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10 Best Solar Showers & Their Reviews [Updated 2020]

If you enjoy spending time in open air and love to have a cozy shower with warm water in open wild, while camping, hiking or in your garden than solar shower should be the first thing in your buying list.

There’s nothing more soothing and comfortable than having a steamy hot shower in open air and solar shower makes it possible.

It‘s a portable shower system which provides gallons of warm water by using solar energy.

Sun heats the black tube of the shower and it stores the solar energy by raising the temperature of water inside.

It’s lighter in weight so you can take it anywhere with you.

In this article we have discussed 10 best solar showers available in the market.

The comparison is made on the basis of their performance and key features.

1. Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower 

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower is a perfect choice for camping and outdoor fun.

It has huge 5 gallon of water storage so you can enjoy multiple hot showers.

There’s a large screw shaped mouth hole which makes it easy to fill the water.

It has a perfect four-layer construction which includes reflector panel, a solar panel, an insulator and a water reservoir.

These four layers not only provide durability but also make it more efficient in storing the solar energy for a longer time.

The shower-head has a twisting On/Off switch which makes it more convenient and saves water.

It can attain temperature up to 130oF when put under the Sun for 3 hour.

Due to shiny silver color it quickly warms the water inside.

There’s a temperature gauge on the bag which informs you about the water temperature.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower also provides a side pocket to keep shampoo and soap.

There’s a reflecting mirror for little grooming and Velcro straps to hold your washed cloths.

The weight of the whole bag is just 1.3 pound.

You can easily roll the bag and put it in the trunk or carry it with you anywhere.

It can also be adjusted easily in your backpack. It’s a perfect accessory for camping and hiking.

Advanced Element summer shower is one of the best selling solar showers in market and has very positive feedback from the buyers.

Pros & Benefits:
  • 4-Layered construction gives durability and stores heat for a longer time.
  • Can holds 5 gallons of water.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry (just 1.3 pound).
  • Temperature gauge to monitor water temperature.
  • Side pocket, Velcro straps and a reflecting mirror are the extra features.

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2. JEXPETY 5.3-Gallon Solar heated Shower 

If you’re looking for a solar shower for your garden or your swimming pool side than JEXPETY solar shower is the ideal option for you.

It’s manufactured by a well known company which is famous for selling unique and reliable outdoor products.

JEXPETY solar shower is a compact outdoor shower which has the capacity of 5.3 gallons of water.

It’s made by the combination of PVC material and Chrome plated ABS plastic.

It uses solar energy to heat the water inside its tank.

The perfect design can trap the heat inside tank for a longer time and can raise the temperature of water up to 140oF.

It has a handy hose connector which can be easily connected with garden hose.

It has a unique rainy shower-head.

You can easily adjust the height of shower-head and can also control the water flow.

There’s also a foot shower-head which is very handy in washing feet and other stuff.

JEXPETY solar shower has a very unique and modern design and increases the beauty of the garden.

It comes with mounting screws to fit the base of shower on a solid surface.

There’s a faucet on the tank to control the temperature and pressure of water.

Customer’s reviews are very positive and it’s one of the best selling compact solar showers.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made by PVC material and Chrome plated ABS plastic.
  • Can store 5.3 gallons of water.
  • Fast water heating feature.
  • You can control the water flow with rainy shower-head.
  • Its Modern design increases the beauty of the on amazon

3. Stearns 4 Gallon Sun Shower 

Stearns 4 gallon sun shower is the best option when you need a quick and soothing outdoor shower.

It has the capacity of 4 gallon water storage which is convenient for three to four quick showers.

The shape of bag is very handy for transportation.

Stearns 4 gallon sun shower is manufactured by a very strong PVC material which is designed to store solar heat more efficiently and holds it for a longer period of time.

It works perfectly even on cool days.

It has a built-in thermometer gauge which is very handy in measuring the temperature of water inside.

It has a very strong handle for hanging which increases the durability of the bag.

The shower-head has an On/Off valve which helps you in saving extra water.

Stearns solar shower can be heated up to 45oC within 2 to 3 hours under the sun heat.

The screw cap is off center and it seals tightly.

It comes with a side pocket to keep soap and shampoo.

Its 1.34 pounds in weight so you can easily carry the bag anywhere you want.

The customer reviews about Stearns Sun Shower are very positive and it’s one of the top selling solar showers in the market.

Pros & Benefits:
  • PVC material which locks heat efficiently.
  • Can store 4 gallons of water.
  • Just 1.34 pounds in weight and perfect for trips and emergency visits.
  • Built-in Temperature gauge to note water temperature.
  • Very strong handle and durable shower-head with On/Off on amazon

4. Sportneer 5-Gallon Solar Camping Shower Bag 

Sportneer 5-Gallon Solar Camping Shower bag is the best accessory for campers who love to spend time in wild forests.

