🏅 10 Top Rated Best Solar Driveway Lights & Markers: 2019 Reviews

Fall is here, and with it comes an earlier twilight.

Sometimes street lamps are enough to help us find our way safely into the driveway without tearing up our lawn and crushing our garden gnomes.  Oftentimes they aren’t.  For that reason, solar driveway lights become a necessity.

Luckily, we live in a time of abundant product options.

Unfortunately, with an abundance of options comes an abundance of bad options.  Some will be too expensive, some will have complicated setups… and of course, many will be wasteful and harmful to the environment.

So we’ve taken the time to assemble 10 of the highest-rated, simplest, best value, best solar driveway lights & markers and their reviews for 2019 – available to save you the time and hassle of hours of research.

1.  TomCare Solar Lights

If you’re looking for style, it’s hard to beat TomCare’s Solar Lights.  They have a highly decorative, dancing-flame design that makes you imagine that you’re on an island paradise.  It’s an intriguing change from the LED lights that are omnipresent nowadays.

The lights are super easy to install as you just have to stake them into the ground.  You have the option of setting them at different heights too; they’re extendable from ground level up to 43 inches high.  This gives you lots of versatility in how you want to use them as decorations, as well as how much area you want the light to cover.

A big plus with the TomCare lights is the length of light time provided.  You get a full 12 hours of light after charging for only 8 hours.  This is enough to last all night, any night.  This is especially useful for cloudy nights and early mornings when the time of darkness has been extended.

TomCare lights are weatherproof as well, so if you live in an area with snowfall or lots of rain, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.  And with the dancing-flame visual, you can get the taste of living in the tropics while the weather rages around you.  An all-around solid choice.

Pros & Benefits
  • Stylish flame-flicker design
  • Extendable height
  • Long light time
  • Weatherproof

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2.  JACKYLED Solar Dock Lights

These are made of great quality poly-carbonate and are extremely resistant to damage – even a car running over them couldn’t destroy them.

They’re a permanent fixture too, so while there is some setup required, it’s only a matter of two bolts per unit, and then you’re done forever.

JACKYLED Solar Docks have a sleek, modern, down-to-business design.  The LED light emitted is unusually bright, allowing for a high-visibility for driveways that require it.  The light is visible for up to 875 yards, which is perfect for anyone with a long driveway.

You don’t have to worry about losing any of that ultra-bright light, either. These Solar Dock Lights will last for an astounding 72 hours with one day of charge.  This is especially helpful if you happen to live in a place like I do where the sun doesn’t shine 300 days a year.  Being able to work in that environment for 3 days straight is a huge bonus.

As you may have guessed, weather isn’t a problem with these lights.  These are the kind of lights that are almost daring you to try to damage them or get them to malfunction so they can laugh at you.

So if you’re a fan of products that are “set them, forget them”, look no further than JACKYLED Solar Dock Lights.

Pros & Benefits
  • Very tough and durable
  • Permanent, set-it-and-forget-it nature
  • Bright LED light for even long driveways
  • 72 hours of light with one day of charging

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3.  LAMPAT Solar Lights

If value is your greatest concern, the LAMPAT series might be for you.  At only $19.99, you can order a 2 pack of lights with the same flame-dancing style of more expensive brands.  If your driveway happens to be longer, the low price allows for the purchase of several packs without losing value against other brands.

LAMPAT Solar Lights emit a warm and pleasant glow with a distinct home style.  They provide sufficient but not overly bright light, yet are highly visible due to their width of over 7 inches.  You could definitely see them as being helpful with the coming holiday season decor as well.

Like any good outdoor light system, LAMPAT is weather resistant regardless of temperature or precipitation.  They’re certified waterproof with a rating of IP65, which means they are able to withstand pressurized water jets from any direction, which is definitely more than enough protection for our purposes.

One key advantage is also the length of lighting time: 10 hours.  More is generally better, and for some cloudy nights and mornings, extra lighting time can make an important difference.  With softer lights, cloudy days can mean longer darkness and less visibility if the lights shut off too soon.

LAMPAT Solar Lights are an excellent bang for your buck.

Pros & Benefits
  • Low price, high value
  • Soft and pleasant glow
  • Solid lighting time

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4.  Maggift Pathway Lights

Maggift is the brand for the price-conscious.  For a low, low price of $22.99, you can get an entire 12 pack of lights to illuminate your driveway.  The lowest cost per unit on this list, you can get these lights for less than $2.00 per light.

Maggift Pathway Lights use a clear lens with a black top for an attractive design that emits a pretty white light that calls attention to the user’s lawn and garden.  With these, you can add charm to your yard while getting all the visibility you need.

Like other models going for a higher price, Maggift uses the easy install stake method, with little maintenance required.  They’re also resistant to all weather, temperatures and climates.  You get the added feature of automatic day/night sensing so no manual on or off switching is necessary.

Being an unimposing 2 inches wide, the Maggift Pathway Lights will not get in the way of other lawn decorations.

If you simply want utility with an attractive design that won’t detract from the rest of your yard, Maggift is the way to go.  It’s a surprising value considering the features that you get that you often don’t get with other driveway lights for such a low price.

