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10 Best Solar Energy Websites: Solar News, Information, Products & More

Solar energy is one of the most commonly spoken topics today around the world.

Due to the consumption of high electricity, we have to manufacture electricity we have to dedicate some rare resources.

The Usage of petroleum is one of the main problems that we face in our modern society.

But that’s not an issue anymore.

After the invention of Solar energy by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839, we’re in the process of saying goodbye to petroleum-based electricity.

So today we will be reviewing 10 best websites that are related to Solar energy.

1. PetersenDean

PetersenDean is one of the largest corporations based on the United States of America which is working on changing people’s lives by changing their main energy source.

They have a very good reputation in the Solar energy powered equipment industry.

In their website, they provide different kind of solutions and some key features which allows anybody to access.

One of the main key features of their website is that they allow their users to design their solar power equipment with their preferences.

As well as they provide different housing solutions that are being mainly powered by solar power.

Most important customers can view their project status online through their website.

Due to this reason PetersenDean was able to gain more customers and sales than any other Solar energy powered equipment manufacturing company.

Also, they provide different types of installation packages to their customers which are convenient and easy to handle by the customers.

There are many advantages of using PetersenDean such as: unique designs and options to choose and the capability of reviewing the status of the project over the website, reasonable price range on every product and service and different housing solutions.

2. Zenernet

This is one of the famous Solar power brands you will find in the market today.

Apart from being a Solar power brand, they also manufacture different electrical equipment which is being functioned by Solar power.

As per the Zenernet website, their mission is to accelerate Energy Freedom for every person around the world – from leading the charge in energy freedom and helping every citizen to go solar energy/power today.

Zenernet has made its name on the Solar power market because of its best-in-class panels and hardware.

When you go to their website you will see and feel how simple it’s to go solar without any hazel.

You can find their prices on their website and compare them against the other market vendors/

One of the main reasons for Zenernet to have their name under the most valuable solar power brands is that they offer very competitive and transparent price ranges to their customers.

When you go to their website, it displays all the price ranges for their equipment and services.

As well as, their website provides you the opportunity of buying their products online with your debit or credit card.

After every purchase, they will contact and confirm your purchase while helping on fixing it at your place.

They have been able to conclude all of their contacting channels on their website just with few pages like contact us and about us pages.

Apart from that, they have displayed their regional distribution center location areas all around the world in a mini-map.

This allows any customer to check their locations before buying any of their products.

There are many advantages of using Zenernet, like; available all around the world, their website provides clean, clear and concise information and competitive price range.

3. The Solar Energy Industries Association

This is another UK based Solar energy powered company that is mainly governed by the UK government.

SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) has been in the market for decades.

They have been able to help many UK residents to transform into Solar power and spend their lives eco-friendly.

When you visit the Solar Energy Industries Association website, you will see that there are many services that they provide to their customers.

Their website is also providing you the opportunity of submitting your ideas on how to implement solar energy powered economy in the United Kingdom.

Apart from solar power they provide Finance and tax services, make social awareness about transforming to solar power, Trading, Technological research, and charity.

Even though this is based in the UK, they’re now migrating their businesses to a larger geographical area.

Mainly they will be moving their businesses to the united stated of America.

If you looking in to transforming to solar power for a low price and living in the USA or UK, then The Solar Energy Industries Association will help you with that.

In their website, they’re working on a new project by implementing new Solar based rules, regulations and policies in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

#DefendTheITC is their main tag line which they used in their campaign.

There are many advantages of using SEIA, like; available in both United Kingdom and United States of America, reasonable price ranges and working on implementing new rules and regulations related to Solar energy

4. SunPower

SunPower is one of the leading solar energy powered companies that is based in the United States of America.

They have been in the solar energy market for around 10 years.

SunPower has helped many customers in the United States on transforming into Eco-friendly lifestyles.

SunPower website will give you very brief information about their products and services which will lead you to have solar energy powered life.

Their website also provides the key feature of inquiring about their products online while letting you choose many options.

One of the key unique features of SunPower is they have a different business line which builds solar power-based houses.

Because of this reason the SunPower website gets many users daily inquiring about their home building services.

They have highlighted in their website that by using their solar-powered house, we can have a zero-carbon emission society by 10 years.

Also, their website provides you the best examples and provides you a 25-year warranty on their products.

If you look into their customer reviews, you will see that SunPower is doing a great job in the solar energy business.

And SunPower claims that they have over 100 team members dedicated to this new home building business, and strategic partnerships with the top roofing and solar installation companies.

SunPower also has its reputation for manufacturing Solar powered flood lights for different purposes.

There are many advantages of using SunPower, like; based in the United States of America, able to build houses using solar energy technology, competitive prices range and unique 25-year warranty for their products

5. The Solar Foundation

This is another Solar energy based non-profit organization which is based in the United Kingdom

As per The Solar Foundation website, they claim that they have been working on giving and transforming as many people as possible into Solar Energy life in the United Kingdom.

As per their tag line which is together, they’re creating transformative solutions to achieve a prosperous future in which solar energy is integrated into all aspects of people’s lives.

Since the Solar Foundation is a non-profit organization, they have a separate section on their website which allows donating money for their good cause.

They have been in the business for around 20 years and they have been able to convert many lives into solar-based lives all around the United Kingdom.

Also, they have a separate section on their website which displays their community.

Their community is made out of volunteer people who are willing to dedicate their time to this cause of transforming lives into solar energy powered.

There are many advantages of using TSF, like; its a non-profit organization which provides cheaper solar energy solutions, availability of dedicated staff and technical equipment to support their cause and vision, helping out in rural areas to gain access to electricity by solar energy and helping out people globally by SolSmart project.

