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How to Solarize Water: Complete Step By Step Guide [Updated 2022]

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Solarized Water!

In this guide, we’re going to discuss the intriguing topic of solarized Water, dispel myths, and show you the real side of the sun-charged water.

This methodology has been resurfaced in modern times from the teachings of ancient civilizations, and people’s interest in the topic is ever-growing.

Solarized water is a contemporary topic, brought to fame by celebrities like top model Gisele Bündchen, explained by scientists, and taught by alternative practitioners.

In this guide, you will learn what solarized water is and what are its benefits.

You will also read about the best existing methods to create solarized water and our own 5 simple steps guide to DIY solarized water!

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner.

We will also provide you with product links that can help you choose your start-up kit.

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The Rising Interest in Solarized Water

Despite the rising interest in those years about the sun-charged water, there is little clarity about the topic.

We have concluded from scientific studies that analyze the real effects the Sun has on the water; we’re also going to cover if glass bottles of different colors matter when making solarized water.

We have also scanned through religious expert interviews to understand what is left of the sacred traditions.

We have also surfed the internet to analyze consumers’ experiences, bloggers’ reports, chromotherapists’ advice, and ancient scripts.

Add our own experience, and here you go! We’re here to bring you the most comprehensive guide ever made on solarized water.

The next paragraphs will clarify the concept of solarized water, its history, the different methodologies, and which methods can be used.

What is Solarized Water?

Solarized water, sun-charged or sun-filtered water, is water that has been ‘’purified’’ by being exposed to the sunlight.

The heat coming from the sun’s rays and its ultraviolets help kill bacteria in water, making this method optimal for those who want to purify their water.

Science has also backed up that different colored bottles also have an impact on how the sun rays are going to change the chemical compounds in the exposed water.

Today this method is used by many different people around the globe.

Some people follow chromotherapy, and other people use solarized water for spiritual practices.

But solarized water is used simply by individuals who are concerned about the quality of water they drink and are willing to learn methods of purification.

In the next paragraph, we will explore the history of solarized water tradition.

History of Solarized Water

The traditional roots of solarizing water are unclear, but it seems to have been a technique used around the globe for centuries.

Records of Sun-charged water techniques are found in ancient Chinese practices, in Ayurveda, in Hawaiian spiritual traditions, and also in ancient Egypt.

All practices indeed agree that sun-powered water, or solarized water, can help boost your health and/or improve your spiritual practice.

This is found in the modern alternative practice of chromotherapy (from the greek ‘’chroma’’=color and ‘’therapeia’’ = medical treatment) as well as spiritual and even drinks manufacturing practices.

In chromotherapy, it’s usually taught how to use different colored glass bottles to solarize your water; each color will boost different elements in the water connected to various benefits.

In spiritual practices, such as the Ho’oponopono (the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness), a deep blue colored bottle is preferred; it’s said to help your spirit connect to a deity and help spiritual healing.

In drinks manufacturing, such as the alcohol industry, colored bottles are carefully chosen to preserve (other than altering like in spiritual and chromotherapy‘s practices) the drinks’ properties.

Overall, most people who chose to create solarized water are conscious about their health and having a sustainable diet.

Solarized water is also proven to be more purified than typical water, and it’s undoubtedly the most eco-friendly method in use today.

Considering that you should use spring or mineral water, sun exposure will help to kill any remaining bacteria in the water.

This also means that you don’t have to follow the colored glass methods, as clear bottled water still works fine in the scope of creating solarized water.

Whether you’re interested in solarized water for spiritual reasons, healing, or only health reasons, this is the guide for you, so keep reading!

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Is There Scientific Evidence That Supports Solarized Water Practice’ Claims?

Many studies have shown how the sun affects water components irreversibly.

This exciting research provides comparative results in water coming from bottles of different colors.

The results of the research concluded that sun-charged water alters its chemical components and produces even more.

Scientific studies also confirm that the color of the glass through which the light is filtered is relevant to the result in said change.

Each color will impact the water in slightly different ways, which is fascinating!

For example, the experiment analyses the effects of each water coming from the blue bottles that would help the mosquito larvae hatch.

Another observation was that water coming from the orange bottle stimulated root growth in seed germination.

Even though there are not yet observations made on primates, it’s clear that the theory behind sun-charged water is confirmed at a scientific level.

Beings can be affected at a biological level, and so far, those effects are observed to be either neutral or beneficial.

It’s for the same reasons that beer producers choose their glass colors carefully ( often sun-filtering colors like brown, green, and black) to avoid the properties of beer being changed.

