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10 Best Solar Bedroom Bed Lights & Their Reviews [Updated 2022]

According to the latest research, people spend almost half of their life in their bedroom so solar bedroom bed lights are a wonderful and energy-efficient night light decoration.

Since lights are a vital part of a bedroom, they must be chosen wisely, i.e. they must make you feel good and they ought to be a sign of an environmentally-conscious living. Although there are hundreds of solar lights available on the market, deciding which one is best for you (and your planet, too) can be overwhelming.

We’re providing you with detailed information about the best choices available along with an honest and critical review of these picks. So firstly, let’s make a quick outline of all the factors that must be considered while buying lights for a bedroom.

1. Strings of Solar Icicle Lights

LED Solar Icicle String Lights,36Ft/11M 264 LEDs Waterproof Extendable Curtain Icicle Lights Plug in...

If you’re looking for some enchanting string lights, this product is undoubtedly for you.

The solar LED string lights, which are available in the form of icicle strings, are a perfect decorating item for your bedroom.

The standard 11M long string can be used as either curtain lights or bed crown lights, or any other way you find perfect for your place.

These solar lights are a must-have for people who want to give their bedroom a soft romantic look.

The warm white light emitted through 264 LEDs will provide the room with a perfect dreamy touch.

If you’re looking for something that can change the appearance of your bedroom on a limited budget, these lights would be an excellent choice.

These lights can be installed quite easily and can work on an auto mode, i.e. they’re automatically powered off during the daytime and light up in the darkness.

The icicle strings solar lights come with two switches and eight lighting modes through which you can control the working of the light.

Their brightness level, flashing and fading operations, and different styles can be regulated with remote control.

Pros & Benefits:

  • These LED Solar Light strings are waterproof and tolerate the humidity or moisture within the room’s atmosphere
  • They’re also tolerant of extreme weather conditions, so they can work well during rains, speedy winds, and high-temperature conditions
  • They have a built-in memory function, which means they can work on your desired mode without you resetting it over and over again
  • These string lights are solar-powered, and they work at a very low voltage, so they can be safely used within the bedroom (even where there are children)
  • The rechargeable solar panel will not affect your electricity bills in any way, but the auto on/off mode will give you ease that you’ll not need to worry about turning them off repeatedly
  • The lights get recharged in almost six hours, and they can efficiently work up to eight hours

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2. JMEXSUSS Solar-Powered Fairy String Lights

JMEXSUSS 2 Pack Blue Solar Fairy Lights Outdoor Waterproof, 33ft 100 LED Solar Fairy String Lights,...

Among the best bedroom solar lights are the ones manufactured by JMEXSUSS.

The packaging consists of two packs of single or multicolor string lights with 100 LED bulbs on each string.

The length of solar lights is approximately 32.8ft, which is quite useful for an average-sized bedroom.

This solar night light can be either directly used on the bed crown or can be hung on the walls.

Another way to use this item is to hang these strings along with the curtains of your bedroom windows.

There’re eight different modes on which you can set the fairy lights according to your desire.

They’re available in four different colors, i.e. blue, white, warm white, and multicolor strings.

You can easily find a perfect match or a lovely contrast according to the theme of your bedroom.

This type of solar night light is an excellent option for you if you love the captivating string lights.

The hassle-free usage and fairy-place-like luminosity of this solar night light will surely make you fall in love with it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • These solar lights don’t harm the environment
  • They’re straightforward to handle from installation and recharging aspect -the cordless control of the lights is incredible and it works quite well from a great distance
  • The solar night light can work on an auto mode, i.e. you don’t need to turn it off manually; it will turn off during the daytime and will brighten up come nightfall
  • They can be easily lit for up to 12 hours if charged ultimately
  • The insulation of the internal copper wire is of high quality and is extremely bendable, so, these fairy lights are quite safe and convenient to use for long hours without getting heated

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3. Ankway Solar String Lights Blue 200 LED Fairy Lights

Ankway Solar String Lights Blue 200 LED Solar Fairy Lights 3-Strand Copper Wire Light 8 Modes 72ft...

Ankway Solar String Lights is another excellent option for people who love bright fairy lights.

These single and/or multicolor fairy lights are available in three strings of copper wire that are around seventy-two feet in length.

These super bright romantic string lights create a truly mesmerizing ambiance.

Thus, installing these solar lights will surely change the mood of your room and give it a new and eye-catching luminance.

The solar night light can also operate in eight lighting modes.

The solar-powered night light is waterproof and weather-resistant, i.e. can survive high-speed winds, rains, and temperatures.

The strings are incredibly flexible.

So you can decorate your room by setting them the way you want, e.g. in combination with other ornamental items.

They’re also available in different colors, mainly blue, purple, warm white and white, and even multi-colored strings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • These string lights are waterproof and are made of highly flexible material, so, they can be bent into any desired shape
  • They’re available in three thin strands with two hundred LEDs and the length of the strings is also great, i.e. almost 72 feet
  • The solar night light can work on eight stunning modes starting from the steady-on to flashing, twinkling, and chasing waves
  • They can be installed without much hassle (which is surely a plus point)
  • This night light works well for up to eight hours
  • The quality of the remote control, as well as the brightness of LEDs, is super excellent
  • The solar panel works exceptionally well if properly charged in good intensity sunlight
  • The Ankway solar string lights come with a one-year warranty

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4. SONNENGLAS Solar-Powered Lantern

SONNENGLAS Classic 32oz | Original Award-Winning Solar Lantern|Indoor and Outdoor | With USB...

