10 Best Solar Powered Torch Lights & Their Reviews [Updated 2019]

Have you ever felt the nerve when you’re working on something in the middle of the night and suddenly, the light goes out.

You then reach out for your flashlight but, to your surprise, it’s out of battery.

And the darkness in your home makes you unable to see the spare batteries.

This scenario may be new to you but, this one’s a big problem for people who are busy working or studying at night and experiencing erratic power outages or worse, has no power supply at all.

But big thanks to the brilliant mind of American inventor Charles Fritts, the one who takes credit for inventing solar lights, people have now a solution to this problem by using one of nature’s best gifts, sunlight. 

Solar-powered flashlights also called as solar-powered torches are flashlights mainly powered by solar energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

These flashlights have used light-emitting diodes lamps or LED lamps compared to incandescent light bulbs since they are proven to be having lower energy consumption. 

With that said, let’s get started.

Here’s a list of the 10 best solar powered torch lights and their reviews for 2019.

1. Simpeak [2-pack] Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight

This emergency hand crank torch designed in army green color has a built-in rechargeable battery. The quality battery of this torch conveniently generates power for more than 10 minutes.

It has a solar panel that serves as a back-up powering method. The different kinds of light this solar panel can absorb are lamplight and sunlight.

In addition to the said features, it has a built-in durable carabiner that securely clips to your backpack, making it ideal in everyday outdoor travel.

For that reason, this flashlight is useful for daily outdoor lighting and most of all, for emergencies. Lastly, it weighs at 86g and is measured at 124 by 45 by 32 mm.

This one’s a great buy that’s why it’s not surprising it tops Amazon’s top selected products for solar-powered torches.

Pros and Benefits:
  • a minute of cranking allows 8 minutes of lighting
  • generates power at almost all lighting conditions
  • comfortably grips to your hand
  • the carabiner is lightweight and easily attaches to your backpack

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2. 4x Pack Hand Crank All-Purpose LED Flashlight with Squeeze Powered Recharge

 This Chromo Inc Immedia-Light flashlight can provide instant battery-free light with just a few cranks. It comes with an on/off switch, a carry strap, and a crank lock toggle.

Its Immedia-light supplies radiating 3 LED pure white light. With that, this solar-powered torch is best for an emergency, home, car, and camping to name a few.

Its lightweight design highlights its convenient use. This torch only weighs at 2.4 ounces that makes it portable and convenient to bring at any place, and situation. 

The best feature of this torch is that it’s environment-friendly. This LED flashlight made from recycled materials requires no battery and emits no carbon footprints at all. 

In addition to the pack of 4 torches, purchasing will entitle you with a user manual, and a transparent case.

Pros and Benefits:
  • perfect for on-demand light anywhere
  • worry free since it requires no batteries at all 
  • Made from recycled materials
  • doesn’t require constant pumping to stay lit

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3. NPET T09 Solar Flashlight

The NPET T09 Solar Flashlight has different working modes. The flashlight’s headlight can last from 4 to 6 hours and has a high medium and flashing mode.

Its side white lamp that lasts for 4 to 7 hrs varies from high and medium. In the third one, the sire red light varies between flashing and slow-flashing and lasts for 6 to 7 hours.

It also comes with a magnet on the flashlight head which you can attach to the car or other surfaces that are metallic to use it as an emergency warning light, camping lamp or work light. 

This flashlight which is perfect to use during rugged emergencies is also water-resistant and shock-resistant.

Aside from the previous features, this flashlight is not just an ordinary flashlight. It can also serve as a car escape emergency tool, a compass, a light working tool, and a power bank. 

Lastly, it has a built-in 2000 mAh battery that can be charged using solar power or USB cable by connecting it to your phone.

Pros and Benefits:
  • multi-functional 
  • water resistant, shock resistant and weather resistant 
  • also serves as a compass
  • has a built-in chip that detects overcharge, over output, overcurrent or short circuit.
  • can act as a power bank through its built-in 2000 mAh 18650 battery

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4. MECO hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

The MECO hand-cranking solar-powered rechargeable torch is among Amazon’s top picks. It’s mainly because of its high conversion efficiency, classic design, durability, convenience, and quality.

This flashlight with a built-in rechargeable battery can store energy for a long time without the need for external batteries. It’s a must-have for hiking, camping or other outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for something special, handy, and useful to give your friends, this one may help you with your problem. That’s because It can also serve as a gift considering its classic design of army green and dim gray. 

On top of that, the flashlight has an easy to use carabiner clip. The carabiner clip can be clipped easily on your backpack.

Since it just measures at 124 by 45 by 32 mm and weighs only 86g, this flashlight is portable and convenient to bring at any place or situation. 