Pros & Benefits
  • Super low cost
  • Clear, decorative lens, attractive white light
  • Small and unimposing
  • Lots of features for the price

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5.  URPOWER Spotlights

Whether it’s for security reasons, or if you live in an area that gets pitch black at night, you might just want the brightest  solar driveway lights you can find.

The URPOWER Spotlights have you covered.  With a 4 bulb setup with 50 lumens each for a total of an impressive 200 lumens total, bright is an understatement.  No burglar or miscreant will take a second look at your home after seeing these lights.  Likely because he was blinded by them.

The angle of each light can be adjusted to point in a specified direction which is especially helpful for winding driveways.  Installation can be accomplished using the stake, but there is also the option to mount it to a wall, such as a garage.

They’re made to last, and can take a beating from weather and impact.  Just looking at them, you can tell they’re heavy-duty.  They’re also automatic, with no manual switching on or off required for dusk or dawn.

If you have a big yard, and require lights that will turn it into a stadium, URPOWER won’t steer you wrong.  Just be mindful where you point them.

Pros & Benefits
  • Extremely bright LED light
  • Adjustable light angling
  • Strong and durable
  • Automatic charging and darkness detection

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6.  SolarGlow Garden Lights

While marketed as garden lights, SolarGlows’s Garden Lights system is also perfect for driveways.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be on this list!

The lights happen to be exceptionally bright boasting 15 lumens each.  With the standard being 5 lumens, these lights will provide maximum visibility in your driveway without completely lighting up your lawn.

They automatically sense dusk and dawn and respond accordingly, with no need to manually switch them on or off.  They’re easy install with a simple stake-in-the-ground setup.  While shown in silver, they also come in black.

SolarGlow lights are more than tough enough for the outdoors and come with the only lifetime free replacement guarantee on the list, and this also makes them one of the lowest risk purchases in the space.  We suspect you won’t have to use that guarantee due to their stainless steel construction.

The SolarGlow Garden Lights come in a pack of 6 for a very reasonable price of $39.99.  They contain all of the top-notch features of higher priced brands, with the added bonus of peace of mind with their Lifetime Guarantee.  Undoubtedly one of the best values on this list., and one of the safest buys.

Pros & Benefits
  • Bright lights at 15 lumens
  • Auto dusk and dawn sensor
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Great value

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7.  GIGALUMI Path Lights

GIGALUMI has succeeded in creating a remarkably unique style for their Path Lights.  If you require your driveway lights to have warmth and charm built in, you should definitely consider GIGALUMI.

The shape and glow of the lights is reminiscent of  an eastern style and casts a unique and attractive light pattern on your lawn and driveway.  Just looking at the pictures on their product page, you can see what we mean.

The lights use the widely used “stake” style of installation allowing for no hassles in setting up, and there is no manual switching on or off as the lights have auto sensors to detect dusk or dawn.

GIGALUMI Path Lights will last up to 8 hours after a full day’s charge and are weatherproof as well.  The company has a 180 day satisfaction guarantee that of course includes durability, which we like.  It’s always a good sign when the company is ready to stand behind its product.

You have two choices for purchase: the 2 pack or the 4 pack.  Obviously, these lights are mainly marketed to consumers who have a shorter driveway or require less overall lighting.   That isn’t to say you couldn’t buy multiple packs and use them to light a longer driveway.

It’s hard to find driveway lights with a more romantic appeal than the GIGALUMI Path Lights.  Paired with an attractive price and low purchase risk due to the 180 day guarantee, they’re quite a find.

Pros & Benefits
  • Unique, attractive style
  • 180 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Excellent price

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8.  GardenBliss Solar Lights

When you need elegance, GardenBliss delivers.  The super bright LED lights deliver a considerable amount of glowing light without providing an abrasive pattern on your lawn and driveway.  While not the stadium caliber strength of some lights, these provide more than enough to light any path.

GardenBliss pride themselves on the quality of the materials used in their products and it shows.  Their solar panels are high-end polycrystalline for maximum energy absorption.  The outer material is double-treated to ensure that its completely weatherproof.

Their guarantee is for 30,000 hours of light use, or about 8 years of continuous use, which is one of the best warranties in the industry.  GardenBliss has even gone as far as to ensure the solar charged batteries that are included in the lights are chosen for their longer lasting potential.

GardenBliss Solar Lights come in a pack of 10, which is great for anyone with a long or winding driveway.  Even if you only need some of them for your driveway, there are more than enough afterwards for use on your pathway or for your garden.

Proudly made in the USA, GardenBliss is a veteran company in the space and boasts 24/7/365 support for their products.  They are well-known to be a company concerned with responsible stewardship of our environment and are truly dedicated to customer service.

Pros & Benefits
  • Very high quality materials
  • Bright yet elegant lighting
  • Strong guarantee
  • Established and reliable company

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9.  Voona Outdoor Lights

For anyone with an artistic flair, Voona can be a valuable addition to your lawn and driveway.

Voona Outdoor Lights are unique in that the light pattern they create is in the shape of a star.  When you use all 8 of the lights in the pack, your yard is transformed into a dazzling spectacle that resembles a ball room.