It can hold 5 gallons of hot water which can be used for multiple soothing showers in a single fill.

It doesn’t use the bag’s material to heat water.

A solar panel is installed on front of the bag to store solar energy and raise water temperature.

Water temperature can be reached up to 130oF due to efficient solar panel.

So if you need quick and multiple hot showers than Sportneer Shower bag will be the suitable option for you.

The updated shower-head has an On/Off switch and also has three options for the water flow (fast, moderate and slow).

The bag is manufactured by using thick PVC material which is environmental friendly and gives it strength and durability.

Sportneer Solar shower bag has a transparent backside which helps in monitoring the water level.

You can also monitor the water temperature by using the built-in temperature gauge of the bag.

Bag also has a pocket to keep toiletries.

It comes in army green color.

The whole bag is weighted 1.2 pounds so transportation is not an issue.

You can easily adjust it in your backpack.

Due to built-in solar panel it’s the most favorite option for customers.

Sportneer solar shower has very positive feedback from its buyers.

It also comes with two packs offer in a reasonable price.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Constructed by using thick PVC material which gives it strength.
  • Uses solar penal to heat the water inside.
  • Transparent backside to monitor the water level.
  • Built-in Temperature gauge.
  • Shower-head with flow control on amazon

5. Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower 

Coleman is a very famous brand whose outdoor products are very reliable.

They offer brilliant customer services and good warranties on their products.

Coleman solar shower has the capacity of 5 gallon water storage which is sufficient for three to four quick showers.

It’s made by a thick plastic material which efficiently traps the sun heat and warms the water inside.

It’s incredibly light in weight only 8.8 ounces and you can easily carry it in your backpack.

Strong and wide handle gives more reliability in carrying and hanging the solar shower.

It has a large opening valve to fill water easily.

Coleman solar shower can attain temperature of about 120oF in just two to three hours under hot sun which makes it the best choice for campers and hikers.

Customers love this product due to its quick heating ability.

The shower-head is very handy and has On/Off switch system which also helps in controlling the water flow.

It comes in black color and in very reasonable price with durable performance which makes it the best choice for outdoor adventure.

The feedback from the users is very responsive.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Eco-friendly and uses solar energy to warm the water inside.
  • Can hold 5 gallons of water.
  • Just 8.8 ounces in weight and perfect for camping.
  • Quick heating ability- Can attain 120oF temperature.
  • Shower-head with a handy On/Off on amazon

6. RisePro 10- Gallon Solar Shower Bag 

If you’re planning for a long journey, hiking trip or camping and you want a solar shower in your backpack than RisePro 10-gallon solar shower bag will be an ideal choice for you.

It can hold 10 gallons of water which is more than enough for multiple showers.

It’s manufactured by using Eco-friendly and good quality PVC material which makes the bag highly durable.

The black PVC material has ability to store solar energy and trap it for a longer period of time.

This shower bag can attain temperature up to 45oC in 2 to 3 hours when left in direct sunlight.

RisePro solar shower bag has a temperature indicator which displays the water temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

It has long and strong strap handle for hanging and its only 1.2 pound in weight which makes it convenient for transportation.

It can be fitted in a backpack easily.

RisePro solar shower bag has a large injection hole with a leak proof screw cap which makes the water filling easier.

It has a unique shower-head with On/Off switch and high /low flow control system.

Its new design is very impressive and gives much better showering experience.

Customers love this product due to its jumbo storage.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made with a durable and leak proof PVC material.
  • Can hold 10 gallons/ 40 L of water.
  • Temperature indicator to monitor water temperature.
  • Perfect heating design- Can attain 45oC temperature.
  • Removable hose and Shower-head with a water flow on amazon

7. Funtalker 10-Gallon Solar Shower Bag 

If you need a jumbo size solar shower than Funtalker 10-Gallon Solar Shower bag is one of the best options for you.

It has a huge capacity of 10 gallons/ 40 Liters which is sufficient for 8 to 9 hot outdoor showers.

It’s made by multi layers of PVC material which is environmental friendly, long lasting and provides extra strength.

It’s light in weight only 1.2 pound and can be easily adjusted in a backpack for transportation.

It has a large hole for water filling with a screw cap and also helps while cleaning the bag.

Multi layered PVC material is designed to absorb and store the sun heat efficiently.

It takes only 2 to 3 hours under the Sun to attain a temperature of 40oC.

Its efficient design and black colored layers holds the heat for much longer time and provide warm water for a cozy shower.

Square shape not only provide stability but also is the secret behind its quick heating ability.

There’re two unbreakable nylon ropes with hooks for hanging purpose.

The hose of solar shower is over 2 feet long which is quite convenient and can be used for multi-purpose. Its shower-head has pull feature to control water flow.