This one’s a useful survival tool during power outages and situations needing a period for light restoration.

Pros and Benefits:
  • can store energy for a long period of time 
  • doesn’t need external batteries
  • usable even if the battery drains
  • has a highly efficient conversion of kinetic energy 
  • durable and has a classic design

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5. Thorfire Solar Flashlight

One has had to check for this one on Amazon when looking for a torch ideal for camping, outdoor climbing or backpack hiking. The reason behind this is that Thorfire Solar Flashlight is perfect in any situation where you need light.

The Thorfire Solar Flashlight embedded with high quality LED bulb also produces bright light. It has three lighting models consisting of one LED mode, 3 LED mode, and lastly, SOS mode.

This flashlight is not just solar-powered but is also IPX6 waterproof and submersible up to 45 feet. This flashlight is very durable and usable in different situations considering that fact.

But above all, the best feature it can offer is its high efficiency of Energy.

Unlike other torches that produce the only number of minutes in a single minute of cranking, Thorfire Solar Flashlight generates a surprising 1 hour of power. 

If interested in purchasing this torch, just click on its name to be redirected to its Amazon page.

Pros and Benefits:
  • Energy-saving and environment-friendly 
  • Very efficient in terms of Kinetic energy conversion
  • Undeniably durable 
  • Produces bright light from its high quality LED bulb.
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 45 feet

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6. PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flashlight

There are already a lot of solar-powered torches to choose from the market. The challenge is to find the one that’s perfect for your activities and preferences.

You may or may not have found the one that’s fit for you among the list.

With that, here’s a quick review of the 6th torch on the list, the PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flashlight to help you choose what’s best for you.

In contrast with other small flashlights, this one’s equipped with a bright LED bulb. Its LED bulb shines brighter than the others.

This flashlight is also very efficient since its internal battery stores cranking and solar power and only requires 6 minutes of winding or cranking to generate an hour of light.

In addition to its features are its characteristic of being compact and portable brought by its convenient carabiner that can tightly hook to a keychain or backpack.

While the other torches offer warranties and limited-time money-back guarantees, a purchase of this product guarantees you with a full refund at any time.

Pros and Benefits:
  • has a 2-way environment-friendly source
  • best for gifts
  • a perfect addition to your survival gear kit 
  • offers a full refund at any time you feel dissatisfied with its performance

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7. ECEEN Solar Flashlights

Flashlights nowadays are not just simple flashlights. Flashlights do more than what people expect from them.

This multi-functional flashlight is an addition to the pool of versatile flashlights that we have today.

ECEEN Solar Flashlight isn’t just a solar-powered flashlight but is also an emergency night light, phone chargers, solar power bank, seat belt cutter, glass window breaker, and a compass.

Aside from the previously mentioned features, this torch also has a 5V 50MA solar panel. This solar panel can be charged fully within 10-12 hours in the sun or 4-5 hours using a USB cable. 

The surprising fact about this one is that it’s fully charged battery is equivalent to 3 to 4 hours of power and it can hold a charge of over a couple of years.

Lastly, equipped with a super bright 3W LED, 200 lumens of powerful light, and a superb lighting distance of 200, this flashlight is undoubtedly the best of its class. 

Pros and Benefits:
  • versatile 
  • has different working modes to choose from
  • converts part of the energy to electrical energy which is used for recycling
  • design is perfect for all-weather activities 

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8. Hybridlight Journey – Solar/Rechargeable 160 Lumen LED Waterproof Flashlight

If you’re a fan of hybrid solar-powered flashlights, then, this one’s for you.

An exquisite attribute of this torch is that it’s hybrid and it can charge outdoors using its built-in solar panel or indoors via incandescent lighting or USB cable charging.

Another impressive thing about this hybrid torch is that it can also serve as a power bank for your mobile devices.

It’s durable and waterproof. It appears to be functional even after testing it to 3 meters of water.

This torch can also compete with the previous flashlights in terms of modes. It has a dual-mode that can shine up to 25 hours on low beam and up to 7 on high beam producing 160 lumens of bright white light. 

This one has another feature to offer if there’s more you’re still looking for from a flashlight. The Hybridlight journey can amazingly hold a charge for years.

Pros and Benefits:
  • one of the most versatile hybrid solar flashlights
  • extremely durable and reliable in any situation
  • portable and easy to carry.
  • has explicit storing capacity 

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9. LED Tactical Flashlights Set – Water Resistant

From the name itself, buyers will already have a quick sneak peek at the attributes of these torches. 

But the competition is hard. Although these flashlights claim to be the brightest or the best, their features will be the main criteria to declare them the best among the torches in the market. 

So, to be able to compare it to the rest, a review of these flashlights will be presented to you.

