best solar chargers for deep cycle batteries

10 Best Solar Chargers for Deep Cycle Batteries

Are you looking for eco-friendly, durable, and low maintenance best solar battery chargers for deep cycle batteries in the market? Now we can use solar power to charge just about anything, which is great news for our planet as there are no worries about running out of sunlight any time soon. One type of battery which can be charged via solar power is a deep cycle battery.

You pay a one-off fee, and hey presto! You can charge your battery forever and ever, amen. With that said, let’s get started with the solar battery chargers you can find.

1. ACOPower 12V 70 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Kit

ACOPOWER 12V 70 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Kit; Portable Solar Charger Suitcase of 2x35W...

The ACOPower Foldable Solar Panel Kit is ideal for any happy campers out there looking to bring a  solar battery charger to their trips in the wilderness.

It comes as a complete kit that weighs just 56 oz, so you can take this, one of the best solar battery chargers for deep cycle batteries in the market, anywhere you want.

Setting it up is a dream, too, and you can have your solar battery charger ready to go in around one minute.

This solar charger is a must for any camper.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High Conversion efficiency – panels from the Sunpower brand, which increase conversion efficiency by up to 25%
  • Multi-usage solar battery charger – can be used as a USB solar charger and can charge lithium and lead-acid batteries
  • Suitable for outdoor use – water and weather resistant, so use wherever and whenever you want
  • Easily portable – folds away to ultra-compact size and light as a feather, meaning you can take it wherever you go

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2. Allpowers 100W Solar Charger

ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel 100W (Dual 5v USB with 18v DC Output) Monocrystalline Solar Charger...

The Allpowers solar battery charger may fold away into a small and handy portable case, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a mean punch.

For that reason, it is among the best solar battery chargers for deep cycle batteries on the market.

It can be used to charge anything you need, including gadgets, laptops, and car batteries.

Once you’re done charging your devices, you can fold the solar battery charger away until next time.

This solar battery charger even has eyeholes to let you easily attach it to your bag.

It’s perfect for those who want power on the go.

This is probably one of the best solar battery chargers for deep cycle batteries in the market.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly efficient solar battery charger– can operate at up to 23.5% efficiency, meaning as much juice as you could want
  • Slim yet powerful charger for deep cycle batteries – it packs up to small and compact size but loses none of its power
  • It comes with a whole goodie bag of accessories
  • As well as the solar panel, you also get a DC cable, USB cable, a whopping 10 laptop connectors, and more

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3. DuraVolt NOW 20 Watt 1.0 Amp - Solar Battery Charger

Solar Maintainer for 2 or More 12Volt Deep Cycle Marine Batteries Connected in Parallel Trolling...

These DurVolt solar battery chargers are designed in California and aimed primarily at the marine market but can also be used for other outdoor applications.

They are completely waterproof.

These solar battery chargers are semi-flexible but do not bend.

They are designed to be mounted on flat or slightly curved surfaces and feature mounting holes to secure them in place.

These solar battery chargers are great for boaters who love a trip on the water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use solar battery chargers – even if this is your first solar panel.Lightweight & Low-profile design – 14.1 inches long X 15.7 inches wide X ¼ inch thick
  • Self-regulates – meaning you don’t need a solar regulator
  • US Military and Senior Citizen Discounts available

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4. Solperk 12V Solar Panel

SOLPERK 10W Solar Panel,12V Solar Panel Charger Kit+8A Controller,Suitable for Automotive,...

Solperk’s solar battery charger is covered in a thin amorphous film, which means it can typically charge, even in cloudy or rainy weather.

This charger is ideal for anyone looking to charge a 12V battery.

It is also a great solar car battery charger and one of the best solar battery chargers on the market.

Besides, you can charge boats, tractors, motorcycles, trucks, snowmobiles, and more.

Windproof and rainproof, the solar battery charger is easy to install and provides all the power you could need.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A solar battery charger that works in any weather – even if there’s not glorious sunshine, it will still charge
  • Fully-automatic controller – complete protection from short-circuiting, overloading, under loading, and more to extend the battery life
  • Easy to connect – even if it’s your first solar panel
  • Easy to clean – glass material surface makes quick and easy to wipe down

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5. Suner Power 12V Waterproof Solar Battery Charger & Maintainer

SUNER POWER Upgraded 12V Waterproof Solar Battery Charger & Maintainer Pro - Built-in Intelligent...

