🏅 20 Best Solar Pathway Lights & Their Reviews (Updated 2019)

Having trouble seeing the path to your house at night, or you just simply want an extra hint of decoration to make your yard really pop. Solar pathway lights are exactly what you looking for.

With different colors and styles available, the only question is which on will you pick. I loved all the choices between classy, modern, vintage, or truly unique; colored light or white lights, brown, black, or some bright color; and powerful light or just a warm glow.

If you are not quite convinced that solar pathway lights are for you, wait till you hear how convenient it is. Set-up includes a total of two steps: turn the power on and push the stake into soft ground.

You don’t have to worry about making sure if the cord will reach the electrical outlet, putting new batteries in, or taking them out of the rain. Solar pathway lights are the no- stress, dual light and decoration.

With that said, let’s get started with the 20 best solar pathway lights and their reviews for 2019.

1. Solar Garden Ground Lights Outdoor Diamond Stake Lights

They are a very common option for those looking for a standard solar pathway light. You push the stake into the ground until only the light is above ground.

No stem is visible above ground. If you would prefer a light that is coming up from the ground rather than seeing a light coming from some sort of design, this solar light is for you.

The Garden Ground lights are perfect for those who want solar lights for seeing when it gets dark or bringing out the beauty in the pathway or nearby plants. They are great if you don’t want the solar light to be the high point in your yard.

Because just the light is above ground, they would fit with any backyard theme. They would be a great solar light to start with to see if they are good fit you.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Do not break the budget
  • Are water resistant
  • Emit warm light

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2. SURSUN Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights: Bright White Landscape

They look like your average solar pathway lights. If you just want to stick to the basics the Sursun, outdoor pathway lights are for you.

These solar lights are also good for those who have not had solar lights before. It might be better to start with something basic to see what would work best with your yard.

While most packs come with 3 or 4 lights, what I love about these pathway lights is that they come in a pack of sixteen. You can put lights everywhere you want.

The reviews seemed mixed about having such small solar lights. If you want solar lights that enhances your yard, Sursun solar lights are for you, but if you are looking for them to be the main focus, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Comes in a pack of 16
  • Enhance your yard without overpowering it
  • Can get a replacement or refund for the first 12 months

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3. Solpex Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, LED Solar Garden Lights, Waterproof Solar Landscape Lights

The black polished base rises up to do gentle arcs over the light. This pathway light has a dignified, classy look.

With a modern glow, these solar lights can give an extra pop to any yard. They take just a moment to install, but their glow will give your yard the look you have been looking for every night.

Worried if these lanterns are exactly what you have been looking for? With a money-back guarantee, you can try them with no stress.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Give off modern look
  • Turn on automatically at night
  • Come with a money-back guarantee

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4. TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded, Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches Lights

Want a new take on the traditional solar light, the flaming torches might be exactly what you are looking for. The lanterns have waterproof flames that will add a flare to your yard while being completely safe.

The comments were filled of buyers stating how their neighbors have asked where they got them.

The lifelike flames look great on a path to a pool or to a campfire. Watch your guests’ jaws drop when you tell them the flames are LED lights.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Listed as #1 Bestseller
  • Shines realistic dancing flames
  • Are completely safe

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5. Multipurpose Hook Lights – 4 Shepherd Hooks For Outdoor Solar Use – Coach Lights

A long, curling stem comes around to meet the light in a decorative box. The brown box is decorated with fancy swirls that look similar to a butterfly mid-flight.

The shepherd hook lights have a modern, classy look. They look great shedding a gentle light onto your pathway.

The lantern can be used in a variety of ways both inside and outside. It can sit on the ground, be hung on a branch or a nail, or be displayed on the shepherd’s hook.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Amazon’s choice label on these lanterns. One of the reviews also said the seller followed up with the customer to make sure they were pleased with the purchase.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Has a variety of locations it can go in
  • Reported to have excellent customer service
  • Decorates your yard with a glowing modern look

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6. MAGGIFT Hanging Dual Use Shepherd Hook Solar Lights

The jet-black, long stem curls over into a bulb on the light resembling a fancy street lamp. The fancy street lights give you the light need and the look you want.

The lanterns definitely give off a classy, romantic look. I just love how it curls around; I just can’t stop staring at it.

The lantern can be installed in two different ways. Customers can hang the lantern or stake into the ground.