These multi-functional flashlights are used as a window breaker, seat belt cutter and as well as a compass.

These flashlights have seven working modes.

They also have a beam that can throw light up to 700 feet.

With that, among the previous flashlights, they finally have made an edge. 

These are worry-free flashlights that provide you quality over emergencies and any weather conditions.

Pros and Benefits:
  • all-in-one multi-functional torches
  • have a very impressive LED
  • rechargeable, reliable and can be charged through two ways
  • very convenient to use

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10. Torch 250 Flashlight by Goal Zero

This torch is best suitable for people who want their flashlight to have many ways of charging. 

If that’s the case, this one’s the perfect fit. It’s because you can charge it through the use of solar light, USB charging, and hand-cranking.

You’ll be surprised by its run time. It can run from 7 to 48 hours continuously depending upon its light options.

The light options it has are 250 total lumen output flashlight,  floodlight, and red emergency lights.

You can also save power using its bright and half-bright modes.

Lastly, it’s an all-in-one flashlight, lantern, and power bank that is perfect to use during situations calling for the longevity of flashlight use. 

Pros and Benefits:
  • offers 3-way charging 
  • can make you stay connected even during an outage 
  • has a long lasting 4400 mAh battery 
  • It’s an all-in-one lantern, flashlight and power bank

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11. Emergency 3 LED Torch Flashlight – Key Fob Solar Energy Power Keychain – Lamp Light by HDE

This torch is a perfect choice for people who love buying cheap pieces of stuff that come by packs.

Its functions are roughly the same with other torches but, what’s remarkable about it is its design.

It’s an ideal gift you can give your family and friends. Its design is in the form of a cute lamp-light.

It can be called “cute” because of a reason. Its dimensions just measure at 5 by 3.17 by 1 cm.

This torch made of durable ABS plastic has also 3 bright LED bulbs.

Overall, it’s priced just as how it can work and is best for use when you don’t want to bring heavy flashlights and will only prefer handy ones. 

So, if you’re looking for something like this torch, you only need to do one thing. Just click the torch’ name to redirect you to Amazon.

Pros and Benefits:
  • environment-friendly.
  • portable and easy to use 
  • made of durable ABS plastic
  • perfect travel accessory or gift
  • Cheap

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12. LED Camping Lantern Lights, USB Solar Powered Emergency Light 

This solar-powered and USB rechargeable lantern will never let you worry about running out of batteries in whatever situation.

It has a long-lasting battery life where it can last up to 8 hours of use on high mode and can also last over 24 hours in low lighting mode.

It has a feature of being expanded and collapsed into two different forms, can be stretched as an LED lantern and can be compacted down into a mini flashlight.

Whenever you need to make an emergency call using your phone, but unfortunately your phone is out of power, this torch can serve as an emergency power bank.

Since it’s solar-powered and USB rechargeable, it’s very easy to recharge it anytime, and anywhere.

It’s a new food on the plate of versatile solar-powered flashlights since this one offers a unique feature of having two forms.

This one’s perfect for those people who want not just flashlights but also lanterns in their camping, hiking, and other adventure trips.

So, if you’re that person,  just purchase this amazing and superb dual model torch by clicking on the link to redirect you to Amazon’s page.

Pros and Benefits:
  • Has 2 forms
  • Longer battery life
  • Can be used as an emergency power bank
  • Has 3 lighting modes

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13. PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight

PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight is also a part of Amazon’s top picks for solar-powered flashlights.

This rechargeable survival gear has a bright LED bulb that is claimed to shine brighter than competitors’ small flashlights. It is a flashlight best for boating, fishing, hiking, and backpack camping.

It has a remarkable power efficiency since cranking or winding it for just six short minutes can produce an hour-long of light.

Like the other small flashlights, this torch is also compact and portable because of its convenient carabiner that can hook on a user’s backpack or keychain.

With that, PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight is easy to bring with you during your adventure trips or travels.

One good thing about this torch is that when you buy it, you can return the torch for a full refund. That means anytime you feel that you’re not satisfied with its performance, you can just return it to the seller.

That promotional tactic seems to be hooking for the torch since most buyers don’t like wasting their money.

Pros and Benefits:
  • does not depend on external power
  • has 3 bright LED lights
  • offers a customer satisfaction guarantee
  • efficient
  • Compact and portable

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Final Thoughts

There are a bunch of variations to choose from being it multi-functional, hybrid or portable torches.

Although they may have different features and attributes, they all have one thing in common.

They all give light during darkness. It’s upon you, the buyer to choose what torch you will be using.

But the most important thing that you have to keep in mind upon choosing a product is that you shouldn’t settle for less and should always aim for what your money is worth.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 10 best solar powered torch lights and their reviews for 2019.

See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

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