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15 Best Solar Christmas Lights & Their Reviews [Updated 2022]

Are you looking to light up your Christmas in a more economical and eco-friendly way? We take you through the brightest, the best, the most cost-efficient lighting options on the market.

Traditional Christmas lights are a money-burner and a drain on the environment. Lighting during the Christmas season has evolved beyond the norm a few decades back when you could just get a few colored bulbs and voila! Everything is set.

It now calls for a little touch of art, which requires some boxes of lights, and in turn, costs more. The use of solar Christmas lights, however, saves you more on costs and provides longevity into the night hours, making your home just as beautiful as you had dreamt of all year long. Permit us to walk you through the process of shopping for the right set of lights.

1. Joomer String Lights - 72ft 200 & LED

Joomer Solar Christmas Lights 72ft 200 LED 8 Modes Solar String Lights Waterproof Solar Fairy Lights...

These string lights guarantee a zero utility cost. The Joomer string lead lights were designed with fully powered solar strings, making its source of energy completely solar.

With a constant energy conservative rate, this product enables long hours of usage.

The in-built sensor lighting technology is connected to the string lights in a way that makes the lights automatically come on at dusk and go off in the presence of daylight, ready for power up when the sun comes out.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Eight lighting modes: With just a single press, the control has been programmed to switch the lights into different modes at your convenience.
  • Working memory: This product is equipped with a memory function that enables you to save your last mode settings, so you would not have to go through the stress all over.
  • Super high useful solar panel: This function allows you to charge less and use the product more with its high storage capacity.
  • Multicolored lighting.

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2. VMANOO Solar Lights - 72ft & 22m LED

VMANOO Solar Halloween Lights 72ft 22m 200 LED 8 Modes Solar Christmas Fairy String Lights for...

These seasonal solar lights are just the perfect touch you need this Christmas. Its Green effect against every background placed behind it creates an exceptional warmth to the atmosphere of your home.

It can be arranged on your lawn, windows, or walkways, and allows you to get creative with the design you desire.

The factory manufactured in-built 18000 MA AA NI-MH battery stores direct solar energy during the day and makes it available during dusk. This battery could also be replaceable with a rechargeable one if need be.

With a charging time of 6-8 hours and a working time of 8-12 hours, running out of juice is not an option this Christmas.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with two switches: The power switch to keep the lights on always even during charging, and the Mode switch to specifically adjust your settings.
  • 8-modes function: Modes ranging from sequential, slow-glow, in waves, steady on, twinkle/flash, chasing/flash, etc.
  • High water resistivity: Its high resistance to water makes the product suitable for indoor and outdoor decorations.
  • Full cable length: Fully maximization of the lights is also a benefit of this product, with a total length of 72m/22ft.

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3. OxyLED solar strings light Outdoor 200 LED 72ft

OxyLED Solar String Lights Outdoor, 72ft 200 LED String Lights Solar Powered Waterproof Decorative...

OxyLED Solar strings outdoor light is specifically designed for enriching your outdoor atmosphere with the perfect Christmas. Its manufacturers have gone to great lengths in providing you the option of creativity around your decorations,

with a 200-LED bulb and 72ft piece of solar strings light.

This Christmas just got merrier with the solar powered panel made from copper core wire, which stores solar energy during the day, and the in-built sensors automatically lighting up the strings when dark.

OxyLED outdoor Christmas light is experimentally suitable for both outdoor and indoor decorations but specifically built to withstand outdoor limitations.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Light up Auto at dusk: OxyLED Solar lights come with an effective solar panel and a 1200 mAh MINH in-built battery durable enough to charge up the battery and automatically light up the bulbs when dark.
  • Environment accommodating: This product is widely known for its high energy conversation rate, hence reducing utility charges cost in your home and environment at large.
  • Warranty and Guarantee: A 12-month warranty and 30days cash refund guarantee.
  • Allows you to explore a wide range of lighting modes.

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4. Windpnn Solar Star Lights - LED &Waterproof

Windpnn Solar String Lights Outdoor, Solar Powered Star String Lights, 30ft 50LED 8 Modes Waterproof...

Exposing the Windpnn solar star lights to direct sunlight for 6-8 hours before the first use extends its longevity and allows you to enjoy its services for a reasonable period of time.

Sunlight is stored and converted to electrical energy in the rechargeable battery of the product.

