solar energy advantages and disadvantages list

5 Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages List

Although not a new technology, solar energy is gaining popularity so we have compiled a solar energy advantages and disadvantages list.

We’re in living in a world where most of our things rely on electricity.

The things that we own individually our appliances like television, air-conditioning units, refrigerators, to name a few, rely on power.

Our home, in general, relies on electricity, and without electricity, these things would not even work and cannot be used in our day-to-day activities.

However, using these materials consumes a lot of electricity, and monthly, it would lead us to higher electricity bills to pay.

As an individual, it’s okay to admit that it’s exhausting and stressful to pay these exorbitant electricity bills, and even though you have a stable job, the electricity bill is not just our obligation, there are rents and water bills to pay, and especially food that we need every day and not to mention, we still have our personal needs that require money too.

But despite all of that, we’re now facing a direction where both past and present generations realize that there are possible ways where we can help not only ourselves but helping our planet as well.

People have already begun using some alternatives to help reduce electricity consumption like windmills and hydroelectric power plants.

These two alternative factors use two of the essential factor in our world, namely air and water.

But there is still another alternative that has been present every day, and that is solar energy.

Interestingly, many people are now switching to the use of solar energy because, unlike air and water, it doesn’t need force to power up and generate electricity.

But all of these alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages, and deep down, this article is what we need to know.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Energy?

Among many other solar energy advantages, we present the five top ones.

Additionally, these are also the reasons why many countries are investing in solar energy systems and why solar industry and solar technology are growing each day.

1. A No-Force Energy

Generally, solar energy is obtained from the radiation of the sun and a usable form of energy

Unlike hydropower plants, where it needs a powerful force of water from a passageway for its turbines to work and generate electricity and that same goes to windmills where it needs to be situated in areas where there are strong winds because if there is insufficient wind power, then it won’t work.

Compared with other renewable sources of energy, all you have to do is place your panel outside and let the sun’s radiation collect it.

It doesn’t matter whether the light that the sun emits is strong or not; as long as the panel is well lit outside, then definitely, you’ll have all the electricity you need.

Another thing is that the energy that the sun’s omitting is scalar, which means there is no direction.

It doesn’t need a specific passageway or a particular direction where it needs to shed some light.

That’s why solar power is the best renewable energy source we have.

2. Environmentally Clean

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t emit greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

A solar panel system, used for generating electricity coming from the sun’s heat, doesn’t emit carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

Renewable energy sources are environmentally safe and clean as they can be replenished without human intervention.

Wind, hydro, biomass, and, most importantly, solar energy, all are safe to the environment as an alternative source of energy.

These four are also found solutions to our world, which is currently experiencing global warming.

3. Creates Opportunities

Why does solar energy create more opportunities?

It’s only because when more people shifted in using these renewable sources of energy, it needs solar panels as the main conduit for it to produce electricity.

With a growing demand for making solar panel systems, it needs more workers for them to be created.

According to a published report, the global solar panel market is expected to reach USD57.3 billion, with a growing CAGR of 10.9% between 2017 to 2022!

With a higher demand for solar panels that group into a solar energy system, we expect a growth in demand for solar installers and other positions in the solar industry.

4. Sun Is Untaxable

If we use solar energy, would there be a tax to be charged?

The answer is NO because solar energy is a free and renewable source of power!

However, there is a need to know about the SREC or Solar Renewable Energy Certificate.

According to Rodman CPAs, Solar Renewable Energy Credit or simply SREC represents the renewable attributes in solar generation.

They’re sold separately from the electricity produced by cosmic energies.

Also, the article mentioned regarding the Internal Revenue Code or IRC that the SREC is excluded.

Moreover, we can’t charge the sun for its energy; what we must do is to thank it because it has provided us with an alternative source of energy that is safe for our planet.

5. Solar Energy Is a Renewable Energy Source

Our sun provides us limitless, or, should I say, unlimited energy.

The sun never loses its energy.

It’s continuously flowing that provides us the warmth and heat that we need, and because its power is continuously flowing, there is no reason for it to be eradicated.

The sun is also an infinite source of renewable energy because, without its power, we would live in s dark, dull, and cold world.

What Are the Disadvantages of Solar Energy?

There aren’t many solar energy disadvantages.