Suner Power is at the cutting edge of solar power, and this solar battery charger and maintainer is just as high-tech as you’d expect from the company.

With an intelligent MPPT charge controller built-in, this solar battery charger generates between 10 and 20% more power than traditional controllers.

The MPPT also manages the charging and fully protects your battery.

One of the best solar battery chargers, this charger is aimed specifically at 12V batteries and is suitable for use with cars, boats, 4WD’s, motorcycles, trucks, farm equipment, and much more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Most advanced MPPT chip on the market – protects your battery and generates 10-20% more power
  • Fully protected – battery prevented from over-voltage, overcharge, short circuit, and discharge, and the panel is waterproof and spark-proof
  • Handy visual monitor – lets you understand your battery condition
  • Long-lasting and durable – built to last for years using tempered glass and ABS frame

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6. TWELSEAVAN 30 Watt Flexible Solar Panel

TWELSEAVAN 30 Watt Flexible Solar Panel 18V 12V Portable Polycrystalline Solar Panel Charger...

This high-quality solar battery charger is durable yet lightweight.

It’s simple to set up and easy to use.

It also has an innovative blocking diode built-in, which stops batteries from reverse discharging overnight.

A truly multipurpose solar battery charger, it is suitable to provide charge to a wide variety of items, including emergency lighting, water pumps, RVs, boats, cars, and more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is made of high-quality materials – including polycrystalline solar cells and industrial-strength PET
  • Lightweight – weighing in at only 1.32 lbs and being 0.1 inches thick, you would hardly know it’s there
  • Blocking diode built-in – prevents reverse discharge occurring at night
  • Easy to use – even if it’s your first solar panel

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7. Powoxi 9W Solar Battery Charger

POWOXI-9W-Solar-Battery-Trickle-Charger-Maintainer -12V Portable Waterproof Solar Panel Trickle...

This solar battery charger by Powoxi has been designed with battery maintenance in mind.

It’s perfect for keeping the battery charged on a vehicle you only occasionally use, so it will be ready and roaring when you want to use your vehicle.

This solar battery charger will keep your vehicle’s battery at a suitable storage voltage using free energy from the sun.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use – plug it in and play
  • Extremely durable – made with high strength PV glass and with long service life
  • Ultra-high conversion rate – with a high conversion rate of 22.5%
  • It will create all the juice you need
  • Low maintenance & after-sales guarantee – easy clean glass surface and 12-month warranty included as standard

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8. Renogy 16W 12V Portable Solar Panel Battery Maintainer Trickle Charger

Renogy 16W 12V PET Laminated Portable Solar Trickle Charger Maintainer with Lighter Plug, Alligator...

This trickle charger is engineered to help vehicles maintain a stable battery level while not in use until you need them.

The solar battery trickle charger is suitable for use with snowmobiles, RVs, motorcycles, SUVs, and other vehicles.

As well as various vehicles, it is also suitable for use with accessory batteries, electric fences, and more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Variety of connection options – including ring terminals, cigarette lighters, and alligator clips, for a wide variety of applications
  • This solar battery charger has in-built safety protection – it can be plugged in 24/7 to your battery with no need to worry
  • Highly-efficient solar panel – means can charge in any daylight conditions

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9. Sunapex 7.5W 12V Solar Charger

SUNAPEX 7.5W 12V Solar trickle Charger,Battery Charger,Battery maintainer Portable Power Solar Panel...

Sunapex built this solar battery charger with amorphous film technology, which means it can charge in any weather.

Ideally for usage as a battery maintainer with vehicles not in use very often, such as trucks, snowmobiles, motorcycles, tractors, boats, cars, or more.

It is not limited to this, however, and can be used with any 12V battery.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Built-in charging indication – easily see when the panel is charging
  • Built to last – shell made of durable ABS plastics, 12-month warranty included, and lifetime technical support
  • Easily maintained – high-strength glass that is easy to clean and weather-resistant
  • Charges even in low-light conditions – thanks to amorphous silicon

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Sunkingdom has been carrying out its own extensive solar panel research and development for over 10 years.