Turning on the switch and selecting ‘light mode’ before being left to charge by sunlight, makes the lights come on during dark without any manual instruction. The customer ratings go higher than 4.5 out of 5, showing how tested and trusted this product is over time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Light Sensor: The system is built to spontaneously turn on the lights during the dark and switch them off in the day to charge.
  • IP65 Waterproof: Windpnn solar star lights are designed to withstand stormy and rainy weather conditions, keeping the electric circuit safe.
  • Star-like bulb design: The warm white lights for creative outdoor decoration.
  • Highly Efficient solar energy working up to 10 hours in a stretch.

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5. Dolucky 22m 200 LED Solar String Lights

Dolucky Solar Christmas Lights, 72FT Blue Solar Christmas Lights Outdoor Waterproof, 200LED Solar...

Dolucky Solar string lights are easy to install and operate with the 2-button switch control. The first for the power on and off, and the other for mode selection. Its duration when operational lasts for 8-10 hours during dark, as long as the panel absorbs adequate sunlight during charging.

This product was designed with an effective solar energy panel, making it not reliable on an external battery or a rechargeable device. The mode button has the function of switching into 8 different modes; ranging from clashing/flash, twinkle/flash, slow-fade, steady-on, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lack of Overheating: Would not overheat after being exposed to intense sunlight for an extended period.
  • Safe and water-resistant: The effective water-resistant factor prevents its electrical components from bridging due to rain outpour.
  • Eco-friendly: The 10,000-hour lifespan makes it durable.
  • Warranty

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The Qedertek LED solar Christmas lights do not emit polluting substances into the environment during charging like a few other LED solar lights out in the market.

Beautiful decorative string lights, perfect to hang anywhere for a stunning lighting effect. Make sure to set up the adjustable aid to a right angle facing the sunlight for adequate charging.

Soften the ground with water if hard to make the solar panel fit into the field. The waterproof feature enhances a better outdoor experience, as well as preventing the item from weather-related conditions, such as raindrops and harsh atmosphere.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long working time
  • Decorative Christmas light strings
  • IP65 Waterproof

7. SOCO Solar Globe Outdoor String Lights 30 LED 19.8ft

2Pack Total 60 LED 40FT Solar Globe String Lights Balcony Outdoor Crystal Ball Christmas Light...

SOCO Solar globe lights have the useful functions of the absorption of sunlight and conservation into direct electrical energy needed for the globes.

A complete charge of up to 6 hours would keep the bulbs running for another 8-10 hours before the juice runs dry. This product comes with no extra electricity consumption and saves energy.

The lights create a warming atmosphere for you and your loved ones this Christmas season, with a captivating attraction when applied. Its in-built outdoor functions make it conveniently suitable to withstand harsh weather conditions when placed in the open.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Looking for the best gift this Christmas season, this is just the perfect wrap up the present.
  • Safe & Useful
  • High-quality conversion and absorption rate
  • Waterproof, Indoor & Outdoor Applicable

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8. Lalapao String Lights - 72ft, 22m

LALAPAO 2 Pack Solar String Lights 72ft 22m 200 LED 8 Modes Solar Powered Xmas Outdoor Lights...

This Lalapao 2 Pack string lights come in a white, 2m/6.5ft wire length to the first led and an overall length of 22m/72ft.

We provide friendly, easy-to-reach support, and our purpose is to meet consumers’ satisfaction with high-quality products and an enjoyable purchasing experience.

The entire package consists of dual solar powered string lights, one operating user manual, and two solar panels with an attached ground spike.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Full Application: Best use for both outdoor and indoor Christmas decorations.
  • Highly efficient solar-powered: This product delivers efficiency with a lasting duration of 10-12 hours.
  • Easy to use and store: Power ON/OFF button as well as the MODE button for easy access to both power input or output, and mode setting.
  • Eco-Friendly Christmas Lights: These string lights are energy-saving, durable and safe to use

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9. URPOWER 2-in-1 Solar Powered string lights 4 LED

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, Upgraded Solar Garden Lights(Warm White, 6 Pack)

This product is equipped with up-to-date technology for beautiful, high-tech landscaping that could be attached to the ground. The LEDs are retracted and absorb a large amount of solar energy during the daytime. At dusk, they pop up and light up, giving you beautiful rays of lights along your pathway and driveways.

