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10 Best Solar Powered LED Wall Lights & Their Reviews [Updated 2021]

Solar-powered LED wall lights! They’re as revolutionary as they sound.

Here at Solar Power Nerd, we took some time to compel a list of the top 10 best solar-powered LED wall lights currently available on the market. Most of these outdoor wall-lights are waterproof, very easy to install and have motion sensors that make them the ultimate solution to brighten up your yard, garden, driveway, porch, or patio throughout the night.

Stop wasting money on batteries today. Check out our top picks and find the best solar-powered light for you.

1. LITOM 12 Lights (4 Packs)

LITOM 12 LEDs Classic Solar IP67 Waterproof Outdoor Security Wall Lighting 2 Modes Wireless...

LITOM comes in a 4 Pack and currently retails at a reasonable price of $55.99.

Their average star reviewing is an outstanding 4.5 out of 5.

This LITOM light has a warm white color that saves energy and makes it comfortable to the eyes.

Not only this light is effortless to install, but it also has a very intuitive interface that makes all customizations easy and accessible.

During the daytime, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and re-charges the internal batteries.

When the brightness of the surrounding environment is low enough to require illumination, LITOM light automatically switches from energy storage mode to lighting mode without the need for manual labor or motion detection.

To change mode through the set-up options, press the button one time to switch to “low light mode” and two times to “high light mode.”

The technology for LITOM is cutting-edge, to say the least.

Its photoelectric conversion allows for efficiency to have a high-impact on ABS plastics and high performance on monocrystalline silicon.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Energy-saving and high efficiency
  • Easy to install and intuitive usage
  • IP67 waterproof system

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2. URPOWER Lights (2 Pack)

URPOWER Solar Lights 2-in-1 Solar Powered 4 LED Adjustable Spotlight Wall Light Landscape Light...

With an astonishing number of 9000+ reviews on Amazon, as well as the “Amazon Choice” badge, URPOWER becomes one of the candidates on our list, and the price is as affordable as less than 30 dollars for a pack of 2.

We love URPOWER professional-looking aesthetics, and even on rainy days, it’s still able to throw a beautiful warm white color.

Without being too glaring or too bright, its brightness level is just right, and its solar panel is large enough to charge quickly and efficiently throughout the day.

URPOWER strives at maintaining the latest technology to provide for a beautiful and high-tech landscaping light that retracts and absorbs the most amount of energy during the day.

On the other hand, when the sun sets, the light retracts, giving you brightness along the pathway, driveway, deck, or dock.

These lights are completely wireless, powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is solar-powered, which lights via 4 LEDs, and they’re completely weather-resistant.

Their lights include installation hardware, their waterproof resistance level is IP64 (which is considered way above the average), and they only have a charging time of about 4-5 hours with a battery.

Ultimately, their voltage and battery capacity are as powerful as 3.7V 2200mAh, and each light has dimensions of 29*9.5*34 cm.

The easiness of installing these lights is rampant.

No wiring is required.

You simply affix it or install it in the desired spot and enjoy it.

You can completely adjust it to cover 270-degree by pressing UP, 18-degree pressing DOWN, or 90-degree by pressing the light head.

URPOWER is winter and weather-resistant, which means that you can leave it out all year long without having to worry about them.

Every packaging content includes 2x solar in-ground lights, 2x spikes, 2x manuals, and 6x screws.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Smart, automated switch
  • 2 in 1 function

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3. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Lights (400LM 4 Pack)

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED Wireless Waterproof Security Solar Motion...

BAXIA Technology BX-SL-101 has been an efficient and reliable light provider in the market for years.

They boast of having over 3000 reviews on Amazon, which means that they have a lot to show for.

The set of lights they’re offering is a four-pack and sells for the compelling price of $29.99, which makes them one of the best value for money on our list.

BAXIA charges throughout sunlight and daytime for then working throughout darkness and night time, specifically when motions are detected.

BAXIA BX-SL-101 light is designed without DIM MODE.

This is done to extend the work-time and life-span of the battery.

Not having DIM MODE allows for BAXIA light to last as much as three day’s charge by only charging for a day.

The motion lights turn on automatically when detecting an angle of 120-degree and a distance of less than 10ft.

While on OFF mode, the lights turn off automatically after 30 seconds without any motion being detected.

