranty: TekHome has 30 days warranty and a year replacement if the product does not satisfy you.

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13. Aurrra

Solar Fountain consists of a high-efficiency solar panel and a new brushless pump.

Aurrra forms a better part of your basin which attracts birds to your garden and make it look beautiful, it is designed to withstand any harsh condition outdoor. It is eco-friendly and uses no battery.

Pros & Benefits:

Upgraded version: Aurrra is competent solar fountain which depends totally on solar energy and cost you nothing but to place it under the sunshine and it runs automatically.

  1. Different Spraying Styles: The Aurrra package comes with four kinds of nozzles each has different spray heads. You can make it float or attach a suction cup.
  2. Multipurpose: It is suitable for birdbath, small ponds, pools, fish tanks, gardens, water circulation for oxygen.
  3. Ease of Operation: It is quite easy to install and operate just place it inside the fountain water under the sun and it runs automatically.

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Final Thoughts

Your can spice up your garden and win your neighbors and passers-by admiration by installing any of the above solar power fountains,  they are affordable.

Note that, avoid clogging of the solar panel by regular clean this makes your fountain to function maximally and last longer.

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