The URPOWER 2-in-1 solar string lights are powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that gets its energy juice from solar energy; Each light glows via 4 LEDs. The solar panel is entirely water-resistant. Each light works independently.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Automated Switch – Automatically switches on at night / Turns off in the presence of sunlight. 2 modes(high/low).4 illuminated LED Bulbs, 50 Lumens attached with each LED.
  • Multi-Color Changing: Red & Green & Blue & Yellow light change.
  • 2 in 1 Functions: It gives a firm grip to the floor, making it impossible to be moved by weather factors. Also, the use of included screws to mount on the wall.
  • Unique solution in landscape and outdoor lighting.

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10. PAPRMA Solar Mason Jar Lights

PAPRMA 6 Pack Solar Mason Jar Lights, 20 LED Jar Lid Fairy String Lights with 6 Hangers, Decorations...

This item is entirely dependent on sunlight to produce colorful illuminated light. It absorbs sunlight on sunny days by keeping the solar panel directly under the sunlight. There is a switch under the board; you need to turn it “ON” to make it absorb sunlight.

The power gets stored in a 600mAh AAA battery, with 20 LEDs in total, enclosed in four different jars. The LEDs get their juice by a solar panel lid covering all jars, making it easy to be creative when placing and arranging all four jars.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Complete package : The PAPRMA solar mason jars include; 6 solar panel lids + 6 hangers(Without the jars, you get to order for the jars separately.)
  • Durable Solar Panel: You get a full charge of the item in 5-8 Hours under the Sun, and this lasts for about 10-12 Hours with the energy saving function installed in it.
  • The magic jars are filled with colorful firefly glow and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations, giving you a variety of options to choose from.
  • Waterproof Design: IP65 Waterproof Rate. Durable for Indoor and Outdoor Use.

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11. Vknic LED Mason Jar Lid String Lights

Vknic 6-Pack 30 LEDs Solar Mason Jar Hanging Lights,Led Fairy Firefly String Lights with Mason Jar...

Vknic solar mason Jar Lid Lights come with 8-pack 20 LEDs lids lights, with 8 hangers inclusive, perfectly designed to give your garden, walkway, and lawn a glittering Christmas feel. With this item, your Christmas just got better and merrier.

This item’s recently updated version comes in a black spray coating; it’s rustproof on the lid rings; so you need not worry about those lids wearing or rusting under direct sunlight and/or exposure to rain. The handles’ hangers also have a black spray coating on them.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Newly updated solar panel to fully maximize the solar energy conversion of the item.
  • Provides appealing white lighting in the mason jar, like the fireflies’ glow, making your home surroundings keep a fairy and accommodating atmosphere this Christmas season.
  • A value pack of 8 pcs set, with a guarantee of 100% and a 30-day refund, plus an 18months after sales service or repairs.
  • Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving: With a solar panel of 100% efficiency, well-organized internal wiring not needing wiring on the exterior, and no call for an irreplaceable battery. The process of charging is as simple as placing them under direct sunlight.

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12. LiyuanQ Solar String Lights

1 Pack Solar Garden Pile Light Cactus Light Waterproof Landscape Ground LED Lighting Outdoor Patio...

Do you want your Christmas to have a colorful atmosphere this year? Then all you need is LiyuanQ solar string lights. This item has 200 LED solar fairy lights, available for you to style and decorate your garden and surroundings with.

Its 72ft 23m length gives you a choice of extending the string lights in whatever direction suits your style.

The outdoor ornament attached to this piece is brilliant, and the waterproof feature makes it impossible for raindrops to affect the electric components of the device; this means no worrying about using it in the rain. The copper wire is flexible and allows you to bend or wrap it into any shape and around whatever object you want.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High efficiency solar energy conversion: After fully charged, the device could work up to 15 hours none stop. It does not require electricity in and out of its operation.
  • Low voltage and no transformer included.
  • User manual and a stake.
  • In the daylight, the solar panel converts the sunshine into electrical energy stored in the rechargeable battery.

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13. Binval Fairy String Lights

1 Pack Solar Garden Pile Light Cactus Light Waterproof Landscape Ground LED Lighting Outdoor Patio...

As a Christmas tree lover who feels white fairy lights best complement the color of the trees and blend every gift together, the Binval solar fairy Christmas string lights are what should be on your first shopping list this Christmas.

The 2-pack 72ft 200 LED lights are made of high quality materials, with limited but beautifying brightness options.

The solar powered panel stands with a 20cm garden spike, enabling a firm grip on the ground in your garden, positioning for direct sunlight during recharge.