Funtalker Solar Shower bag comes with 30-days money back guarantee and 90 days replacement warranty.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Multi layered PVC material provides strength and reliability.
  • Can hold 10 gallons/ 40 L of water.
  • Two feet long hose and Shower-head with on/off feature.
  • Can attain 40oC temperature in just 3 hours.
  • 30 days money back guarantee and 90 days replacement on amazon

8. Nemo Helio 22 Liter Solar Shower with Foot Pump 

Nemo Helio solar shower is a multi-purpose shower system which is designed to facilitate the user.

If you want to control the water pressure during shower than Nemo Helio solar shower should be your first choice. It has a foot-pump which generates high pressured water flow.

It’s a small capacity shower which is designed for single person.

It comes in two different sizes one can hold 11 liters of water and other comes with 22 liter of water storage. It’s made by PU coated polyester which can trap solar heat for a longer time.

It’s designed for travelers, campers and hikers.

It’s lighter in weight and can be packed in a small size.

It has a large screw cap to clean it and fill water easily.

It has a hands-free shower-head and foot-pump provides the regular and pressurized water flow.

Nemo Helio solar shower system comes with a 22 liter long tube made by PU coated polyester, a foot-pump, a storage packet and 10 feet long hose with shower-head.

It catches the customer’s attention due to its unique and modern design.

Nemo Helio solar shower has very positive response from buyers.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made by PU coated Polyester which holds heat for a longer time.
  • Can hold 22 Liters of water.
  • 10 feet long hose is very handy in multi-purpose use.
  • You can control the pressure of water with foot-pump.
  • Ideal for camping, hiking and outdoor on amazon

9. Festnight Wooden 9.25-Gallon Solar Shower 

Festnight wooden solar shower is an ideal option for your backyard, garden or outdoor fun.

Its modern design with wooden look increases the beauty of your backyard.

It’s a compact solar shower which has capacity of 9.25 gallons/ 38 liters of water which gives you multiple showers.

It uses solar energy to warm the water inside the tank.

It’s constructed by using ultra-violet resistant PVC material with faux wood finishing which provide long-lasting durability to shower and efficiently lock the solar energy for much longer time.

There’s a handy faucet on the shower which allows you to control the pressure and temperature of water. You can easily connect this solar shower with you garden hose.

It comes with four mounting screws to fix you solar shower in your backyard and removable screws also allows you to move it whenever you want.

The perfect design and PVC construction can store the solar heat for much longer time.

The solar shower can attain a temperature as high as 140oF which can give you a refreshing and soothing outdoor shower when needed.

Shower-head has a large diameter of 5.9” which gives you perfect, regular and pressurized water flow.

It’s perfect for rinsing off before and after swimming, rinsing off the salted water at the beach and taking a soothing outdoor shower after a hectic day.

It’s highly recommended solar shower by customers.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made by UV-resistant PVC material with faux wood finish.
  • Can store 9.25 gallons/ 38 Liters of water.
  • Can attain 140oC water temperature for soothing hot shower.
  • A handy faucet gives you control to adjust temperature and pressure of water.
  • Wooden look increases the beauty of your on amazon

10. Texsport Portable Outdoor Solar Shower

If you ‘re looking for a solar shower with a privacy shelter than Texsport portable solar shower should be your first choice.

It has a solar shower bag with 5 gallons of water capacity.

The shower bag is made by thick and long-lasting PVC material.

The shelter is 87 inches tall and 54 inches wide which is very comfortable for taking shower.

It’s made by heavy duty polyurethane coated taffeta fabric which provides a durable and long-lasting shelter.

There’s a removable floor mat which is made by polyurethane.

The shelter also has a removable towel holder and a storage bag for keep soap and shampoo.

Shower shelter has a zipper D-shape door and two additional removable windows on side wall.

Shelter pools are made by chain corded steel and use durable clips to grip shelter walls.

It’s user friendly so you can easily assemble the whole structure within minutes.

It’s ideal for camping, hiking, beach surfing and adventure in deep forest.

It’s a portable and very lightweight so it can be carry it with you while camping and picnic.

You need to keep the solar shower bag directly under the Sun to get the maximum temperature.

Due to PVC material it works quickly to warm up the water inside.

It’s perfect due to privacy shelter for ladies and kids to take outdoor shower.

Pros & Benefits:
  • PVC material bag quickly warms the water inside.
  • Can store 5 gallons/ 20 Liters of water.
  • Shower shelter provides privacy.
  • Shelter is made by Polyurethane coated taffeta fabric which is durable.
  • Portable and on amazon

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty of variety available in market when you want to buy a solar shower.

They comes with different features, pros and cons but you should not settle for less and get the most perfect for your need.

We have presented the top 10 best solar showers available in market on the basis of customer reviews and their performances.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of 10 best solar showers and their review in 2020.

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