13 Best Solar Uplights for Trees & Their Reviews [Updated 2022]

What’s a garden without illumination? Passionate gardeners are beginning to tap into the wealth of opportunity for creativity and design in garden lighting.

As a result, solar powered energy is becoming much cheaper and more accessible. Gone are the days of cables running from windows to twinkle some fragile fairy lights nailed to the back fence.

Now, you can project patterns and colors onto your walls and foliage, dig lights into the ground to illuminate pathways at night, or embed them into the walls of your house. Gardens have become exciting, lively places, inviting you to venture out of the house and enjoy them in the dark, as well as the daytime.


We’ve got to start with the brightest, and for under twenty dollars, you really can’t go wrong with this light from BOHON.

It comes with the ability to have the colors fade smoothly from one to the next, or you can set the light to stay on your favorite shade.

The battery can provide up to twelve hours of light when fully charged, meaning your garden will stay lit throughout the night, if you want it to.

The lights are easy to adjust and stay firm in the ground once you’ve dug them in (do that part properly and they’ll be safe), and you can adjust the solar charging panel as well as the light.

This means that no matter where you want the light in your garden, you should be able to harness the sun’s energy.

If you have a yard, then you won’t be able to put them on the floor, but that’s okay!

The lights come with an attachment to fix them to walls, too, so you can shine down onto smaller trees, hedges and plants.

BOHON has weatherproofed their product, and assure that you can leave them out in all weathers without fear of damage.

The panels and bulbs are of high quality for such a budget piece of equipment, and you definitely won’t regret the spend.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multi-colored party lights with changeable settings
  • Separately adjustable panel and light
  • Two attachment options


LITOM’s lights come with three more bulbs than the BOHON option, and not everyone wants their garden to remind them of a disco or a music festival.

LITOM’s pack of four lights are just over fifty dollars, which isn’t bad for the 12 high powered LEDs in each.

The lights are compact, and they come with two settings to choose from.

Low Light Mode will provide approximately twelve hours of power when fully charged, and High Light Mode reduces that by half, giving you around six hours of continuous use.

Like BOHON’s product, these lights are automatic, meaning they will automatically turn on when daylight gets low enough.

TOM is very proud of its waterproofing and claim to provide much more durable materials than many other companies on the market.

However, the lack of an adjustable panel may be off-putting for those who have little light in their gardens.

The lights are smart and stylish, and aren’t as bulky as some of the others available, which can end up taking more attention than the trees being lit!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Smart and sleek design
  • 12 high-powered LED bulbs
  • Option to choose between low and high light modes

3. Foho Solar Ground Lights

Foho Solar Ground Lights, [4 Pack] Upgraded 8LED Solar Path Lights Outdoor Waterproof Garden...

We’ve included Foho’s ground lights because not all gardeners have big trees that they want to illuminate, and these ground lights do an amazing job of illuminating shrubbery, hedges and bushes.

They turn on automatically when the light drops below a certain level, and with eight individual LEDs, they provide a lot of light for such small pieces of equipment.

The four lights are weatherproofed and have been adapted for usability, using external switches to manually turn on and off, rather than those awkward pin-hole buttons – why can you never find a pin when you need one?

Foho says that their lights take about seven hours to fully charge and that they will then last for up to ten hours, which is more than enough to keep the garden looking respectable for a barbecue or garden party.

Their flattened position against the ground makes them safe to use along your garden walkways and green areas, providing reducing the trip hazard far more than larger lights.

No-one wants to send gran tumbling into the flowerbeds at the family barbecue!

You might need more than one pack to illuminate a whole garden’s worth of shrubs, but that’s not too much of a problem for the wallet as the lights are very affordable as a pack of four.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good for smaller gardens
  • Flat to ground design reduces trip hazard
  • Bright output for small lights

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4. Nekepy Solar Powered Lights

Nekepy Solar Powered Lights - LED Outdoor Stake Spotlights Landscape Waterproof Lighting Adjustable...

Nekepy’s lights are a bargain at two for less than twenty dollars, and surprisingly for such a budget piece of equipment, they come with a 1-year warranty from the makers!

Nekepy assures buyers that the products are weatherproof and of hardwearing materials, and the design is attractive if a little basic.

The lights are automatic and do not require any attention – they will sense the light lowering and turn themselves on, and when the sun rises, they will return to energy storage mode.

They are adjustable and of a similar design to most outdoor solar lights, but they don’t come with an adjustable charging panel, and there aren’t any settings to choose from with regards to the lighting.

If you just want a simple light to simpy add some depth to your garden foliage at night, then these budget lights will be perfect.

If you want something more exciting and user-friendly, maybe think about spending a little bit more on some of the others mentioned in this list, which can come with optional extras such as different light settings, adjustability, and more durability.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Budget option for tight wallets
  • 1-year guarantee
  • 180-degree adjustable light

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FindYouLED offer one of the furthest reaching solar spotlights on the market at up to 130 Lumen per lighting fixture, and stretching to just under fifty feet of output.