Not just elegant at night, Voona Outdoor Lights are a classic lens design with a silver finish for the fixture’s top.  The style of Voona lights are more about complementing the decor of your yard instead of standing out like a sore thumb.

Voona lights come with many of the other excellent features found in solar driveway lights such as easy stake installation, auto dusk and dawn detection and 8 hours of lighting with a full day of charging.  Voona lights have only 4 major parts, which means you get ease of use, convenience and simplicity in one package.

They emit a soft glow as opposed to a blinding flash with a steady 6 lumen brightness, and are sure to add flair to any yard to which they’re added.  If you’re looking for tasteful and elegant, definitely consider Voona Outdoor Lights.

Pros & Benefits
  • Fascinating star light pattern
  • Classic lens with silver finish
  • Soft glow at 6 lumens

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10.  Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights

If beauty and uniqueness are must-have qualities you need for driveway lights, Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights might just top the list.  We know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but just behold them!

A gorgeous twisted crystal appearance with your choice of a silver, bronze or black cap can absolutely wow your neighbors and friends.  And that’s just in the daytime.  The night reveals a “hurricane star” pattern that is truly unique, intriguing and fabulous.

No expense was spared in the creation of the Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights.  The lenses are glass, not plastic like so many others.  The stakes will not bend due to being metal instead of plastic.  The bulbs are extra bright for high visibility.

The company even includes a “Hassle-free” warranty on all parts.  Anything that breaks will be replaced, period.  We like to see extended warranties on products because it lowers the risk of purchasing, and it conveys the company’s confidence in its own product.

Enchanted Spaces Solar Path lights are the high-end option for beauty without compromise, and occupy a well-deserved spot on our list.

Pros & Benefits
  • Unique and beautiful light pattern
  • Sturdy materials; glass and metal
  • Bright light
  • Hassle-Free warranty on all parts

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11.  Westinghouse Flat In-Ground Lights

No list of solar driveway lights would be acceptable without Westinghouse Flat In-Ground lights.  As you can see in the picture, these lights combine the best of both worlds; the easy installation of the soft ground stake, with the flatness of other brands allowing for a flush fit and look.

Having your driveway light flush with the ground offers several advantages.  First, if you have pets or children, you don’t have to worry about these being knocked over like you would with other above-ground lights.  Second, if your area gets pummeled with strong winds and/or storms, you won’t have to worry about these lights being displaced.

Westinghouse lights feature a durable stainless steel construction that also protects it against the elements, which is a step up from the plastic used by some brands.  Being flush with the ground, it is also much more difficult to damaged them with a vehicle.

You also have the benefit of the easy install stake method with the dusk and dawn auto sensing feature for a driveway light that brings full convenience to the table.  The lights are over 6 inches in diameter, so while they are flush with the ground, they’re large enough so that you won’t lose sight of them when entering your driveway.

The LED lights are also different from other brands in that there are three of them on the outer ring of the product.  One customer noticed that the lights could be arranged to “point” towards the house in a fun, “airplane runway” style.

Westinghouse delivers novelty with utility and are certainly worth a look

Pros & Benefits
  • Flush fitting to the ground for wind, child and pet resistance
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy install, low maintenance
  • Interesting 3-light design

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12.  Solmore Solar Deck Lights

Why not make this list an even dozen?

Solmore Deck Lights were originally sold as lights for the backyard deck, but it was quickly realized that they work just as good as driveway path lights.  Intriguingly, the bulbs are available in yellow, white, green, blue and red!  That’s a certain advantage over the exceedingly common white-only LED option that you see a lot.

Each unit contains 6 LED bulbs that allow for a bright guiding light for your driveway that lasts for 12 hours after just one day of solar charging.  That’s 50% more than the industry standard, and important for cloudy or rainy times of the year.

They feature heavy-duty construction of high quality aluminum that can survive the weight of 9 tons of force.  This puts them on par with the most robust designs available on the market.  Unsurprisingly, they are weatherproof and are usable for all seasons and climates.

The installation is for hard surfaces such as concrete, wood or stone as they come with two bolts each for a more permanent fixture.  While the installation isn’t the easiest, it’s a one time measure, after which you have beautiful lights to mark your driveway for years to come.

If you want  durability, utility and artistry, Solmore Deck Lights are the way to go.

Pros & Benefits
  • Comes in an array of colors: yellow, blue, red, green and white
  • 12 hours of light for one day of charging
  • Heavy duty, indestructible construction
  • Permanent fixture

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Final Thoughts

Driveway lights are often a necessity for safety and visibility reasons.  Solar powered lights make the most sense due to not only environmental concerns, but for sheer maintenance and easy of use.

You buy so many products for your home, lawn and garden that the last thing you need is something that requires wires, or a change of batteries etc.

These 10 best solar driveway lights & markers and their reviews for 2019 were carefully chosen knowing there are tons of factors that go into making a purchase decision with solar driveway lights, the least of which are price, style, ease of use, longevity, brightness and durability.

We hope we’ve made your decision easier!

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