Easily operable with its 2-button switch; one for the ON/OFF, and the other serving as the MODE switch for a flexible change in device mode settings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A 2 switch control box directed to the solar panel; one for the Mode change (Flashing mode convert switch), and the other for Power On/Off(When turned off, and automatically lits on at dusk).
  • Designed with a 2V 300MA solar panel giving you a brilliant and efficient solar energy experience.
  • Control method: The device is light-operated and easily button punctured.
  • The entire package comes in a size of 145*100*97MM

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14. Qedertek Bubble Globe String Lights

Qedertek Solar String Lights Outdoor,Bubble Globe Solar Lights 20foot 30 LED String Light Crystal...

Like to have a little touch of pink for Christmas? Then Qedertek has the special deal to add to that light collection of yours.

These Qedertek bubble globes solar string lights come in pink, and are a perfectly shaped globe, enticing to the eye. The fun part: if for any reason one light goes off, the others remain lit.

The string lights are decoratively solar-powered, and offer no extra electricity consumption, aiding its 2V 100mA solar panel strength.

The item has a number of 30 LED lights and a total length of 20ft, while the diameter of each bulb is one inch long. The specs are also included with a Ni-MH rechargeable battery of 600mAh.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best Fairy String Lights: Long lasting solar string lights with bubble crystal globes of 30 LEDs. Each bulb is 6-inch spaced apart from another.
  • Water Resistant: Designed with a waterproof feature making it perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use without the worry of moisture, electrical and weather damage.
  • Wide Application Occasion: Our string lights create a vast range of applications beyond the Christmas season. Great for just having a charming atmosphere, garden decoration, path, patio, balcony, backyard and porch.
  • 8 Lighting Modes: This brand is designed with up to 8 different lighting styles, such as; twinkle/flash, sequential, waves, steady-on, slo-glo, etc.

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15. Icicle Crystal Globe String Lights

Icicle Solar String Lights 20FT 30 LED Crystal Globe Lights with 8 Modes, Solar Powered Waterproof...

The Icicle Crystal Globe Solar light is mostly an outdoor decorative light and would serve you well and save lots of worries in case this Christmas is wintry or the weather harsh.

Its warm white color generates a cozy atmosphere in your surroundings, making your house look attractive to passers by.

The solar string lights remain white during the day when the switch stays off, creating a camouflage, as though the lights were actually on.

These string lights are often decorative objects with or without a source of power; the solar energy gotten from the solar panel in this case only enhances the brightness of these beautiful globes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide Application Occasion: Our string lights create a vast range of applications beyond the Christmas season. Great for just having a charming atmosphere, garden decoration, path, patio, balcony, backyard and porch.
  • 8 Lighting Modes: This brand is designed with up to 8 different lighting styles, such as; twinkle/flash, sequential, waves, steady-on, slo-glo, etc.
  • Water Resistant: Designed with a waterproof feature making it perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use without the worry of moisture, electrical and weather damage.
  • Best Fairy String Lights: Long lasting solar string lights with bubble, crystal LEDs. Each bulb is 6-inch spaced apart from another.

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16. Lemontec Solar Lights - String Lights

Lemontec 2-Pack Solar String Lights 20 Feet 30 LED Water Drop Solar Fairy Waterproof Lights for...

This solar string multi-color will put your indoor and outdoor decorations this Christmas into the festive ambiance you`ve always dreamed of all year.

The installation of every Lemontec light and most especially this item is as easy as it could get.

You can always use these string lights during all seasons of the year aside from the Christmas holiday, and get just the same experience all time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Satisfactory oriented: This product is 100% endorsed with confidence from its manufacturers because it is made from the strongest and most reliable choice of materials. However, if you are not satisfied after the purchase, please ensure you return it to the appropriate dealer so as to get a 100% refund within 30days.
  • Operate without stress: Only two switches of on/off button and bi-mode button are all you need to operate this, solar strings light warm white. Operating this product does not require many technicalities.
  • It makes the nighttime look like day.
  • Environmental friendly and low maintenance cost.

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Final Thoughts

The above solar lights have been tested and known for their diverse functions and atmospheric effect, to give you a Christmas to remember.

Solar string lights have been scientifically proven to be the best lights over time, and this is because of their economical advantages as well as proficiency in serving each customer perfectly well.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 16 best solar Christmas lights and their reviews for 2022. Seen one that’s not on this list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.