This solar battery charger is meant for usage with any 12V batteries or devices that have 12V batteries built-in.

This is a multipurpose panel that could just as easily be used for a vehicle like a boat or RV as a set of campers wanting some free juice while out on their latest adventure.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly efficient – solar panel efficiency runs up to 22.5%
  • Made from premium materials – the structure comprises EVA, PET, TPT, and Sunpower Solar Cell
  • Easy to use – with a range of easily connected accessories
  • Extended warranty – 18-month as standard, meaning no need to worry

Are Solar Panels Reliable?

Yes, solar energy is a reliable source of renewable energy collected through solar panels, which consist of 100 microns thick solar cells.

To extend the reliability, manufacturers add multiple layers of high-quality glass onto their surfaces.

A panel has to pass many tests before arriving in the markets.

Some of these tests are hail tests, environmental tests, multi-meter, and mechanical load tests.

A solar panel designed and installed 40 years ago is still working today.

Therefore, we assure you that panels are an excellent source of energy you can use for a long, long time at your home or camping trips.

Are Solar Panels Expensive?

Most people are unaware of the impact and efficiency panels have on our environment.

There are several things you should know before deciding to purchase a solar energy system for your home.

If you consider the cost of the hardware, components, and installations, the price of a panel may not look expensive.

However, that price only accounts for 25% of the total cost for a new system.

Additional fees you might have to pay include soft costs such as to permit fees, sales tax, and transaction fees.

But you can save a lot of money while reducing these extra costs.

  • Federal tax credit for new panels set up to receive 26% of the investment back.
  • Purchase on Lease helps you to earn additional State and company benefits.
  • Regular maintenance saves roughly $150 in 1 year, every year, long term.

How Does a Solar Panel Work?

You have to thank Edmond Becquerel who first discovered the characteristics of certain materials (semiconductors) that generate an electric current when exposed to sunlight.

  1. Solar cells (semiconductors) absorb radiation when exposed to direct sunlight
  2. Electrons begin to move and generate a flow of direct current (DC)
  3. This direct current (DC), with the help of inverters, converts into alternating current (AC)
  4. The generated AC powers electronic appliances and charges batteries

Thus, the science behind the generation of electricity via panels looks simple but effective.

Most panels are 20% efficient.

For example, panels convert 20% of the sun’s radiation into electricity.

In their peak hours, their efficiency exceeds 22%.

And solar energy is free, unlimited, and renewable as well.

How Much Power Can a 250 Watt Solar Panel Produce?

A single 250 Watt solar panel should produce a maximum of 250 watts.

However, the maximum power output of a solar panel depends on several different factors such as geographic location, shading, location, and tilt.

Considering these factors, you might need to install more panels to generate enough electricity.

In other words, the number of panels you will install depends on how much power you want to generate and how much space you have.

For example, if you opt for buying eight 250 watt solar panels, you will produce roughly 2,800-kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, which is still insufficient for a single-family household.

However, 24 pieces of 250 Watt solar panels will allow you to produce roughly 6 kW or enough electricity to offset or eliminate your electric bill with solar energy.

To produce 9,870 kilowatts hours (kWh) of electricity, you will need to install 28 single 250 Watt solar panels.

What Are the Limitations of Solar Panels?

Confined Space

A foldable panel is best for those with limited space.

You can purchase these panels both as monocrystalline and polycrystalline, which have similar advantages but varying efficiency.

Regarding space efficiency, the only thing that matters are the dimensions of monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels.

A polycrystalline solar panel needs more space compared to a monocrystalline.

Limited Budget

Check out Amazon, one of the best places to look for a solar panel, both affordable and high-end.

Also, as already said, to produce enough energy to run a household, you will need more than just one panel.

If you opt for 250-watt panels, you will need around 30 solar panels to produce enough energy to run your household appliances.

Final Thoughts

All companies listed above offer excellent customer service should you need any assistance and produce the best solar battery chargers you can find on the market.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 10 best solar battery chargers for deep cycle batteries and their reviews for 2022.

See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below!

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