10 Best Reasons For Investing In Solar Energy

There are many great reasons and benefits for investing in solar energy.

With so many sunny days throughout the year, it’s simply impossible to imagine how much easier our life would be with solar energy.

We’re all witnessing the constant increase in electricity prices.

We’re trying to reduce the bill that is increasing every month.

The ideal solution to this type of problem is to install a solar system in your home.

What Are The Benefits of Solar Energy?

Solar systems are very affordable.

Not only do they give us free energy in our homes, but also, the production of it’s without the creation of waste materials that pollute our planet.

This should become engraved in the consciousness of us humans.

Global warming and the release of excessive amounts of carbon dioxide into the air are slowly but surely destroying our natural home Earth.

By installing collectors, we get renewable energy.

Solar power is how we can meet our needs in daily normal operation.

By installing solar collectors, you will have the chance to collect and use solar energy that is free of charge for all of us.

In an era where renewable energy is being used extensively, it’s not very familiar how energy is obtained from these sources.

In this modern life, solar power is a real investment.

People have more benefits than disadvantages which are shown in most studies that are made around the world.

Nowadays, there is a growing focus on the ecological production of energy from renewable sources energy.

Why Are Renewable Energy Sources Important?

In the age of advanced technology, people are looking for ways to make greater savings while protecting the environment, as well as the planet Earth.

There is a growing tendency to use inexhaustible energy sources.

The sun, as one of those sources, has enough energy to meet the needs of all of us.

With so many sunny days throughout the year, it’s simply impossible to imagine how much easier our life would be with solar energy.

Why use electric energy and pay more if there is an alternative which is something more effective and costs almost nothing.

Solar energy can be used indirectly, such as used heat or directly to generate electricity using photovoltaic panels.

Heat energy can be used for hot water supply, space cooling, and heating, or indirect electricity production.

More benefits of solar power investment can be found on this link.

With that said, let’s get started with our list of the 10 greatest reasons for investing in solar energy.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Solar Panels?

1. Solar Power Saves Money

Reduce energy costs by using renewable energy from the sun.

Whenever we talk about solar energy, we first think about an expensive electricity generating system (photovoltaics).

This can cost tens of thousands of euros.

Solar panels for hot water production can range from several hundred to several thousand euros.

One household that pays 600 euros a year for consumed electricity consumes 7,000 kWh.

This amount of energy can be produced with a 5 kW photovoltaic system, which costs around 6,000 euros.

After the installation, the energy you will receive is will be for free

The higher the price of oil and gas, the more you will save money.

The solar power systems are very attractive.

Everyone knows that solar power is something that can make valuable changes in our lives.

When we use solar power, we save money because we do not use electric energy in our everyday life.

More recently there is no family where no solar panels are installed.

They’re not expensive if you come to think of them.

Solar energy is unlimited renewable energy.

It’s certainly more cost-effective than electricity, which is more expensive.

Now countries also provide subsidies to those who want to have solar energy.

The state returns part of its money to those who use solar power in their homes.

2. Solar Energy is Infinite

When we say that solar power is infinite, we think of how long we can use it.

Actually, solar power is not infinite.

But it will last at last 100 billion years.

It’s renewable.

You can use it whenever you like and how much you like it.

The sun will always be there.

It’s not going anywhere.

So, take as much as you can and make your life better.

As long as there is the sun.

Sunlight will be there for our energy needs.

3. Opportunity For More Jobs

Thanks to solar power investment, many jobs have been created.

This industry now has the necessary installers, mechanics, construction workers, and electricians.

One research says that the most paid and popular job in renewable energy areas is in wind energy jobs.

Imagine just how many jobs have been created!

Many devices now run using solar power.

These are solar street lights, solar battery chargers, solar mobile chargers, and more.

The EY report also shows that the European Union is pushing for renewable energy sources from 27% to 35% by 2030.

This could bring 120,000 additional jobs when it comes to solar energy.

This means a total of 328,000 employees in the sector.

Projections in the EY report show that Spain will have the highest number of new jobs.

There was a growth of 471% from 2016 to 2021.

Greece’s growth was +403% and Poland at +381%.

4. Solar Power Is Clean & Safe 

Solar energy avoids the exploitation of nature and helps protect our planet!

The cleanliness of solar power means that it does not have products that are toxic or harmful.

There are no products that can harm or poison the environment and human beings.

As far as the danger is concerned, solar power is not as dangerous as electricity.

Solar power does not need transformers, unlike electric power.

They’re very dangerous because almost always they’re installed very close to houses.

In the South Balkan, the people there are always scared whenever the weather Is bad and when there are thunderstorms.

There is a lurking danger of electrocution.

5. Solar Power is Renewable

Renewable energy is an energy source that can be gained back from nature with ease.

Potentially the largest source of renewable energy is the sun.

It’s a radiant gas ball whose radiation is powerful and a source of power when its light reaches the earth.

It’s quite impossible to exhaust solar power.

The intensity of solar radiation on the Earth’s surface depends on the exposure time and the angle of the sun’s rays to the horizontal plane.

Solar energy is safe, free, and the least harmful to the environment.

It’s the basis of life on earth and a constant companion to the development of mankind.

As we said, solar power is there as long as the sun is shining.

It could last for 100 billion years.

The sun is a medium sizes star with an estimated age of about 4600 million years, which is thought to be half its life.

That is more than enough time for the people who want to make more projects with solar power.

They can create more ways to use solar power without the fear of having a shortage.

We can safely say that it’s not used enough.

Thanks to solar panels we can have power during cloudy days.

This is possible because of batteries where solar energy can be stored.

