🏅 10 Best Solar Powered Air Pumps & Their Reviews [Updated 2020]

solar powered air pumpYou finally got it, a garden pond, or a fish tank, be it on your front yard as your piece de resistance for everyone to see.

Or in your backyard or room as your little temple, the place where only your mind should exist to be in peace.

Be it for healing purposes or to make a statement of good taste, having a garden pond is an exercise in good management, thoughtfulness and wisdom.

As time passes by, some things becomes apparent in its management, the water becomes smelly, mosquitoes gather around, and if it’s populated with some fish, the poor little creatures seem to be trying to breath around the surface.

One of the factors that promote the murkiness is lack of oxygen in the water.

As many experienced pond and tank owners can tell, you need to add more oxygen to the water, here’s where this nice solar air pumps can help.

Fish such as Goldfish, Shubunkin and Rosettes love oxygenated water, also as it enhances the quality of the water it tends to attract other nice species to have around like newts, frogs and dragonflies.

On the contrary it repels pest such as mosquitoes in a natural manner, this is caused by the fact that mosquitoes are unable to lay eggs when water is in constant motion.

Being solar powered helps you to keep the water feature as natural and Eco friendly as possible and also can help you save a few bucks in every bill.

These reviews will help you, and your beloved critters, to improve the appearance of the feature, reduce maintenance and keep that water feature as a masterpiece in your home.

With that said, let’s get started with the 10 best solar powered air pumps and their reviews for 2020.

1. Solar-Powered Water Oxygen Pump Pond

This product is for those who need a small and discrete air pump for their tank or pond, at 26 GPH it is ideal to use it for smaller places like small pond features or fish tanks.

Being small and with a decent amount of horsepower it’s also useful as a complement of a larger system that requires a bit of extra oxygen.

Koi fish, as you’ll get to know if you own a few of them, love oxygen, this is also true for many of the varieties of popular fish used for garden ponds. It helps them keep their scales in mint condition, free them from being covered in disgusting algae slime.

This pump includes a long cable with a solar panel that makes it easy to place it in optimal position, be it next to a window, in the garden where most light come through, or directly on a roof.

The pump is easy to accommodate, just leave it outside the reach of harsh weather or direct sunlight and everything will work fine. Some customers have covered it with a plastic bag since it size is quite small, this allows for it to be well protected if you’re a little short on space.

It has has two modes of operation included in it, the first one is continuous airflow release, the second is comes as an eight second release and then stops for two seconds, just push the button once, without keeping it pressed and it will switch between modes.

This air pump comes with a lithium battery so it can run for a few hours without the solar panel being active or even disconnected. It can also be charged through the USB cable that’s included within the box, making it a really handy device.

An air stone is included with it along with a no return valve, each of which is easily replaceable in case you need to extend the hose or miss one of those parts while maintaining the water features.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Small
  •  Ideal for complementing bigger systems.
  •  Comes with a battery.
  •  Easy to disassemble.
  •  Two different modes of operation.
  •  Can be charged through USB.
  •  Easy to install.

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2. Sunnytech Pond Oxygenator For Aquarium Fish Tank – Sea Fishing

This product is for those who want a portable and reliable solution for their fish ponds or water features, also for those who like going on camping and fishing trips and dislike the hassle of carrying cables around with nowhere to plug them in.

It comes as panel and pump all in one package, it’s compact and easy to locate around the house, or even take it for your fishing trips and give some oxygen to the catch allowing it to stay fresh for longer periods of time.

Even if you’re one who goes camping or on vacation for a weekend you can rely on the tested durability and endurance of the unit.

The panel is adjustable for you to get the most out of those sunlight hours, this also help it become as compact as possible to carry it around.

Comes assembled in 3 pieces no cables required, making it ideal for set it and forget it approach.

Works on 2200 mAh rechargeable batteries allowing it to stay running for up to 40-50 hours once the batteries are at maximum capacity.

Horsepower comes at 21 GPH, so it is ideal for small installations or as a complement of larger systems.

The pump include a hose and an air stone to feed oxygen to the feature.

It has one mode of operation making a simple solution to murky water.

This little fellow has been praised among customers as being a portable workhorse, lasting for up to 2 years.

Also this unit flaunts itself as one that endure quite dark and difficult conditions with people reporting proper function with 2 or 3 days of low sunlight without the need to recharge batteries.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Small
  •  Portable
  •  Long battery life
  •  Replaceable battery
  •  Rechargeable
  •  Wire-free

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3. Air Pump Solar Kit Solar Powered for Fish Tank Oxygenator Aerator Pump by Sunsbell

This product is for those who liked number two approach to product design but were put off by the hassle of managing the batteries of the pump.

It comes with a 2200 mAh lithium battery that powers it for as long as 20 hours without need for sunlight.

Can be charged through a USB to micro USB cable in order to have it running all day long.