This light comes with a separate solar panel which when fully charged will give light for up to nine hours, and you have the choice of mounting it in the ground or on the wall.

The shorter battery life is due to the increase in brightness, and these lights are ideal for larger areas, the long stakes providing sturdy fixture into the ground.

There are accessories to assist you in adjusting the light output, and the lights will turn on and off automatically, leaving little for you to do to maintain them.

The benefits of having a separate charger are mainly in that you can position the charger in the best place to catch the sun, without having to sacrifice the position of your lights or vice versa.

With two lights included for under thirty dollars, they are not a bad choice, and the materials have been durability tested for use throughout all of the seasons.

The charger panel is bulky, but because it is separate, it can be moved around according to what space you have available, giving you the freedom to keep it in the background whilst your beautifully lit trees take the attention.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Brightest offering on the market
  • Separate charging panel for optimum positioning
  • Option to fix into the ground or onto wall

6. HEX 50X Single Solar Spotlight

HEX 50X Single Solar Spotlight Warm White LED Waterproof Dimmable Dusk to Dawn for Outdoor Garden...

There aren’t many solar light providers who venture past the colors of black and grey, which is one of the reasons we included the HEX light in this list.

Not everyone wants black or grey!

The light itself is high quality, and is smaller than many designs on the market, making it less imposing on your area and the space around it.

With its walnut finish, it becomes less obtrusive on the eyes and adds a more classical touch to the garden, where silver can sometimes look too modern or even clinical.

HEX claim that it will provide you with up to eight hours of light on a full charge, and the cable linking the charging panel to the light is five meters long, giving you the ability to optimize positioning for the most sunlight.

If five meters isn’t long enough, HEX does also sell extension cables, which means you could even stretch the panel to your roof for maximum energy storage.

Aesthetically, the design is simple but familiar, and the squared edges of the lamp give it an almost 1970s feel.

If your garden is themed in design and you like to have matching gadgets and equipment, this lamp will offer far more interest than those of more familiar colors and shapes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Walnut finish
  • Smaller size
  • Separate charging panel for optimum positioning

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7. DBF Solar Lights

DBF Solar Lights Outdoor, Upgraded 18 LED Waterproof Solar Landscape Lights Adjustable Auto On/Off...

DBF’s lights are probably amongst the snazziest on the market with their science fiction appearance, and they’ll certainly light up your garden using their 18 LED bulbs.

These lights produce up to 600 Lumens, so they’re probably better for larger gardens, public parks and big events.

The light is warm and inviting, and fully charged can provide power for up to ten hours, meaning that so long as you keep them well maintained and charged, you shouldn’t ever need them and not be able to use them.

There are two brightness modes available to choose from, and you can attach them to the wall or dig them into the ground, with an approximate charging time of around seven hours.

Both the light itself and the charging panel are adjustable, allowing you to turn the panel to face the sun, harnessing as much of its energy as possible.

This also means you can re-focus the light without repositioning the whole thing, giving you the freedom to change your mind without energy-consuming consequences.

Best of all, they come with a twelve-month warranty for any issues related to the quality of the product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 1-year warranty
  • 18 LED bulbs
  • Attractive, futuristic design

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Maybe you want to light up your pond at night, as well as the trees around it?

SUNLONG’s solar powered pd lights come with three cabled lamps, allowing you to light the whole pond if you want, or you can just focus on one area.

With a separate charging panel, you can position to get the most from the sun in your garden, and the lights will last up to twelve hours if charged fully before use.

With six LED bulbs in each of the three lamps, the output is bright enough to illuminate your pond and the life in it, but not so bright that it dazzles you – or your fish!

The cables are long enough for you to have flexibility in the lamps’ locations even if you have a large pond, and the product comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied!

These lights are a superb addition to any well-presented pond, and are also a great security feature for children, adults and animals alike who miht not know exactly where your pond is.

The light picks up the greens of pond plant-life beautifully, so be sure to add to your water foliage if you purchase them, to really get the most out of your money.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can be used underwater
  • Separate charging panel for optimum positioning

9. CLY 60 LED Solar Light

CLY Solar Lights Outdoor Security Flood Light, 400 Lumen IP66 Waterproof 14 LED Spotlights with...

With a total of sixty individual LED bulbs, this is right up there with the brightest solar powered lights available on the market.

The charging panel is of a good enough quality to provide up to ten hours of continuous illumination if it has been charged fully, and the battery is replaceable, meaning that when the time comes you can replace it, rather than buy an entirely new light.

Everybody loves some sustainability, and it’s easy to forget about waste when you’re already being eco-friendly enough to use renewable energy sources!