The solar panel is 0.55W with a Li-ion battery that is 3.7V for 1,200 mAh, the LED power for this light is 0.2W, 400LM.

It has a motion angle of 120-degree and a distance of 10ft, weighs 6.77 ounces, and measures 5.1*4.3*2.7 inches.

Every packaging content includes 4x BAXIA solar lights, 8x expansion pillar-hinges, 8x installing screws, 2x key pins, and one manual.

Pros & Benefits:

  • PIR sensors and doesn’t have the dim mode
  • High efficiency and eco-friendly
  • 180 days guarantee period
  • Extremely resistant and sturdy

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4. LITOM Wide Light

LITOM 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor, 3 Optional Modes Wireless Motion Sensor Light with 270° Wide...

Once again, we have another LITOM product that made it to our top 10 list.

This time with a completely different design that covers as much as a 270-degree view.

The product has an astonishing 10,000+ reviews, which makes it the most reviewed product on our list with an average of 4.5/5 and comes on a 1, 2, or 4 pack for the modest price of about $15 each.

As the leader of the solar light industry, LITOM focuses on constantly innovating their designs and technologies to provide for the most energy-saving solar lights to the world.

The goal is to get rid of useless and daunting electricity fees.

This solar-powered LED light is as good as it gets, with a lifespan of over 30,000 hours, made of premium ABS & PP material, an impressive waterproof IP 65 system to ensure that the light works properly despite rain, snow or heat, and excellent workmanship, and a high-efficiency solar panel (which charges 25% faster than other regular solar lights), LITOM really makes it as one of the most resistant and best competitors on the market.

By using LITOM exclusive wide-angle design, the illumination range can be improved to up to 270 degrees, and it’s completely customizable.

LITOM is equipped with the enhanced PIR motion sensor, their motion sensor light can detect any movement up to 26ft (or 8m) at a 120-degree detection angle, which makes it perfect for your front door, yard, garage, fence, path, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 30,000+ hours lifespan
  • Can withstand snow
  • 270-degree illumination range
  • Enhanced PIR motion sensor

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5. iTHIRD Light

Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor, iThird LED Solar Powered Outdoor Lights Stainless Steel for Yard...

Currently being sold at the price of $23.99 each, is one of the solar-powered lights that reach the highest possible quality, not only is it one of the most powerful, but it’s also one of the most durable thanks to its stainless steel cover.

The waterproof rank for iTHIRD is IP44, so you don’t have to worry about heavy rains, ice, and snows, so you can leave it outside all year long.

The unit is shipped with the OFF setting mode.

Once it arrives, charge the unit by letting it sit in bright sunlight for a few hours.

Then, take it to a dark room, and please note that the mode button will only function when the unit is in darkness!

When the green indicator light on Dim light & motion sensor mode: fade it into darkness, the light will light up with dim light, and while the motion sensor is triggered, it will turn to bright light (250LM).

Overall, It can be lightened up for about 120 times when it’s fully charged.

When the blue indicator light on Motion sensor mode: fade it into the darkness, and while the motion sensor is triggered (same as the green indicator), it will turn to super bright motion sensor solar lights.

When the red indicator light shows the mode: Fade it into the darkness, the light will light up with an intense light (80LM) for the first 5 hours, followed by dim light (40LM) for the next 5 hours thanks to the super bright motion sensor solar lights.

Compared to other similar sensor ball headlights, the sensor square head of iTHIRD solar outdoor light gets bigger and more powerful to it become more sensitive and has a longer sensor length up to 16.4 feet 120-degree angles.

The product material is a mixture of stainless steel and ABS, the battery is a lithium battery with 2,200 mAh and 3.7V, and the LED power is capped at 3.5W while offering a waterproof system rate of IP44 and lumens 330LMs.

Every packaging content includes 1x iTHIRD light, 2x screws, 2x pins, and one user manual.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Warning and guarantee
  • Energy-saving and long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stainless steel and durable
  • Waterproof and dustproof

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6. TOPMANTE 30 Lights (2 Pack)

Topmante Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor, Super Bright LED Lamp IP65 Waterproof 360° Adjustable...

TOPMANTE 30 is a new Amazon arrival that made it big! If you wonder why, just take a look at the design and how much customers are happy with this product by going through some of the early reviews.