6. Sunrun

Sunrun is one of the largest corporations that are working on changing the way you get your power.

They have been in the business for more than 2 decades and they have been able to gain their customer’s trust.

If you look at their customer reviews, you will understand how good their services and products are.

As per the Sunrun website, they’re one of the companies which were able to manufacture a power solution for boats.

That means they have manufactured solar boat motors that are powered by Solar energy.

Apart from that they also provide solar energy solutions to different industries.

In the Sunrun website they you will observe that they have 3 main categories of purchases available for residential customers.

They’re Solar lease, Solar battery, and Solar purchase.

Sunrun also was able to have more than 255,000 customers all around the world by providing customized and personalized products and services to its users.

Apart from that they’re located in 22 countries and claim to have 1760 megawatts deployed to the electricity system.

There are many advantages of using SunRun, like; products are services are available globally, unique products available for different vehicles and different products and services are available for both industrial and residential users.

7. Solar Power Europe

As the name says, this is one of the main organizations which works on transforming people’s lives into solar energy powered lives in the Europe region.

Even though it’s mainly based in Europe, they’re working on expanding into Africa and Asia region.

As per the Solar Power Europe website, their main mission is to shape the rules and regulatory environment to facilitate solar growth in the Europe region.

Furthermore, this organization promotes many solar energies to policymakers to prove that they can move into a 100% solar energy powered economy within 10 years.

Also, they’re a famous solar energy market analysis company that provides facts and figures regarding the transformation to Solar energy.

As per their website, Solar power Europe organization provides consultation to transform even transport and farming, to home and school.

Solar power Europe has not forgotten to add real user stories that they were able to change lives into solar energy powered by their cause on their website.

Statistics on their website prove that there will be 120,000 new jobs that will run on solar-based energy.

There are many advantages of using SPE, like; working on amending and creating policies for a Solar power-based economy and the website provides statistics about the future of Solar energy powered economy.

8. SunLux Energy

SunLux is one of the leading companies which manufacture Solar panel that suits any building.

They manage to help a hundred thousand of people who were willing to change their life energy source into Solar energy.

One of the main key features of SunLux is that as per their website, SunLux has been able to provide their customer with a cheaper solution which is customized according to their customer requirement.

If you look at their customer reviews, you will understand that they have been able to provide a 5-star service which led them to build their business.

SunLux is not only manufacturing Solar panel, but also solar energy powered units for RVs.

They have been helping on different RV companies to build Solar charge controllers for RV.

When it comes to the price range, there has been a reasonable price range on SunLux products.

As per the SunLux website, they claim that they’re working on an even cheaper solution for Solar panels but which will store more energy than a typical panel.

There are many advantages of using SunLux, like; provide only purchasing facilities on their website, working on new technologies and inventing the new solution to store more solar energy and manufacturing RV solar energy powered controllers.

9. Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar is mainly one of the leading solar energy product manufacturing company which is available globally.

They’re mainly based on the United States and working on providing solar energy solutions to every part of the world.

As per Vivint Solar website you will observe that they provide solar energy solutions to their customers for a very low price.

This is one of the main reasons that they were able to be in the solar energy product market for more than 10 years.

Vivint Solar also claims that they’re working on new solar panels which will be able to works as solar power banks.

This product will help you if you’re a person who is willing to go on camping using solar energy powered equipment.

Apart from manufacturing solar panels and power banks, Vivint Solar also manufactures Solar batteries, Solar car chargers and, etc.

Vivint smart home concept has become one of their most popular products, especially in the America region.

They’re providing you a house concept that is fully powered using Solar energy for a very reasonable price.

One of the key features of their website is that they provide free quotes for any user who is interested in their products.

Also, they let their customers to request a free review on their products before they purchase.

There are many advantages of using Vivint, like; provide cheaper and sustainable solutions to store solar energy, manufacture military-grade solar panels and manufacture Solar power banks that support on different occasions.

10. Solar Trade Association

This is one of the main and the best non-profit organization which is promoting of Solar energy.

Solar Trade Association is also famous for its reputation on charity work all around the world.

They have been supporting rural areas of Africa to get Solar powered electricity to work on their day-today-activities.

Because of that, the Solar Trade Association website is getting many users who are willing to support their cause.

One of the key features of their website is that they provide free quotes and updates about their products for any user who is interested in their products.

Solar Trade Association is mainly base on the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Their mission is to authorize and support the UK solar transformation.

We’re flooring the way for solar systems to deliver the maximum possible share of UK energy by 2030.

As their main products, they introduce solar heat, solar power and battery storage to the market.

And most importantly they have won awards for breaking through all those three technologies.

The main feature of Solar trade association website is that they do provide different solar energy solutions to both industrial and households.

Also, they have managed to provide these technologies to their customers at a very reasonable price.

Because of that, the Solar Trade Association has been able to gain more valued sales than any other company in the solar energy industry.

There are many advantages and benefits like; able to access and gain their technologies at a very low price, since it’s a UK based organization, UK citizen have special offers and discounts, categorized as a non-profit organization and also Technologies are available for both household and industrial usage.

We have been using many energy sources to produce electricity for centuries.

But we forgot the impact that we create on this planet by making these choices.

If we all can go green by transforming into solar energy, we will be able to protect the earth and its atmosphere being destroyed and polluted.

What we have reviewed today is a list of 10 main solar energy corporation and their websites.

Please do let us know your ideas on this article in the comment section below.

Final Thoughts

By now, we see that there is more to write and know about solar energy.

Feel free to comment below and share websites you came across about solar energy.