To know more about the way sunlight affects beer’s chemical compound, check out this exciting video on the topic.

What Are the Benefits of Solarized Water?

In chromotherapy, solarized water is part of the rainbow diet, a diet that advises to eat colorful foods and in great variety every day.

Most chromotherapists advising solarized water recommend using different colored glass bottles to achieve different results.

In chromotherapy, which reflects chakra’s teachings, each color is assigned to a specific part of the body, and therefore, the solarized water will impact depending on which colored bottle has been used.

For example, Violet is said to help relax the nervous system, and green can help to heal bacterial infections, red promotes energy.

To know more about the rainbow diet in chromotherapy and its uses, you can have a look at this blog post.

It’s also good to note that in some instances, people have been using plastic bottles; however, we do not recommend it, as plastics can release toxic elements in your water if exposed to the sunlight for a long time.

Check out this article to know more about the harmful effects of the sun on plastic bottles.

Also, note that those methods should never replace a medical treatment of severe illnesses.

When Should I Drink Solarized Water?

As previously mentioned, there is not a unified tradition on the uses of sun-charged water, but we have found useful tips that can help you find your balance.

Drinking blue solarized water, for example, is said to help relieve stress, and you should drink it throughout the day.

You can also spray the blue solarized water around your house (perhaps on your happy plants) and use some drops on your veins junctions (just like a perfume).

Yellow water seems to help decrease appetite.

Thus, drink yellow water before meals if you’re looking to maintain a healthy diet and avoid overeating.

Red energizing water can boost your bloodstream and brain activity, which is recommended to be used in the morning.

To have more tips on different colors, check out this blog post.

Spiritual Practice: Blue Bottled Solarized Water

As mentioned at the beginning of our guide, some practices advise using only Blue bottled sun-charged water.

In the Hawaiian practice, deep blue is a color connected with your subconscious and can aid you in connecting with your guiding deity.

You should drink blue solarized water before your meditation practice or praying practice, to help you clear your mind.

In the case of Ho’oponopono, solarized water is a complementary element of the forgiveness ritual; you should follow their spiritual practice steps if you’re looking to connect with the divine energy.

It’s believed that the blue solarized water will take away all the negative thoughts and aspects affecting your soul, giving you space for deep healing.

Other people, like the famous model Gisele Bündchen, use blue solarized water all day long, during meals but also during physical exercise.

As experiments mentioned earlier have proven, the blue color seems to be the strongest in terms of boosting biological formation.

This could explain why the blue color seems the most generally advised amongst traditions.

Moreover, blue is the color of the throat chakra.

This means it also affects the power of your communication or heals your regrets for expressing an opinion, or for seldom saying what you mean.

It’s believed that drinking blue solarized water can keep away harmful bacteria, which can create infections on your lymph nodes.

Ultimately, blue bottled solarized water is supposed to bring you spiritual and psychological peace.

Use your clear glass bottle.

If the spiritual and healing techniques do not speak to you, don’t worry, you can still benefit from solarized water.

As mentioned previously, science has proved that the sun affects water elements independently from colored bottle use.

Slight changes have indeed been observed depending on the color used, but when it comes to human consumption, it’s unclear if those differences are essential at a biological level.

Most of the color therapies are aimed to affect individuals at a psychological and spiritual level, so other factors are in place other than the chemical structure of the water.

Ultimately, you can still create solarized water in clear glass bottles, and you will benefit from the purification process.

The next section will give you an easy to use 5 steps guide to create your very own solarized water.

DIY Solarized Water: Step-by-Step Guide

In this section, we’ll show you how you can make solarized water in the comfort of your house.

It’s a pretty straight – forward process, but as mentioned before, so many methods are available out there, therefore we will list the method we think it’s the most efficient and scientific.

STEP 1: Have the right kit

Buy the preferred color GLASS bottle.

You can research the color that suits you best following chromotherapy’s theory, or just stick with deep cobalt blue.

STEP 2: Find the best breathable material

Find a thin cotton cloth or better, linen piece that you’re going to use at the top of the bottle (secure it with a rubber band).

The type of cloth is similar to the one used for the Kombucha fermentation or jam-making process.

It will help your water breathe away from the toxins and keep bacteria away at the same time.

STEP 3: Find the best place

Fill your chosen glass bottle with cold mineral water and place it at the sunniest spot of your house (we like kitchen window ledges!).

STEP 4: Exposure duration

This is the only tricky bit of the process of creating solarized water.