Currently, they’re selling 1 or 2 pack for about $20 each.

Charges during the day and shines throughout the night – the solar light stays off while absorbing sunlight to charge its high capacity (2000 mA) battery during the day.

And when night comes, the light turns on automatically and stays at low-consumption dim mode until movement or motions are detected.

The flexible light heads on both sides can be rotated freely in any direction you want.

The solar panel is also rotatable to increase solar conversion.

It’s specifically designed for outdoor use.

The body of TOPMANTE solar wall light is made of premium ABS, with strong durability under all weather, including rain, storm, snow, and frost.

The built-in PIR sensor detects movements up to 10 ft and 120-degree.

When an object is within range, the light turns on to maximum brightness for 30 s, then return to dim mode to save energy.

It’s made to be the perfect lighting for your backyard, garage, and doorway.

The silent and straightforward solution to guard and secure your home from dusk till dawn.

This solar outdoor light can be easily mounted on walls with screws; no need to be bothered by messy wires.

And don’t forget to turn the light by inserting the pin to the hidden switch right above the PIR sensor (Screws, pins, and instructions are included in the packaging).

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great and ergonomic design
  • Invisible Pinhole Switch & 360° Rotatable Spotlights
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 12 months

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7. LUPOSWITEN 100 Lights (4 Pack)

Luposwiten Solar Lights Outdoor, 100 LED Waterproof Solar Powered Motion Sensor Security Light,...

Back at you with another “amazon’s choice” badge achiever, LUPOSWITEN offers a 2 and 4 pack for the price of about $15 each.

LUPOSWITEN is a world-leading solar motion light brand and is considered the leader of the solar outdoor light industry, LUPOSWITEN focuses on the innovation of design and technology to provide the best outdoor lighting experience to customers from all over the world.

They boasted of having sold over 5,000,000 outdoor motion sensor solar lights and had been favorably reviewed by more than 40,000 customers.

Upgrade super bright 100 LED light for your nightLife LUPOSWITEN advance 100 LED beads provide higher illumination for up to 2000lumens.

With its rechargeable 2600 mAh, high battery capacity is supporting longer working times.

Don’t be afraid of the dark anymore as you can enjoy one of the most comfortable nights of your life.

With the sensitive sensor ball head, this wireless solar motion sensor lights can detect motion up to 10-16 feet away at a 125-degree angle.

The working model for this light will automatically turn off after lighting on around 30 seconds upon motion detection.

By using LUPOSWITEN LED solar light, the illumination range can be improved up to 270-degree.

It means that the lighting will cover the whole area of your garage, making sure that your car is safely protected in the garage.

High power LEDs, which are much brighter than average 90 LED, can provide up to 2000 Lumens, together with a reliable lithium battery that is only recently being upgraded to 100 LEDs.

The solar panel capacity is capped at 4.8W, and batteries have a capability of 2,600 mAh with 3.7V.

The LED brightness is an astonishing 2,000 Lumens with 100 LEDs, while the motion sensor has 125-degree at a 13-26ft customizable distance.

The charge time is about 8-12 hours under direct sunlight, and the product size is 10.3*5.2*2.7 inches.

Luposwiten led solar sensor light delivers white led light with a brightness of 2000 lumens, creating the natural look of incandescent light in a solar lamp setting.

Designed with No dim mode, the light duration will increase.

In the summer, it’s very comfortable to stay in the garden.

Just enjoy the quiet night under the lighting of LUPOSWITEN 270 degree wide-angle motion sensor solar lights.

IP65 waterproof to ensure the security light works properly, no matter rain, snow, or heat.

Excellent workmanship and high-quality material keep your house light up every night.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Super bright with 100 LEDs
  • Motion sensor working mode
  • Easy to install and intuitive

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8. WARMTASTE 100 Lights (2 Pack)

Solar Lights Outdoor, Solar Powered Motion Sensor Lights 100 LEDs Outdoor Waterproof Wall Light...

WARMTASTE is another great option for anyone interested in Solar-powered LED lights.

They offer 1, 2, or a 4 pack for an average of about $16 each.

The light has its solar panel perched on top of the light fixture, which faces directly up to the sun for maximum solar energy intake.

