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10 Best Solar Powered Animal Repellers & Their Reviews 2022

We know that finding the best solar powered animal repeller is important to keep animals and bugs at bay from your plants.

However, with so many of them out there, it’s difficult to find which ones actually works. Trust us, we understand the process of constantly testing and evaluating. And fortunately, you don’t have to.

After testing over 37 different products, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 animal repellers that use solar energy to function.

1. Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light Animal Repeller by PREDATORGUARD

Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light Scares Nocturnal Nuisance Animals Away - Nightime Deer Coyote...

PREDATORGUARD is the world’s number 1 best selling predator deterrent light animal repeller which is now available at Amazon.

This product is great for farmers and orchard owners who are looking for a powerful flash solar device that can be effective at a long distance.

This product emits a powerful LED flashlight which is effective and can be seen half a mile away.

The product is made up of the toughest industrial components and its predator guard ensures the long life of the product.

Also, there will be no need to spend any amount on the maintenance of this solar-powered predator animal repeller as the device is solar powered.

PREDATORGUARD Solar powered predator animal repeller repels all the common predators such as wolf, fox, deer, coyote, raccoon, beer, skunk, etc.

And, it will help you in protecting your gardens, orchards, ponds, livestock, vineyards, trash bins, chicken coops, campsites, property, etc.

The great thing about this animal repeller is solar LED unit is that it automatically charges and then turns on automatically at night and turns off in daylight.

All you need to do is just to set it up one time and you are done, it will work automatically for you.

PREDATORGUARD company gives a guarantee for its product. Also, the company says that they stand behind its customers, it is 100% risk-free.

Last but not least, the product comes with 3 years warranty against all defects.

Its quality and construction with tough industrial components make it superior from other solar animal repellers available in the market.

Pros & Benefits:

  • World’s No. 1 Best Selling Predator Deterrent Light
  • Made up with the toughest industrial components
  • Charges itself automatically
  • Risk-free
  • Maintenance free
  • 3 years warranty against all defects

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2. Aspectek Eye PRO Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light

ASPECTEK Predator Eye PRO - 4600sq ft Coverage w/Kick Stand Solar Powered Predator Light Deterrent...

Aspectek is another solar powered predator deterrent light that helps farmers and orchard owners in keeping insects, animals, and birds away from their farms, fields, orchards, or gardens.

Aspectek is the innovative, economical and human method for pest control. The product does not contain any toxic chemicals or any other kind of harmful device.

And, it is safe around children and pets. Due to its larger size, it protects more of your property and it can still be mounted with the kickstand.

As there are many products for predator deterrent, Aspectek is different in a manner that it provides two flashing lights instead of one, and this is what makes it unique from others.

Hence, It helps in more effective pest control of the field.

Due to its economical and eco-friendly nature, it also has a specialty of working automatically at night to deter pests.

And, its new and improved battery lasts for around 30 days with just on a single charge.

This product does not require any extra installment costs or maintenance costs.

This product is waterproof and its Ip77 certification makes it suitable for all types of weather conditions.

Its automatic light sensation turns on at dusk and turns off at daylight.

Also, the device is weather resistant, which means it is suitable for all types of atmosphere conditions, whether it is snow, winds, rain or ice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Aspectek does not contain any toxic chemicals
  • It is safe around pets and children
  • Its Double flashlight makes it more effective in pest control
  • Automatic light sensitive
  • The battery life of 30 days
  • Suitable for all type of weather conditions.

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Wikomo Ultrasonic solar powered animal repeller comes with two charging options.

The product features a solar panel on the top that recharges the batteries (3 AA rechargeable batteries are included).

It can also be recharged through USB (USB charging cable will also be included with the product).

The device helps to get rid of animals by emitting a mixture of ultrasonic, adjustable wave frequencies and powerful flashing LED strobe lights and alarm.

It helps to get rid of different birds and animals such as cats, squirrels, deer, dogs, beers, birds, bats, rats, skunks, foxes, raccoons, mice, etc.

The device is eco-friendly, it is safe for pets, children and the environment, its a humane way to chase away animals.

It includes an infrared sensor angle of 110 degrees and a detection range of up to 30 feet.

The product is made up of great quality with solid construction and a waterproof design.

It is constructed in such a manner that it would be effective in all the weather conditions whether it is heavy rain, snow or wind.

The product is perfect for the farmers or field owners who want to protect their farm, garden, yard, patio, garage, or lawn from unwanted animals and insects.

Last but not least, the device comes with a 6-month money back guarantee plus a 1-year free replacement policy.

The charging time of this device is 8 hours and it can work for about 1 week.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It comes with solar power and USB cable batteries charging
  • It protects a large area
  • Six-month money back guarantee
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Full waterproof

4. Bell + Howell 50104 Ultrasonic Solar Powered - Motion Activated

Bell+Howell Solar Animal Repeller Motion Activated Animal Repellent, Rat, Squirrel, Deer, Raccoon,...

Bell + Howell 50104 Solar powered ultrasonic animal repeller helps you in keeping pests or predators away from your yard, garden, orchard, or farm.