In this article, we present five main reasons why installing solar panels is still not common among average homeowners.

6. High Cost

We can get free solar energy from the sun free; however, the solar panels that are mainly needed are quite expensive in the market nowadays.

This is because our world is continuously developing, and the solar energy industry is continuously advancing, which means we’re still discovering new technologies.

Another thing that makes a solar panel system expensive is the batteries that are required to generate electricity and create surplus energy.

Getting solar energy is free, but it is expensive to install solar panels; yet, the initial cost of installing solar panels is not that big when considering all the solar energy pros.

Not only solar power reduces electricity bills but solar-powered devices also lessen carbon footprint and prevent climate change.

7. Weather Reliability

Solar panels are very dependent on the sun rays, and for them to be useful, it needs full sun energy.

Although, we can still get sunlight or perhaps solar energy to be exact on gloomy weather or cloudy days but not with rain and winter seasons.

But the efficiency of the solar panels would seemingly drop because the solar energy that is mainly being collected is not enough.

When it’s used during nighttime, less electricity can be produced.

Take in mind that there is NO solar energy that can be collected during the night, so definitely, if you have a rainy day throughout, then solar panels that are installed on your homes would be less effective.

You will be prompt on using your leading electricity that is from fossil fuels.

8. Huge Amount of Space

Whether you install your solar panels at home or in your country yard, it will take a lot of space.


It’s because nowadays, our population per family is growing and getting bigger, which requires us to invest in a more spacious property, and which huge space for homes means vast electricity demand.

If you opted out to use solar panels, you need to use bigger solar panels for it to produce enough electricity required.

If we also take thought of it thoroughly, people in this time being are already shifting solar energy because of its low cost, power demand.

However, if you’re an office or a company that joins the bandwagon of having clean and efficient energy, you need a lot of space, and getting a spacious spot nowadays is difficult to find.

Rooftops are considered the best location for solar panels; however, if you have a big space in your property, then do not hesitate to place your solar panels.

You have to make sure that the sun’s energy won’t be obstructed.

And if we’re talking about bigger spaces, we’re sacrificing a portion of our landmass, which also means harming our flora and fauna’s habitat because of the higher demand for space needed nowadays.

9. Not An Ideal Investment If You’re On The Go

Inventing is solar energy is high; however, it will take time to reach its maximum point.

In the United States, the average payback period for investing in the solar panel is within seven years and a half.

And in our current generation, specifically on what we call “millennials,” they’re always on the move for something new.

It’s such a hassle because what if you invest in a solar panel and it fits on your current home.

When you find another property, you moved out to your old one and dive into your new one; however, the solar panel that you previously purchased doesn’t fit your new one.

You will be forced to buy another.

Solar panels are a significant investment, but in our time right now, we should be wise because if we’re not, we’ll end up crying.

10. Product Quality

Nowadays, the production of these solar panels is very rampant in the market globally.

Each brand has its specifics, has its name, and has its technologies.

However, what about the quality of these products?

The four disadvantages that were mentioned above are also the factors for quality solar panels.

When having a solar panel, we invest in purchasing it, whether the cost of it is high or not.

It’s also dependent on weather systems because the quality of a solar panel will show when it’s being used, and ideally, it should withstand weather conditions like rain or snow.

Also, the amount of space needed is somewhat bound to the quality of the product.

In installing a solar panel, you need to have not just an exact space required, but you need a buffer as well.

The class also depends on the environmental area and landmass, whether it’s still in good condition.

And quality is also or can be associated if you’re on the go because it doesn’t need to be replaced when you’re transferring from one place to another; however, the quality needs to be as good as you have invested it in the very first place.

Quality is essential over quantity because solar energy is everywhere, but solar panels are an investment that needs a wiser choice.

Final Thoughts

Solar energy has its advantages and disadvantages; however, we’re already in a world where development is inevitable.

Therefore, we must be wise in using the energy of the sun.

There are essential things that need to be considered, like maintaining its safe and carbon-free emission.

We cannot guarantee the creation of these solar panels whether they can still be safe in the future but as a person who wants to save our planet and stop the effects of global warming, let us be mindful and take full consideration of our responsibility and actions on using the renewable source of energy because it’s us who will be affected if we do not take care of it.