If you want a solar pathway light that lights your yard and gives it that flare, you might have just found what you are looking for.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Have a variety of decorative uses
  • Will last a long time
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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7. 6 Pack Solar LED Path Lights – Stainless Steel

The solar lights have a sandwich of silver bases with the light shining out of the middle. The lights have a modern, fleek look to them but for an affordable price.

What I love about these lights is they are very different from other lights on the market. Other lights have more of a traditional or modern look, but the LowVoltz Solar lights just looks so fleek.

They are the only solar lights that I have seen that come in different sizes. With the gentle rise in size, they would look perfect on a pathway. They could help build suspense to your house. It could bring everything in your together to create a sense of unity.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Stands out from other solar lights on the market
  • Was made with stainless steel to ensure durability
  • Has an eye-catching classy look

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8. Maggift 8 Pieces Solar Pathway Lights

The garden lights are a halfway point between modern and unique. They give something different without completely standing out.

First of all, most pathway lights are circular or lamppost shaped, but the maggift is a rectangle. Another major difference from the norm is a crackle pattern rather than straight posts or a funky swirl.

The shining light looks closer to a warm glow than a strong light. The maggift would be better for those who want a magical glow rather than a streetlamp light.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Has a black crackle
  • Creates a beautiful shadows on the ground
  • Gives a soothing warm glow

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9. BOAER Flamingo-Shaped Solar Lights For Outdoor Use and Pathway

The flamingo solar pathway lights have a new take on the common black lights. With its usual tropical flare, your house will stand out from all the rest.

The bright pink flamingo has a large Hawaiian flower and tropical greenery on its stomach. The solar panel is on the upraised leg allowing the flamingo to gain solar energy without taking away from the look.

The mixture of stainless steel and glass make this work of art make to out style and outlast other solar lights on the market. The glass allows the flamingo to have more of a stained-glass look, but the stainless steel makes the flamingo the sturdiest bird of the flock.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made of only the brightest colors
  • Allows you to put another flamingo in your yard
  • Adds a bit of fun and spunk to your yard

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10. Solar Garden Decorative Lights For Outdoor Use: String Lights for Landscape

Want the extra glow in your yard that isn’t lanterns or Christmas lights? Mopha solar lights give your pathway the look you always wanted.

Unlike most pathway lights, these solar lights are multicolor. The extra splash of color could make the pathway look like it came out of a book.

The lanterns come with  a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers are amazed on how protected the lights are by the mixture of stainless steel and plastic.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Shine 10 hours after sun goes down
  • Will not rust
  • Stands out from other solar pathway lights

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11. AZIRIER LED Outdoor Solar Lights With Easy Install on Wall – Great For Security

I love the design of bubbles in a solar pathway light. It is like a hot lava lamp but for outside. This solar light comes in a design of a brown box. Half of the front is open to show bubbles floating.

They look amazing along the side of your sidewalk or the edge of your walkway. Several reviews reported that the lights were perfect to help them see at night.

The Azirier LED Solar Lights were the first solar lights I saw that you could purchase a protection plan for. You have the choice between a 3- or 4-year protection plan

Pros & Benefits:
  • Earned the title Amazon’s choice
  • Shows a completely new take on a solar pathway light
  • Made of aluminum which ensures durability

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12. GELOO Solar Lights Outdoor, 6 Pack Color Changing Solar Pathway Lights

The solar pathway lights for those who are tired of just white light. The colors are so breathtaking that they can make your yard a true work of art.

A pack comes with 6 lights with a yellow, purple, 2 red, a green, and a purple light. They should also make beautiful patterns on the ground.

What I loved most about the product is all the positive reviews. The GELLOO has been reward 4.3 stars out of 5.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Adds a beautiful splash of color to your yard
  • Has outstanding ratings
  • Was reported to continue working well for long after purchased

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13. KAPATA Outdoor Light Solar Powered Garden Landscape U.S Flag Light

If you are feeling patriotic, this solar pathway light is exactly what you are looking for. What is more patriotic than the American flag which is a symbol or our great country?

The flag is a true symbol. It expresses everything that we truly want to say. These symbols could go along your pathway or by the tombstone of our fallen warriors.

The waterproof flag should flutter if it’s windy outside. The durable pole has a light above and below the flag.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic
  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • Runs 8 hours after light

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14. Twinkle Star 6 Pack: Outdoor Pathway Lights

These solar pathway lights look like the historic street lamps in a movie. They are like a blast from the past.

The polished black base with a crisscross over the light gives a classy, antique look to the lights.