Its high pitched sound from dual speakers helps to deter animals, birds, and insects from trespassing on the yard or farm.

This device soaks up the solar energy in daylight without any need for batteries and uses its energy to work effectively at night. It will protect your yard or farm from unwanted pests like skunks, raccoons, mice, squirrels, deer, stray dogs, and rabbits.

Bell + Howell 50104 Solar powered ultrasonic animal repeller is the solar-powered device that does not require batteries.

The device has the mounting bracket in the back for easy mounting to wall or tree and it can be placed almost everywhere easily.

With the easy mounting in the device, the farmer, garden owner or orchard owner does not have to hassle with the placement, it could be placed easily in almost all the places.

This product is built in an infrared motion detector, which allows it to work more effectively.

Also, it repels animals, birds, and insects from 30 feet away, and, it is weather resistant too.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High pitched sound from dual speakers
  • Soaks up energy in daylight without the need of batteries
  • Built-in infrared motion detector
  • Repels animals from 30 feet away
  • It could be mounted almost anywhere

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5. Solar Powered Motion Activated Ultrasonic with Flashing by Hoont

Hoont Solar Powered Motion Activated Ultrasonic with Flashing Strobe Outdoor Animal and Pest...

Hoont Solar Powered motion-activated ultrasonic animal repeller with flashing is another great device that can help you in keeping animals, birds and unwanted insects away from your garden, orchard, farm or field.

Its ultrasonic sounds and LED flashing strobes help you to eliminate all kinds of animals, insects and bird intruders on your land, property, farm, field or garden.

The product features three different ultrasonic frequency settings and 7 sensitivity settings with an option of on and off flashing light.

All you need to do is to attach the included stake into the ground then select your desired settings.

Solar panels on the top of the device will recharge the device under the sun energy very fast.

Its solid hard plastic construction will be effective for years of withstanding in all the weather conditions, snow, ice, rain, and wind.

Hence, you should not worry about its quality. The product is perfect for yards, garages, attics, boats, porches, farms, ponds, etc.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with PIR Motion Sensor which detects the motion from up to 30 feet.

It also comes with 3 AA rechargeable batteries and it can also be recharged through USB cable, the USB cable will be included with the product.

Hence, because of 3 AA rechargeable batteries, you don’t have to hassle about anything.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with three AA rechargeable batteries
  • Water resistant and weather resistant
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Construction with solid hard plastic
  • Comes with PIR motion sensor

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Hoont Motion Activated Solar powered ultrasonic outdoor animal and pest repeller is the upgraded version that can help you to get rid of all animal intruders by emitting its powerful ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED strobes.

The device features three ultrasonic frequency settings with an optional ON and OFF LED flashlight light.

The product works in such a manner that it blasts a range of powerful ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED strobes to scare away a different variety of pests.

Hoont motion activated solar powered animal and pest repeller is very easy to install.

Simply you need to take it out of the box, stick it on the ground with the metal stake and select your desired settings.

That’s it! Also, it comes with three AA rechargeable batteries and this device also can be charged via USB.

The product is humane and it does not include any messy chemicals or pesticides, with no traps and no dead animals.

It keeps animals and other unwanted insects away through its ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED, not through messy chemicals.

It is made up of solid hard plastic for withstanding years of rain, ice, wind, and snow. Its PIR motion detector detects motion from up to 30 feet away.

PIR motion detection sensor will start working when any animal, bird, insect or any other unwanted pest enter your protected area and it will make that animal stay away from your property, field, garden or farm.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Three AA rechargeable batteries included and it can also be charged through USB
  • No messy chemicals or pesticides
  • Made up of solid and hard plastic
  • Weatherproof

7. Livin' Well Solar Sonic Pest Repeller Stakes - 4pk Outdoor Pest Repellent with 5,000 Feet Range,...

Livin' Well Solar Sonic Pest Repeller Stakes - 4pk Outdoor Pest Repellent with 5,000 Feet Range,...

INTEY outdoor solar ultrasonic animal repellent emits a powerful ultrasonic solar voice and flashing LED lights to scare cats, dogs, mouse, and other unwanted animals and insects to keep away from your garden, orchard or yard.

The product is made up of solid and rugged hard plastic to withstand in rain, snow, ice, and winds. Also, it is weatherproof, you can use this in all weather conditions.

It comes with different charging methods, solar power, 3 AA rechargeable batteries, and USB power supply.

It has five different frequencies you can choose to aim at different objects.

Hence, you can set from different five frequencies as per your desire of aiming at any objects.

The device is suitable for farms, nurseries, rice fields, and orchards.

And, it assures better protection of your farm or orchard. Instead of harming any animal, bird or insect, INTEY outdoor animal repeller aims at only to scare them so that they stay away from your property.

The product is not intended to hurt any type of animals, insects or pests, it only scares them to stay away from your field, garden or orchard. Hence, it is environment-friendly.