Has a compact size and adjustable solar panel up to 90 degrees so you can choose the optimal position for it to work.

Horsepower comes at 11 GPH which makes it perfect for small installations or to complement systems in medium size water features.

Comes with current protection from constant charging and over charge so it is safe to use.

This allows you to keep it plugged when you feel the sunlight is not really great and worry about it stopping it’s function.

Two air stones are include with a y fitting and tubing in order to increase the flexibility of the setup.

This is a great benefit since most pond or fish tank require oxygenation in multiple point of its depth, in order to provide with more movement and efficiency.

It includes a 12 month warranty on the pump.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Compact.
  •  Twenty hour battery life.
  •  Lithium rechargeable battery.
  •  Electrical protection.
  •  Charges with standard USB cable
  •  Adjustable solar panel.
  •  Comes with 2 stones and Y adapter.
  •  Twelve month warranty.

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4. Solar Powered Air Pump Kit by AEO – 3LPM Air Pump & 2.5W Solar Panel

This product is for those who need a simple no nonsense solution to oxygenating their ponds or tanks.

It comes with DC cable in order to work at night time or in poor light conditions.

The panel included with the pump has 2.5 watt of power, but there’s also customers reporting it can be replaced for a 15w to 25w one which allows it to work in darker conditions.

This exposes one nice extra that the manufacturer left for the consumers to discover. You can modify the system to accommodate it to you specific needs, as long as it is within the power limits of the pump.

Includes two air stones to accommodate the need for flexibility in your water feature. Enhancing the efficiency of oxygen absorption, remember it is better to

It boasts long life span with customers reporting about 3 to 4 years of lifespan.

As many other air pumps in this list, the bubbles generated by the air stones can help dissipate mosquito populations for they can’t lay egg in moving water.

Pros & Benefits
  •  Small.
  •  Long lasting.
  •  Has DC input.
  •  You can change the solar panel if you need to.
  •  Comes with two air stones.

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5. Beckett Corporation Air Pump Solar Kit

This product is for those who need a simple and small workhorse to aerate their water features.

Is a small compact workhorse that has been reported to work for 2 years under bad weather conditions, with proper protection of course.

Comes with 1.5 watt solar panel and a power chord around ten feet in length that makes its placement in the house or garden a breeze.

Don’t let the wattage of the solar panel stop you, customers claim that under good light conditions, this little device works as a charm, even keeping oxygen needy fish as goldfish under control.

It has been touted as good aerator in hydroponics, used as an aerator for the troughs that feed the plants, showing how adaptable these devices are.

The panel is small and easy to manage, including a base with stake an hinge design, allowing you to find that great angle at which sun will give the pump the most power.

Includes one air stone and a 6.5 foot air hose to help promote water movement and efficient dissolution of oxygen in the liquid.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Compact size.
  •  Long lasting.
  •  Solar panel is replaceable.
  •  Has power chord.

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6. Solariver Water Pump Kit – 400+GPH Submersible Pump – 20 Watt Solar Panel

This product is for those who are looking to aerate their ponds in a more natural way.

Instead of working as all the other pumps in this list by introducing air to the water, the Solariver Water pump stimulates the movement of water and the dissolution of oxygen that comes from the air nearby.

This comes as more natural approach to oxygenating water, be aware that it is also a bit less efficient, but the pump makes it up with its amazing 400 GPH of power.

Comes equipped with a 20 watt solar panel that is easy to install, just connect the two chords and voilĂ .

The motor in the pump is magnetic and as such can live for as long as two and a half years of continuous operation.

This is made clearer as it offers 1 year warranty along the purchase.

You can extend this system with batteries if you so choose, with customers reporting to make it work alongside battery banks that provide 12 V in order to achieve 24 hour operation.

The installation of this pump is quite simple, just place it at the bottom of your garden pond, in the place where it moves as much water as desired.

It comes with many fitting to allow for different fountain effects of the water being moved, and oxygenated.

Enjoy the beauty of the the effects, from a tiny hill of water that looks like sprouting from fresh spring to long and tall water arcs that give the appearance of a festive fountain.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Powerful.
  •  Long lasting.
  •  Easy to install.
  •  Stays out of sight.
  •  Amusing.
  •  Extendable.

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7. Sunnydaze Solar Pond Oxygenator Plus Air Pump Outdoor with Battery Pack, 52 GPH

This product is for those who need a reliable oxygenator working for their medium sized water features.

Got big fish? Some Koi colony chasing your hand around? Or maybe you have a few monster goldfish? Everybody gets amazed at how big those get, “but mine is just a marble in that bubble tank”.

Well this looks like the pump made for you, don’t let your little splashers gasping at the surface.

The pump has 52 GPH of power to eliminate the mushy smell and to reinvigorate the scale of the fish that live there.

Alongside the pump comes a 10 foot power cable that allows you to place it near your water feature.