The seller promises that they will work no matter the weather. They give a 180 day replacement and refund guarantee.

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered they come in a package of 6. You wouldn’t have to worry about running out.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Gives off a classy vibe
  • Adds a decorative touch to your yard
  • Comes in a package of 6

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15. ONLYMONKEY Solar Rock Lights For Garden – LED, Outdoor and Waterproof Pathway Lights

I never thought I would see solar lights decorated by rocks, but here they are.

They would look perfect decorating a dirt path or in your garden. The rock solar lights will blend in so well that your guests will be asking you where you got them.

The Only Monkey Solar Powered Rock Garden Lights are completely waterproof. Even though they sit on the ground, you never have to take them out because of rain or snow

Pros & Benefits:
  • Blends in while making your yard stand out
  • Has a natural look
  • Highlights your garden or pathway

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16. Valery 6 Pack Waterproof Solar Pathway Lights: Garden Stakes with Auto Off/On

This is the only bronze-colored solar light that I personally saw. The bronze color is so light that it looks a bit like rose gold.

The bronze stem comes up to tier off into a mesh design. The top is capped with a little solar panel.

The light is more of a warm glow than a strong light. It might be better for those who want to decorate with it rather than to provide better lighting with.

At night, the light shining through the mesh design makes patterns on ground. The pattern looks similar to a flower.

It comes with 6 solar pathway lights ensuring you have enough lights for your decorative and lighting needs.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Decorated with a stunning bronze finish
  • Creates beautiful shadows on the ground
  • Shines a warm glow into the night

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17. Solpex Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, Glass and Bronze Finished

I like these lights because I don’t think they fit neatly in one particularly style. It has a hint of the antique look to it, but I like it reminds me a bit of a lighthouse style.

It would look really great almost anywhere you put it Because it isn’t a particular style, you have a lot of decoration options.

I like that if you tried to explain the style to someone that you would struggle. I think this style is taking the good points from different styles.

Many people in the comments reported that the solar pathway lights were quite bright.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Built in a unique style
  • Made very well
  • Comes in a package of 6

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18. Morvat Outdoor Motion Sensor Pathway Lights – Path and Landscape Solar LED Lights

The black solar lights stand straight with a slight angle at the tip. It resembles a book light.

The amazing feature of these pathway lights is they are motion sensor. It can focus its energy only when it needs to.

These solar pathway lights would be useful to those who just want the solar pathway lights for the visibility.

They are built with a strong plastic to ensure durability. Customers reported that they were sturdily built.

You can set it to shine all the time, shine brighter with motion, or only shine with motion.

The lights are advertised to be brighter than other solar pathway lights. The enjoyment of this product is based on what you want from your solar pathway light.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made with incredibly strong material
  • Shines brighter than other solar pathway lights
  • Can save power by only being motion sensor

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19. GIGALUMI Solar Lights Outdoor Color Changing Garden Led Light Landscape/Pathway Lights

Strobe solar pathway lights… does one need to hear more? Whoever thought of this idea is a genius.

At night, the strobe automatically show beautiful displays of green, red, blue and orange. Don’t forget this is all solar. You never have to change batteries or worry if the electrical cord is long enough.

The description says that it is also able to work underwater. I am just loving this idea more and more.

You can have an underwater dance party with this colorful display of light.

You can buy it in sets of one, two, or four. I love that it gives you options instead of making you buy more than you want or need.

Pros and Benefits:
  • Shines all different colors
  • Can work underwater
  • Gets its energy from the sun

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20. Lighten Glimmer Pack – 3 Lights For Garden – Underground Brick Lamp In Rock Shape

The textured glass has a light bulb in it. At night, it shines like the blue cube in Avengers, and let’s be honest who is not intrigued by a shining cube.

Pictures showed people putting them in their driveway and walkway. It makes their house look very futuristic.

You can get them in either cool white or color changing. The color changing come in yellow, red, and blue.

They are both same price.

It comes with a 90-day warranty. In the description, the company declared its willingness to help with any issues the customer might be having.

  • Has a different look than any other solar pathway light
  • Comes in different colors
  • Can be put in your driveway or pathway

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for solar pathway lights for the light or the beauty, you can definitely find one that fits your needs.

The list above was just to give an idea of a few choices that you can go with. It does not in any way act as a full listing of every solar pathway light you can get.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best solar pathway lights and their reviews for 2019. See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below!

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