The device comes with a warranty and in case of any problem, you can contact the supplier. If you face any problem, the Amazon supplier will reply to you within 24 hours.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with powerful ultrasonic solar voice and flashing LED lights
  • Five different frequencies that we can choose to aim at different objects
  • Constructed with rugged plastic that can withstand in snow, rain, ice, and wind
  • Multiple charging methods
  • Comes with warranty

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8. Ultrasonic Pest Animal Repeller Outdoor Solar Powered With Motion Sensor & Strobe Light

DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Outdoor Solar Powered, Motion Sensor, Strobe

DURANOM ultrasonic pest animal repeller outside solar powered with motion sensor and strobe lights is another scarer chaser device which can help you to keep unwanted animals, birds, and insects away from your garden, yard, farm, field or orchard.

The device comes with the hunters orange color. The advantage of hunters orange color is that animals can’t see or spot the device from a distance and this color also make it look nicer.

The device is environmentally friendly, which means it is safe for both humans and animals as well.

It does not include any messy chemicals that can harm animals or insects. It has no mess with pesticides, messy chemicals, and dead animals.

The single device comes with four great features, ultrasonic, sonic, strobe and red eye. All these features make it different from other products available in the market.

DURANOM ultrasonic pest repeller comes with 2 adjustable knobs. It has an ultrasonic wave, strobe light, PIR sensitivity and 5 settings available.

It is 100% safe and risks free, it will help you to keep your lawn, garden, field, yard or orchard safe.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with hunters orange color, which cannot be spotted by animals
  • The product is water resistant with IP44, covers 230 sq. feet
  • PIR motion sensor makes it more effective
  • It does not mess with chemicals, pesticides, and dead animals
  • The product is safe and risk-free

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ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic animal pest repeller, outdoor solar powered pest, and animal repeller help you to effectively scare away unwanted animals, birds, insects and other pests from your garden, yard, orchard, field or farm.

The device emits powerful ultrasonic sounds to scare away unwanted animals from your field or farm.

It is equipped with an infrared motion sensor. The ultrasonic sound will be activated as soon as animals enter the protected range.

Its powerful ultrasonic sounds will keep rats, raccoons, dogs, rabbits, and squirrels away from your property or field.

The device comes with a PIR motion sensor that helps in detecting animals more effectively.

The product is very cost effective and eco-friendly. It is equipped with a solar panel as the power supply.

And, its unsealed design allows it to work in any weather conditions and makes it water resistant, windproof, rustless and sun protective.

The device is safe for animals, it releases ultrasonic signals to disturb animals’ neuro-system and not to harm them.

These ultrasonic sounds will be unpleasant to animals but inaudible to humans.

The device is very easy to use, all you need to do is to ground soil where there is enough sunlight and turn it on.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The device comes with an infrared PIR motion sensor
  • The product is cost-effective and eco-friendly
  • It is constructed in such a manner that it makes it windproof, water resistant, sun protective and rustless
  • The device is safe for both animals and humans
  • Easy to install and easy to use


DIAOTEC Ultrasonic animal repellent solar-powered waterproof outdoor animal repeller deterrent is the device with solar powered with built-in rechargeable batteries that can work effectively to save your garden, field, orchard or farm from unwanted animals, and insects.

The solar panel of the device charges the product effectively to maintain a long time standby.

Also, the device is activated by a sensitive PIR motion sensor.

It makes the device work more effectively. Once the animal enters the protected area range, the device starts to work.

It emits flashing LED lights to scare dogs, cats, mouse and other unwanted animals in the field.

Another great feature of DIAOTEC animal repeller is that it comes with multimode auto working with different frequency and sensitive modes that built-in IC can change automatically.

The device is very effective that it can detect around 160 different kinds of unwanted animals such as rats, raccoons, cat, dog, chipmunk, squirrel, deer, fox, etc.

It features a new, solid hard pl plastic construction for withstanding years of rains, snow, winds, and ice, hence, it makes the device weather resistant.

It has a large effective range of around 1600 square feet. Its infrared motion sensor detects the movement of animals in a 120-degree fan-shaped area with 40 feet radius.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with built-in rechargeable batteries
  • The device comes with a sensitive PIR motion sensor
  • Multimode auto working
  • It can effectively detect 160 different kinds of animals
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Made up of solid hard pl plastic
  • The large and effective range of detection

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, different kinds of animals, birds, and insects are the regular visitors of your farm, field, orchard or garden, and these animals can eat away your seedings and can completely ruin your garden.

In this case, you will badly need a device that can protect your farm or field, and to solve your problem, here we have listed some of the best solar power ultrasonic animal repellers.

Before selecting an animal repeller, there are different things you need to consider in the device, like, whether it is weather resistant, waterproof, PIR motion sensor, range of detection, type of material used, etc.

After you consider all the factors carefully, you need to select the right device in your budget which cannot harm any animal or human being.

From the above listed solar powered animal repellers, PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Animal Repeller will be very effective.

Because this device comes with a 3-year warranty against all defects and it is safe and risk-free, it is also the world’s best selling animal repeller made up of the toughest industrial components.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list on the 10 best solar powered animal repellers and their reviews for 2022.

See one that’s not here and should be? Let us know in the comments below.