The light can be placed on the ground as a landscaping light, but also comes with a wall bracket to allow it to be fixed to the wall.

The 120-degree beam angle is perfect for lighting up larger spaces, and would probably be too bright for a small personal garden – make sure you have an area large enough to utilize the extreme reach of this lamp’s beam.

Otherwise, a smaller, less powerful light might be a better choice.

Maintenance is low, you just need to keep the lamp area free of dust and detritus, and the whole thing is totally waterproof, so you can leae it in position all year long.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very bright light for illuminating large spaces
  • Automatic light sensor
  • Replaceable battery

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This light offers a fully adjustable and rotating charging panel, allowing you to position it according to where the sunlight falls in your garden.

This makes up for the fact that the panel is attached to the lights themselves, which can sometimes reduce your options in positioning.

When fully charged, lighting can last up to eleven hours and can shine for up to 26 feet.

You can leave the light out all year long, and the design offers the convenience of being able to light in two directions from the same source, giving you more space in the garden for plants, ornaments and of course trees.

Each lamp is equipped with six highpowered LED bulbs, and they can be rotated around 360 degrees.

Perfect to be situated in the corners of your garden, or between two larger trees, they will show the limits to your territory and guide your steps in the dark whilst displaying your proud foliage.

This lamp is more expensive than others with similar light outputs, however, the design makes up for this in being able to offer two directional lights from one piece of equipment.

You will need fewer lights to illuminate larger numbers of trees and other landscape features, saving your money for other important design features!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Two adjustable lamps on one piece of equipment
  • Reduces need for multiple lights
  • Long-lasting charge

11. Solar Light Mart Gun Metal Finish Mini 50X Solar Powered LED Spotlight

Mini 50X Twin Solar Spotlight (Cool White LED) Outdoor Waterproof Dimmable Dusk to Dawn for Garden...

This set of two lights from Solar Light Mart offer an improved stake design, which provides more surface area and gives a stronger hold once in the ground.

But you don’t have to put them on the ground – they also come with wall fixings and mechanical fasteners which create lighting effects according to your taste.

The separate charging panel provides that ability to position best for sunlight without impacting on where you want your garden to be lit, and the ten-meter cord is longer than some of the other options in this list.

Most importantly though, for these lights at least, are the three brightness settings – more than any other white light on this list.

The output time varies according to which brightness setting is chosen, ranging from five hours at maximum brightness to fifteen hours on its lowest setting.

This puts the Solar Light Mart twinset among the longest outputs on the market, too, and helps to explain the slightly higher price tag at just under forty dollars for the two.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Three different brightness settings
  • Stays charged for up to fifteen hours
  • Stronghold and option to fix to wall

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12. 6 Pack Green Lighting Eyera

GreenLighting 6 Pack Eyera Outdoor Solar LED Spotlight (Black)

Do you have a lot of trees to illuminate?

Green Lighting’s pack of six lights allow for the sustainable, renewable illumination of forest walkways, permaculture groves and hedge mazes.

The lights are all fully adjustable and are enough in quantity to be used to illuminate larger objects, such as buildings.

The automatic light sensor removes any responsibility on your part to turn the lights on and off, responding to lowering light levels in the evening, and to the sun rising in the morning.

At less than ten dollars per lamp in thismulti-pack offer, they are the most affordable on this list, but brightness and durability understandably suffer for this.

If you don’t need your lights to be super bright, but want lots of them to illuminate the different garden and building features, then Green Lighting’s product will satisfy your needs.

Whilst the lack of a separate charging panel will leave you limited to best positioning for sunlight, the lamps are also therefore far more portable, without having to find a place for the bulky charging panel, as well as the lamps themselves.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Six pack allows for lots of lighting opportunity
  • Affordable
  • Portable

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13. APONUO LED Solar Spotlights

APONUO Led Solar Spotlights 2W Solar Powered Landscape Lights Outdoor Spotlights Low Voltage IP65...

The separate charging panel and cord length are what set this twin pack of lights apart from their competitors – at over fourteen feet, the cables allow you to position your charger where there is most light in your garden, whilst leaving you the freedom to position the lamps where you wish.

The battery is of a higher quality than others on the market, and the lamps can provide full power lighting for up to nine hours when fully charged.

Each component, including the charging panel, is able to be fixed into the ground or onto a wall, further improving your positioning freedom.

The product comes with a one year warranty from APONUO, but is slightly more expensive than others in this list, at just over thirty-five dollars.

The lights do offer two brightness settings to choose from, and the three-bead LED lamps to provide a brighter, warmer light than many others available.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extra-long cables
  • Bright, warm light
  • Two brightness settings

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Final Thoughts

There’s a wealth of choices available online, depending on what is it you want.

Whether you have a forest to illuminate or a special solitary tree in your garden, these are the thirteen best options out there right now.

See one that’s not on the list and should be?

Let us know in the comments below.