reasons to install solar panels

10 Reasons To Install Solar Panels & Why You Should Go Solar

There are many reasons to install solar panels.

Traditional electricity comes with a lot of negative consequences: it is limited, creates pollution, and it is becoming scarce, for which its price is continuously rising.

Whenever we generate electricity burning fossil fuels, we produce air pollution and emit greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change and global warming.

On the other hand, renewable energy is an environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and abundant power source that is available to everyone.

If you have a bigger house or if you’re concerned about the environment, you should consider investing in solar panels.

Solar panels provide multiple benefits.

They can help you economize on your electricity bills, increase your property value, and contribute to a cleaner future for the next generations.

Below are ten reasons to install solar panels.

So buckle up!

1. Economize on Electricity Bills

On average, Americans spend around 110$ on electricity each month and the energy consumption is rising.

Likewise, rising energy bills are a certainty with our current reliance on fossil fuels.

However, several factors such as the location of a home and home size may influence electricity bills.

Economizing electricity bills can be a huge motivator to turn to renewable energy sources such as solar power and install solar panels.

Nowadays you can invest in solar much easier, mainly thanks to federal tax credit incentives and financial assistance programs.

You can start using these solar power benefits today.

A big house and many home appliances can consume a lot of electricity.

It may seem like solar power is not worth the effort, but when you look at the numbers, you will realize that it’s a wise investment that can save you much money in the long term.

The overall initial cost of a solar system is high.

To encourage people to invest in solar panels, the government offers a 30% investment tax credit.

Depending on your home size and location, with efficient solar power, you can save up to 2,000$ a year.

A solar system costs around 16,000$, on average.

Electricity is produced by burning naturally limited fossil fuels for which you should expect electricity prices to rise.

However, by installing a solar power system you protect yourself from rising electricity prices.

2. Contribute to a Cleaner Environment

Many factors and circumstances impact the natural balance of our planet.

Global warming, for example, is a direct consequence of fossil fuel burning and carbon footprint.

That is why clean, renewable energy has become a necessity; it basically generates free electricity.

Coal and fossil fuel burning are some of the biggest producers of carbon pollution and water pollution. Power generation via traditional dirty sources produces vapor that mixes with water particles in the air to create acidic rain.

Electricity travels many distances to reach your house, and it follows a specific process in which much power is lost.

Setting up a solar system reduces these loses and helps your country economically.

Solar systems harvest power from the sun and do not produce greenhouse gas emissions. Installing solar power systems contributes to a safer and healthy environment for the next generations.

Contributing to a better environment should be the responsibility of us all.

If we all do our best and try to reduce toxic smoke and gases, we will ensure that future generations can live in a healthy and natural environment.

3. You Have a Plan B During a Power Outage

When you implement a solar system into your house, you will feel you have more control and safety, especially during a power outage caused by natural disasters.

Recently PG&E, an electricity providing company in California, has turned off the power, fearing that high winds could instigate a contact between transmission lines and trees creating blazing fires.

Although such major events like natural disasters and wars are highly unlikely, power outage due to maintenance or technical issue is likely.

Installing solar panels is endorsed if you live in an area where power outages are frequent.

By installing a solar power system and implementing a battery, you can have power during a power shortage.

You will feel safe during major events like wars or natural disasters.

In South Carolina, a power outage can stay for up to 20hours, in such states where significant events are frequent, investing in a solar system will make it independent and safe.

4. Sell Extra Electricity Produced By Your Solar Panels

Due to recent technological innovation, solar systems now have reverse power transportation technology that enables you to feed excess energy to the grid.

It’s important to note that the quality of your inverter will also determine whether you will be able to make the most out of the excess energy you feed to the grid.

Depending on your state, electricity companies could pay you for the excess energy that you feed into the grid.

In the United States of America, over 40 states are willing to pay you for excess energy produced by your solar panels.

Most power suppliers won’t pay you in cash.

However, you will receive a credit that will enable you to pay for your electricity consumption when your solar panels don’t produce excess energy.

You can make money by investing in solar panels if you live in an area where the sun is abundant.

However, net metering legislation and laws in your state can affect your earnings.

5. Solar Power is the Future

Numerous movements are demanding that governments take action on climate change.

Finding a cleaner substitute for traditional energy is a priority for humanity.

Most car brands are trying to invent more efficient electrical cars.

Most reputable car brands are competing to develop a practical vehicle that uses clean energy as fuel.

You can see that shortly, most appliances and cars will run on electricity.

Acquiring a natural power generator at your home is a wise choice.