If you’ve ever fallen in love with the glowing glass lanterns of the fairy tales, then here is a solar night light that’ll perfectly suit your taste.

The SONNENGLAS LED solar lamp consists of a solid glass jar with a stainless steel lid that is equipped with a solar panel.

This Award-Winning gorgeous solar lantern is genuinely a spectacular item, not only from the sustainability perspective but also from an aesthetic point of view.

It’s a jar that is creatively carved and equipped with a solar battery.

You’ll surely like this solar lamp to be placed on your side table or would love to hang this remarkable ornamental feat somewhere within your bedroom.

The solar-charged lantern gives off light for a continuous twelve-hour time period and offers both convenience as well as splendor.

The creative magnetic flip control button adds more fun and magic to these solar lights.

It’s a waterproof solar night light, and it comes with an alternate USB charging mode.

For those who love dreamy, romantic, and magical environments, this night light is a must-have.

It will surely give your room a magical appearance.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The look of this solar lamp is fabulous and it seems to be a fairy tale lantern
  • The solar-powered lantern is best from the environmental conservation aspect
  • The battery is long-lasting
  • The glass jar is neither too heavy to lift, nor is it too delicate to get broken easily
  • The solar night light customizing control is fantastic – if you want to put any ornament within the jar and want that item to be visible and reflective, then you can simply customize the light to do so
  • It’s quite convenient and safe to use
  • There’s also a micro-USB port that works as an alternative charging option when the sun isn’t shining brightly which is also a great and useful feature of this enchanting lantern
  • The night light is not too bright – it’s quite soothing, romantic, and perfect for a bedroom

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5. CHBKT 4-Pack Solar-Powered Mason Jar Lights

CHBKT 4-Pack Solar-powered Mason Jar Lights (Mason Jar / Handle Included),20 Bulbs Jar Hanging...

Another great solar energy-based light is CHBKT 4-Pack mason jar lights.

This product is also for people who love fairy tale lanterns.

The stunning mason Jars consist of solar-powered warm white LEDs that are extremely attractive, long-lasting, and quite safe to use.

The five-inch mason jars are equipped with copper wire LED bulbs that get charged in almost five to eight hours’ time period and can give off light for eight to twelve hours.

They aren’t just designed as table lanterns.

The metal handles on the lid make it convenient to hang the jars within the bedrooms or even outdoors.

The jars are beautifully designed.

They give an appearance of fireflies glimmering that’ll surely turn your room into a magical place.

They can also be used according to your needs and desire.

You can either place these solar lights on the table or hang them on the wall to adore your room according to your taste.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They’re straightforward to handle, environment-friendly lights that work entirely on solar energy
  • The recharging procedure is also the simplest one- you only have to expose the mason jar to the sunlight for a definite period, and it’ll get recharged
  • The light jars are waterproof, so they can be safely kept and used even in a humid environment – plus, they’ll not get affected by the moisture at all, meaning, even the lids will not get rusted as they’re made of stainless steel
  • These jars are made of sturdy glass, so, they can be easily used in places where you cannot use fragile decorative items
  • The solar night light is not intense but are perfect bedroom bed lights

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6. The Brizled Colourful Lights

Brizled Multicolor Solar Christmas Lights, 2 Pack 39.37ft 120 LED Twinkling Solar String Lights, 8...

Acknowledging the fact that string lights can change the look of a place instantaneously, one more solar-powered bedroom light option is Brizled Multicolor Lights.

They come in a pack of two fairy string lights, which are almost thirty-three feet long.

These beautiful solar lights give the room altogether a new look.

Their vivid colors make the environment cozy and relaxing with a fresh glow.

They’re also very convenient to use and can get easily charged within the sunlight (thanks to the solar panel that doesn’t increase the bills).

The strings consist of a hundred low voltage LEDs that work at very low voltage and thus consume deficient power.

You can decorate your bedroom with this fairy solar night light according to your own needs and desire.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The Brizled multicolor solar lights are easy to handle, extremely safe, and superb from a recharging perspective
  • They also consist of eight different modes based on the different sequences of flashing and fading of LED bulbs, so, you can choose to play with them the way you want
  • The built-in memory system will remember your priority mode settings, so you won’t need to reset the lights repeatedly
  • The string lights have an auto on /off system that’ll make them turn off automatically during the daytime
  • They’re extremely flexible, thus, can be easily used to decorate the room or different items within the room without the wires being damaged or broke
  • They’re also waterproof and weather-resistant, so they can be used in moist humid, and windy environments or varying temperatures without getting affected

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Emptystar Wine Bottle Lights are also another great option among the solar-powered bedroom lights.

The set of ten solar battery-equipped wine bottles, Cork lights are available in a set of ten.

These fairy lights will adorn the room’s environment with a lovely glow.