6. Solar Power as a Business 

Just looking around us, we can easily see that solar power is a good investment.

Our population grows more and more and the people build a lot of houses every day.

So thanks to that, the demand for solar panels is increasing.

But not just for houses.

Buildings too are starting to use solar power to save on bills.

Also. to take care of the environment at the same time.

And here is your chance to offer your services.

Creating a positive image in your environment and beyond!

Your way to success!

Jobs in the solar power business are also high-paying.

7. More Hot Water During  Winter 

Hot water requires a lot of energy.

More than 40% of the water we use is hot.

If you choose an energy-efficient solution, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Why do not have cold water in winter from solar power especially solar panels?

The heating of water done through solar power can cover up to 75% of the total need for fresh, hygienic hot water.

Thanks to solar power, we do not have to worry about turning on our water heater and being scared of the monthly bill.

Hot water obtained naturally, ie through a renewable heating system reduces CO2 emission.

The system operates year-round but is dependent on sunny days.

There is a possibility to heat water in a conventional heater during the winter.

For solar water, we can use a solar heater consisting of collectors, a combined boiler with two converters, expansion, automatic solar pan, solar panel, differential thermostat.

It has been statistically proven that a 1M2 solar collector saves 750 Kwh of energy per year.

The solar system in summer meets the needs of hot water 90-100%, in the transition period 50-70%, and during winter 10-25%.

Solar systems are calculated based on the consumption of sanitary water, ie it’s necessary to know how many people are staying in the facility.

The budgets take into account the average consumption of 50 liters per person in the household and smaller tourist facilities.

For example, for a facility where 6 people live permanently, 300 litter is required.

Therefore, the volume of the tank will require 3 collectors of 2m2, as well as other equipment that is an integral part of the solar system.

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8. Ability to Live In Luxury

In the past, people were not so educated about solar energy.

They have home appliances but they do not use them every day or all time because of exorbitant energy monthly bills.

But nowadays, we don’t have to worry about this.

There are standard home appliances like refrigerators, freezers, cookers, and a lot more equipment that can run through solar power.

Solar panels with of area of 7 m2 generate about 1.000 kWh of electricity annually.

Depending on the location of the source of solar radiation, panels ranging from 28 to 40 m2 per year can cover 30 percent of the average household’s electricity demand, without storage.

Solar Cars

But we have to say that the most luxurious thing in this section is solar cars.

We know that we can not afford them all of us because today they’re very expensive, but we hope that In the closest future the price will be going down and everyone to enjoy them.

If the countries can finance, why these people do not live normally when they can use some of the newest and more modern home appliances with the help of the sunlight.

9. Better Quality of Air 

Modern society has recognized the many benefits of using solar energy.

Now it’s possible to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar energy can be used with renewable energy technology to replace conventional energy systems that consume fossil fuels.

All of these helps to reduce the harmful gases in the atmosphere, as well as reduce greenhouse and global warming.

People in the ancient and recent past were treated with the help of solar energy

Today, unfortunately, the sun is only talked about in the context of harmful effects, UV rays, and melanoma, while its benefits are being ignored.

There is a need to replace the energy produced from fossil fuels.

Mankind is in dire need of energy, and fossil fuels are scarce.

It’s expected that by 2100, the need for energy will be 100 gigawatts, which will mean much higher emissions, greenhouse gases.

There are no noxious environmental emissions.

Solar energy production is silent and odorless.

10. Good For Architecture & Urban Planning

Sunlight has influenced construction from the very beginning of construction history.

Fully developed solar architecture is an urban planning method that was first applied by the Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians.

They oriented their buildings to the south to provide light and heat.

The basic features of the passive solar architecture are orientation to the sun, compact proportions (small areas concerning volume), selective shading, and thermal mass.

When these characteristics are weighed against the local climate and environment,

They can give rise to well-lit spaces that remain at comfortable temperatures.

Socrates’ Megaron House is a classic example of solar design.

A recent approach to solar design, using computer modeling, links solar lighting, heating, and ventilation systems to an integrated solar design package.

Active solar equipment as a pump, fans, and switch windows can also help passive design and improve overall system performance.

Final Thoughts

At any given time, the solar energy from the sun is enough to satisfy the global energy needs for a whole year.

Solar energy is obtained through appropriate technology with the use of solar energy.

If technology continues to evolve at that pace, using renewable energy sources in 10 years will be more efficient than using traditional fuels.

Today, slightly less than 0.1% of solar energy is being used in the world to satisfy global energy hunger.

Solar energy is not only sustainable but also renewable.

We can safely say we will not run out of it.

Solar collectors are great for utilizing this energy not only to save the household but also to achieve energy independence and reduce general pollution in the environment.

The world needs more and more energy.

Man is continuously searching for energy sources that could adequately cover energy needs.

The need for energy is increasing the whole time.

The world covers its energy needs with mostly non-renewable energy sources.

These sources energies, for the most part, fossil fuels, coal, oil, and natural gas are not renewable.

This means they’re of limited duration and will be at some point spent.

Unlike renewable forms of energy, they cannot be exhausted over time, but it’s possible to deplete them potentially.

Economic innovation will have to wait a while to become part of the everyday life of humanity.

But the future of solar energy seems bright for now.

It’s safe to say that the future and the present time belong to natural renewable energy sources.

An efficient solar solution will give you the ability to gain independence from traditional energy suppliers and help keep energy costs low.

The cost of saving the environment will significantly increase.

From all this, we can conclude that thanks to the sun and human inventions, in the future we will have more money saved and a healthier environment to live in.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the 10 greatest reasons for investing in solar energy.

If you see a reason that’s not on this list and should be, let us know in the comments below!