Electricity price is expected to grow 3% each year.

As fossil fuel will become scarce, electricity prices will skyrocket, and having solar power at home will be the only solution in the future.

Over 2.7gigawatts of solar panels are built in the United States of America during the first three months of 2021.

This number is expected to grow, which confirms that the future is solar power.

6. Help Create Jobs

Solar power creates jobs in the solar industry and the installation of solar panels.

Solar power jobs grew by a whopping 168% from 2010 to 2015, 250,000 more jobs approximately were created in 2015.

When we’re talking about the solar power industry, we’re talking about many products and solar technology innovations.

Solar fences, for example, are one of the latest inventions that use solar energy.

They add to the aesthetics of your backyard and create that exotic feeling.

Many solar power brands are small local companies struggling for their share in the market.

By choosing to install solar panels, you’re supporting these small businesses and contributing to your local economy.

Solar energy is a labor-intensive industry.

For example, setting up a 1 Megawatt solar farm requires at least 15-20 workers.

Solar power companies compete with each other to create a cheap yet efficient solar system.

When you buy a solar panel, you’re helping these companies create a suitable product.

7. Increase Your Property Value

On average, installing a solar power system on your house can increase its value by 4% approximately.

If you live in an area where electricity is expensive, then solar panels will increase your property value a lot.

Although the price of solar systems differs from location to location, studies have shown that no area had its property value drop because of solar panels.

The size of your home and solar installation will play an essential role in the overall value of your property.

You can add solar power-based products to add an aesthetic look to your garden and economize on energy.

For example, solar umbrellas can take care of that outdoor space in your yard and increase its value.

When a buyer sees a solar panel in a house, he thinks that the owner took good care of its property.

Thus he is more likely to buy it.

A large house will see its value increase way more than a small house, however, this increase is often disproportionate to the overall cost of the house.

Aside from increasing the value of your property, if you have a solar installation in your house, and you’re considering selling it.

You will sell a home with solar panels 20% faster.

8. You Will Be Able to Afford Expensive Home Appliances

Many factors influence your monthly energy consumption; one of them is your home appliances.

Your TV, hot tub, air conditioner, and refrigerator consume most of the energy.

With a solar panel installation, you will be able to cover the high consumption of electricity by some home appliances such as air conditioners.

Heating a hot tub, for example, costs around 23$ per month, that’s 276$ per year.

When you have a solar panel installation in your house, you will be able to enjoy these appliances.

Solar power will enable you to live comfortably with as many home appliances as you need without ever worrying about electricity bills.

Providing heat to a swimming pool is challenging and expensive.

Thanks to solar panels, you might be able to reduce the bills and enjoy your pool more.

Speaking of pools, you can use solar rings to heat them as well.

The money you will be saving thanks to solar panels can be used to make whatever home installations you desire.

9. Durable & Reliable 

Solar panels are very durable; they will be staying on the roof of your house for at least 30 years.

A study suggests that solar panels can manage to continue for a period between 25-30 years.

People who are interested in solar panels worry about the degradation of the solar panels.

Solar panel performance is estimated to drop by 0.8% each year.

The quality of the material of the solar panel determines its degradation and some premium solar panels offer degradation rates as low as 0.3% per year.

Even with a degradation rate as high as 0.8% each year, your solar panel will continue to operate and harvest power with 88% of its original performance.

Solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

According to a study, only 0.1% of all solar panels have been reported to be damaged.

Most reputable solar panel brands test their solar panels.

These solar panels are made from a unique material to withstand heavy rain, hurricane, and hail storms.

10. You Will Become More Educated About a Trending Technology

Knowledge is power, and solar power knowledge in the future will become a superpower.

Statistics and numbers all point toward solar energy.

The world is trying to change and use more renewable energies.

Only solar power can be the alternative to fossil fuel because it’s limitless, and its cost is low.

Installing a solar panel at your house will force you to become educated about a source of energy that will be the primary energy used in the future.

Because of the multiple brands and confusing information about the solar power system, it’s essential to be educated about a brand before installing solar panels.

Schools and universities now use solar power, and even cars are starting to use electricity. When installing a solar panel, you will likely do so much research.

Final Thoughts


Solar energy is going to be the primary energy source for the future.

That’s why educating ourselves about its benefits is very advantageous.

Installing solar panels comes with many benefits like economizing on electricity bills, contributing to a cleaner future, increasing property value, or helping your local economy.

It’s essential to be educated about the different aspects of a solar panel.

There is too much confusing information out there.

The advice of a professional is always good.