And the conversion rate of solar energy has been improved to reach up to 13%-14%.

Their units are made of high-impact ABS, which can withstand snow, rain, and other extreme weather conditions, waterproof and heatproof, solar-powered lights, which means that they’re suitable for all types of weather.

Solar lights outdoor equipped with 100 super bright LED beads, Large area solar panels, Powerful sensor ball head offers keen motion sensitivity up to 9-17 feet and 120 degrees sensor angle, Switch wrapped with a layer of waterproof plastic.

It’s used in the place where the light is required, such as path, garage, and backyard, etc.

Within those areas, you can place the light in the place where can be easily illuminated by the sunlight.

Why do we recommend it, and why should you choose their solar motion sensor lights? They pursue high quality and user-friendly design for their solar lights.

These solar-powered lights are charging throughout the day under the sun, to work during darkness and night whenever motions are correctly detected.

Whenever movements are not detected, the light will automatically turn off after the 30s without continuous movements have passed.

Also, their sensitive & wide range sensor is extremely reliable—and it’s covering a distance of 10ft that can detect angles of up to 120-degree, integrated design of PIR motion sensor and night sensor, which provides wider illumination range and longer sensor length.

Fast Charging & Long Working Hours—over 10-hour working time after charged entirely under direct sunlight.

Higher Photovoltaic Efficiency—5% higher than that of the poly-silicone panel.

WARMTASTE also offers a fantastic 100% satisfaction and money-back guaranteed: They take full responsibility for their product and customer dissatisfaction.

If you’re not satisfied with their light, just return it to Amazon within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

No questions will be asked.

The content of every packaging includes 2x WARMTASTE lights, 4x plastic anchors, 4x screws, and one user manual.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Three different modes are available
  • New polysilicon technology
  • Super bright 100 LEDs
  • 270-degree coverage
  • 6-month warranty and 24/7 friendly customer service

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9. VOSONX 40 Lights (2 Pack)

VOSONX Solar Lights Outdoor - Wireless Light Sensor & Motion Sensor Light, 40 LEDs Solar Powered LED...

With a whopping 5/5 stars, VOSONX is the highest rated product on our list with the highest customer satisfaction!

They have an incredible cutting-edge design with a substantial differentiation in both aesthetics and colors.

Currently, you can buy a 2 pack for $32.95, or a 4 pack for the affordable price of $49.95.

VOSONX has a built-in sensitive PIR motion sensor detector.

The motion detected range could reach as much as up to 26 FT with a 120-degree motion detected angle.

As soon as the motion is detected, VOSONX Solar Security Lights will auto-enter highlight mode immediately, which can ensure the safety of your house and family.

The content of every packaging includes 2x VOSONX lights, 2x expansion pillar-hinges, 2x screws, 2x pins, and one user manual.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Energy-saving and longer service life
  • White bright and cold security lights to ensure night safety
  • IP 67 commercial grade waterproof and heatproof

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10. NACINIC 10 Lights (4 Pack)

Always on Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof, Mini Solar Fence Lights for Wireless Lighting in Deck,...

Here is another new market arrival, and with a modest price of only $22.99 for a 4 pack, NACINIC officially becomes the cheapest product on our list.

NACINIC Solar Fence Post Light is a 10led light with 600 Lumen Solar LED.

It’s perfect for outdoor and is waterproof,, which means it can withstand all the 4 seasons without problems.

On top of all the other features, they offer security lighting that can easily protect your deck, backyard, outdoor staircases, docks, and mailboxes.

The product specifications for this product include a solar panel that is polysilicon of 2V capped at 0.25W, with a Ni-Mh battery with a power of 1.2V and a capacity of 1,000 mAh.

The LED is an SMD2835 LED with 10 LED pcs and has a charging time of about 8 hours (30LM).

Pros & Benefits:

  • New Design with 10led
  • Cheap and affordable, but reliable
  • Waterproof, and environmentally friendly
  • Intuitive and easy to install

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Final Thoughts

Off you go, a list of the 10 best solar-powered lights available in Amazon to date.

We made sure to provide you with a broad range of prices and product specs to make sure that you can find your ideal light

We know choosing the right option can be daunting; that’s why we recommend finding the right balance according to the different features of each light.

All products listed are Amazon US prime and can be delivered to you within the next day.