It sports two modes of operation, one for when there’s sunlight and it feeds itself from the battery.

The second mode is a night from which it feeds from the battery. Just press the button until the indicator light turns red and it will enter night mode operation.

Bundled with two six and a half inches air hoses and correspondent air stone to allow for maximum dissolution of oxygen.

It also includes a one year warranty along with the purchase.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Powerful.
  •  Battery operation.
  •  Two air stones.
  •  Easy to setup.
  •  Long power cable.

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8. Portable Solar Power Panel Bank Charger Oxygenator Aerator Pump by RivenAn

This product is for those who need an ultra-compact solution for aerating your garden pond.

Due to its small size, it’s perfect for providing oxygen to small venues or complementing a much bigger ponds.

The pump is charged via USB cable, making the process hassle free.

Another advantage this one holds is the low noise produced by its motor, so if you enjoy from the silence at garden temple, this one could be the one for you.

Pump and solar panel are integrated into the same chassis, making it one of the most compact units in this list.

Included with the pump comes a Y splitter and two air stone to maximize efficiency.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Ultra compact.
  •  Lithium battery.
  •  Simple recharge process.
  •  Low noise.
  •  Two air stones included.

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9. Solar Power Charging Fish Tank Air Pump With Air Stones

This product is for those who have a small garden pond or a decent sized fish tank.

The pump come with solar panel in one piece to be as compact as possible along with a hinge that allows it to catch the sunlight head on.

This allows for the two air stones included to aerate the water in a proper manner.

All powered by a 3.7V 2200 mAh lithium ion battery that is charged by simply connecting it with a USB cable.

It possesses circuit protection in its insides to avoid any malfunction from overcharge, it also posses a handy function of discharge alert which helps us keep the battery above a minimum level to avoid intermittent operation.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Compact.
  •  Solar panel can be orientated.
  •  Battery operation.
  •  Can be charged using a USB cable.
  •  Includes two air stones

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10. POND BOSS DAIRSOL40 Solar Floating Aerator

This product is for those looking for an unconventional but effective way to keep their garden ponds fresh and healthy.

It’s kind of an oddball isn’t it? This air pump belongs to a type of aerator called floaters, and float they do, you put them on water and the pump will make it move alongside the water while oxygenating it.

This unit has a 40 GPH motor within paired up with a solar panel that covers all of the top surface of the device.

The motor powers up an air stone connected through a 20 inch that reaches well under the surface of the water, this assuring that water will be mixed bottom up, removing much more debris than the standard approach.

What are the benefits? Good question, as the pump floats, it moves along the pond oxygenating and moving different parts of the feature, this makes the oxygen absorption by the water a lot more efficient.

Manufacturer claims it is best suited for garden ponds with up to 200 gallons of volume.

What’s the trade off on this design? Since it keeps moving and needs to float, it doesn’t have a battery that allows it to keep working when there’s no sun.

It can also startle the fish a bit so it’s best suited as the complement of a bigger system, or for ponds that weren’t intended to have fish

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Easy to setup
  •  No energy consumption.
  •  Efficient.
  •  Enhances the water quality in uniform manner.

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11. Solar Pond Aerator / Oxygenator – 2 Stone

This product is for those who need a modular approach to the aerating of their water feature.

Rated by the manufacturer to handle venues up to 792 gallons of water, this device comes as a kit to be assembled.

It comes with a pump with 48 GPH of horsepower, two air stones accompanied with their corresponding hoses to increase the area of water under the effect of the pump.

A ten feet long cable to connect to the solar panel helps deliver the power the unit needs.

As some of the other units reviewed, the solar panel comes with a stake and hinge base to give it support. Some customers have noted that the pump only works as long as the panel is under direct sunlight.

This should mark little concern given that by the modular nature of the kit, it should be possible to acquire a more effective solar panel if your installation needs differ from the ones tries to fulfill.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Modular.
  •  Comes with two air stones.
  •  Adaptable.
  •  Air hoses come with weights to keep them submerged.

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Final thoughts

Think about it for a minute, the creation of the garden pond was not a trivial matter, you needed a lot of hard work to reach it’s initial phase, just remember about the shovel in the shed.

The wheelbarrow still whimpers in the distance at the memory of the loads of soil that had to be moved around on that day, all that compacting, level checking, the mesh and liner installation.

Not to mention the tetris game you had to go through to accommodate each and every stone along the liner.

Fill it with water and maybe with critters, check on the state of the pump and possible artificial waterfall you got alongside it, wait for the chlorine to disappear if your hose uses tap water.

And if you ask the experts, one of the big steps to keeping it just as you dreamed it, is to keep the water moving and well-oxygenated with a great air pump, it will make maintenance so much easier and these ones will even cut on you power bill.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the 10 best solar powered air pumps and their reviews for 2020.

If you see one that’s not on the list and should be, let us know in the comments below.

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