Exposure duration of mineral water should be calculated depending on sun intensity, the type of windows/ exterior ledges you have, and which area of the globe you live in.

This means ultimately that you should judge the exposure time by yourself and fit it within your schedule and needs.

Nonetheless, we’re going to provide you with some guidelines so that you know which are the limits and recommended exposure times.

In summer, we recommend leaving the mineral water under direct sunlight for at least an hour before consumption.

In winter, sunlight might be scarce, depending on where you live, and we advise you to leave it for at least a full daylight before drinking it.

The most extended shelf life bottled water can have in supermarkets is 1 year.

However, we do not recommend leaving bottled water for longer than a month under sunlight.

STEP 5: Schedule it

Create your own bottles rotation!

Some people use a different color for each day of the week, e.g. Monday = Red, Tue = Green, and so on.

Some others will prefer to assign a specific prayer per each bottle, e.g. one for forgiveness, one for clearing the mind, etc.

You can also number your bottles, or use any other symbols that speak to you.

In the next section, we’re going to talk about the products we have used and can advise you.

What Are the Best Products To Produce Solarized Water?

Now you know what solarized water is, where it comes from, the different methods to obtain it, and how you can create your very own.

The next step is to take the theory into action, and we will give you extra guidance for doing so.

In this section, we will link you up with the type of products available out there to make your own solarized water.

You should choose your bottle carefully after all is going to be part of your daily routine.

We advise you to choose your bottle based on the usage, your lifestyle, and the main scope you want your solarized water to help you with.

If you’re a stay-at-home mum, but you love going to the gym, you might want to choose both a bottle to keep at home and one that you can carry with you everywhere you go.

If you like to go out a lot but don’t use large bags, you might consider the choice of a small flask to keep your energy on the go.

The beautiful thing about solarized water is that it needs very little to be made, and you can create your ritual with it.

We’re going to link you up with some of the best products available on the internet.

Different Types of Products to Build Your Kit

If you want a clear and understandable water glass bottle, check out the latest trending sustainable glass bottles in this list.

If you have decided to go for a rainbow set, but on a cheap budget, we have this option for you.

Otherwise, most spiritual-minded are going to be looking for symbology that you can use for your special solarized water.

We have found these exceptional ‘Om Water’ glass bottles which have a beautiful, sustainable design.

Those bottles use the Buddhist and Hindu symbol of Om, along with the Flower of Life at the base of the containers.

The Flower of Life is a symbol coming from the Sacred Geometry, and it’s believed to help you channel energies to the universe.

If you want to take things ‘’next-level’’ and are also familiar with crystal therapy, there are also incredible Crystal water bottles out there, check this one out.

Some people will also advise painting your glass bottles.

However, we don’t recommend it as we don’t think it will provide the same effects as glass-colored bottles.

For the fabric, our best advice is to use linen.

However, anything transparent and allergen-free will work too.

Here is the link to our favorite linen available by the meter on Amazon.

This will be used on top of your bottle instead of cork, and you will just need a rubber band or hair band to seal it.

What Are the Alternative Uses of Solarized Water?

The most common use of solarized water is to drink it and help health boosts and/or spiritual healings.

However, some practices also used it for skincare, and we couldn’t miss it to tell you about this too.

Please bear in mind in this care, it’s not yet proven that solarized water can indeed affect your skin health.

However, it won’t be damaging either, so it’s worth a try!

You can use solarized water for your bath, in combination with essential oils, or simply use it in massage therapy.

You can still refer to the chakra codes to understand which color will help which part of the body the most.

Those traditions have endured centuries of human knowledge.

Even though at present, we have no scientific research proving superficial skin benefits, there is still space to learn and test it on your skin at 0 risks for your health.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we hope this guide has been useful to you!

We hope it has provided you with the best overview of the interesting history of solarized water.

Below is a summary to recap what you have learned.

We have talked about the roots of solar-charged water in chromotherapy, spiritual practices, science, and individual takes.

This article has also shown you how science explains this process and how it also affects the commercial use of glass-colored bottles such as beer packaging.

The 5 steps guide on how to ‘ Do your Own ‘ Sun-powered water gives you the easy and simple know-how necessary it’s to get you started with ease.

We have also provided you with tonnes of examples on which bottles to use to make solarized water, and how you should drink and use the water.

Ultimately, you’re the architect of your own solarized water practice.

We’re here to guide you through your journey of discovering the incredible benefits of solar energy.

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Whatever your practice of choice, we wish you a happy creation of solarized water and wish you good health!