The solar lights are available in beige, red, purple, blue, pink, green, white, and multicolor strings.

The cork is equipped with a dimmer to make the control more accessible.

This decorative solar light is an extremely idealistic item.

Its placement will certainly turn your room into a dreamy romantic place.

It’s an eco-friendly product.

This solar-powered light comes with a very durable cord that can resist the moisture and extreme temperatures of the surrounding environment for many years.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The strings are available in eight different enchanting colors
  • The corks are made of plastic material, while the strings are made of thin copper wires
  • The lights are insulated with a good quality insulating material, so they’re safe to use
  • They’re straightforward to handle
  • They’re quite safe to use (as the lights don’t get heated, they can be safely used in the presence of kids)
  • The strings and the corks are waterproof, so they can tolerate the moisture and humidity of the environment
  • They run on a very low voltage
  • These lights can be operated with a simple on/off control button

8. Aniai Solar-Power-Driven Wine Bottle Cork Lights

Aniai 6 Pack Solar Powered Wine Bottle Lights with Cork, 20 LED Bottle Cork String Lights Fairy Mini...

Aniai offers six-pack solar-energy-based wine bottle cork lights.

This night light is incredibly spellbinding, so it will be a perfect selection for creating the dreamy romantic ambiance in the bedroom.

If you’re renovating your room and want to make it look lovely, romantic, and fantasy-like, then you must go for this option.

The installation and handling of these cork lights are quite simple.

The best thing about these corks is that they’re of universal size, i.e. they can easily fit on the usual bottles.

So you can use them with the already available empty bottles… which would be an environment-friendly decision on your behalf.

The cork lights are available in seven different colors, i.e. red, warm white, white, pink, blue, green, and multicolor strings.

They’re very flexible and durable.

So can be used by merely twisting and bending into any desired shape.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The pack contains six cork light strings of the desired color
  • Each string is of 100% best quality, ie there’re twenty LED bulbs on each string, and the length of each string is almost 2M
  • Reduce the ecological footprint
  • Environmentally friendly solar night light
  • The recharging time is almost six hours, while the light can stay brightly active till eight hours
  • The LED bulbs are of the best quality
  • These wine bottle cork lights are operated at a very low voltage, so they’re quite safe to use – they don’t heat up at all

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9. Solarmks 100 LEDs String Lights

SOLARMKS Solar String Lights, 2 Pack 100 LED Solar Fairy Lights Waterproof Outdoor String Lights...

These are two-pack solar-charged Fairy Lights that can be used to embellish your bedroom.

Like many of the above-mentioned options, they’re also resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The waterproof LED strings are internally made of thin copper wires.

These extremely flexible lights can be used efficiently for DIY designs.

You can decorate your walls, photo frames, curtains, bed crowns, or any other surfaces with the help of these single or multicolor lights.

They’re available in blue, cool white, and multicolor strings.

So you can pick the color of your choice according to the theme of your bedroom.

Each string is nearly thirty-three feet long and holds 100 LEDs.

There are different modes by which you can make these lights operate as per your desire.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They’re convenient to handle and very easy to install
  • No additional equipment or devices are required to make them function
  • The solar panel, as well as the string, are waterproof, so, they can be fearlessly used in the rain
  • Like many of the above-mentioned lights, they also come with an auto on/off set up, so, you don’t need to turn them off in the daytime
  • They’re quite cost-efficient
  • There’re eight different modes based on steady, flashing, and flickering of LED bulbs
  • They can stay lighted up for almost twelve to fourteen hours if properly charged during the daytime
  • The life span of the LED string lights is almost six years

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10. SOLARMKS 150 LED Fairy Lights

SOLARMKS Solar String Lights, 200 LED Fairy Lights 8 Mode Flexible Multi-Colored Copper Wire Lights,...

Another amazing product of SOLARMKS is the Solar String Lights with 150 LEDs.

These strings are also solar-powered and multimode, i.e. they work on eight different modes consisting of flashing, chasing waves of LEDs.

The strings consist of thin copper wire with good quality insulation.

Thus they’re also extremely flexible and can, in turn, be used for DIY decorative concepts according to your need and desire.

These solar lights give a charming and magical look to the bedroom, making it a place to relax.

They’re also available in three different colors, i.e. blue, warm white, and multicolor.

So you can go for your desired color among the available options.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They can be installed very easily without any tools
  • The fifty feet length of the fairy string light is quite perfect for a larger bedroom
  • Solar night lights are eco-friendly, i.e. work on solar power and produce no pollutants
  • They’re efficient from a cost and energy perspective
  • The string lights come with a two-button based simple control
  • The battery can work for eight to twelve hours if set in a steady mode – while on the flash mode, the lights can remain charged for up to fourteen hours
  • These are waterproof string lights that have an average life span of six years if used efficiently

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Final Thoughts

We expect this list of best solar bedroom lights will help you make good choices while decorating your room.

All of the above-mentioned solar lights have excellent features.

So, having several great options in hand, we hope you embellish your dream place with the best solar powered lights.

In case you’re thinking about decorating your gardens, patios, porches, or buying holiday decorations, check out our selection of the best solar rope lights.