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🏅 15 Best & Top Rated Bright Solar Deck Lights: 2019 Reviews

Solar deck lights are a convenient and suitable alternative to saving energy. Many home owners stand a greater chance to benefit from this alternative source of energy because it taps its source from the natural solar system, the sunlight.

These deck lights are lights are fitted with rechargeable batteries that are easily reloaded during the day everyday by the built in solar panels that come with each individual deck light.

This makes them very easy to maintain if at all any maintenance is need but also after a very long time, as one only needs to replace the batteries thus making them quite durable and long lasting, they thus require lesser maintenance and operation costs as compared to the conventional lights.

Use of solar decks lighting also improves the safety of the homes and properties for the families and home or property owners when they are well located on the footsteps or staircases.

The high performance LEDs automatically light up at night and most of them also go off by themselves when daylight comes. This makes them user friendly because one does not have to be physically present to switch the lights on and off.

Over and above this, this source of energy comes along with multitudes of benefits as compared to the traditional wired electricity energy. They are also classy and one can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes available in the market today thereby making the worth of a property to rise tremendously.

Solar deck lights creates natural beauty if the right choice of deck lights is made. One can also choose on the different shades of brightness as per the taste and choice.

In fact, some of the deck lights can serve to simply beautify the home or property even when they are not in use.

One can choose to install theses lights on top of the traditional electricity that is wired such that during the day, the deck lights serve the aesthetic purpose and at night when one needs not pay for the electricity as well, the deck lights can still offer lighting to the homes and properties.

Amongst thousands of other deck lights available, we have selected just a few that can work quite well for the homeowners and property owners as listed below with their advantages and or benefits.

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of the 15 best and top-rated bright solar desk lights and their reviews in 2019.

1. The Improved Version of 36 LED Solar Lights

This deck light comes with a broad slant lightning, giving it a brightness like no other. The brightness of this deck light also makes it very unique in terms of larger area coverage and extra light that it provides making it a right choice for instance if the area to be covered is larger.

The distance that this light can cover makes it ideal especially for bigger events that one might want hold at their property. It comes with a motion detector that detects people around the property and also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which makes it last longer too.

This makes it a security gadget as well and can serve well as much as providing lighting. It comes with three optional modes that ranges from dusk, goes off and is up at sunrise. The modes makes it easier to operate at any given moment in the day or night.

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2. Neloodony 28 LED

This solar light comes with a device that can detect movement around and also doubles as a security light. This type is easy to install, and one can do it in a matter of seconds. No complicated wiring is necessary here.

It has two openings for easy suspension on the walls or for support. This also makes it easier to adjust and also to remove should one wish to change the position of the lighting.

It’s not harmful to the environment either, simply charged through the day by exposure to the sun rays. The earth is already polluted by masses of gadgets being operated on a daily basis, it comes a sigh of relief and does not add to the problem.

It is heat proof and water proof that makes it great for outdoor security as well, for the wall, patio, garden, porch lawn, pathway, gutter and any other place of choice that a property owner can choose.

Its design for all weather condition makes it quite valuable even in extreme weather conditions. Whether it rains or snows, the activity will continue.

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3. Hoont Pack LED Solar Step

This shiny device comes in a pack of four Solar Step Lights, which is quite ideal for a stretch of a staircase, or walkway. One simply needs probably a set of two or maybe just one set to fully lighten two stretches of a stair case.

It simply goes on during the day and goes off at night quite easy to use, for the outdoors. One does not have to be on standby to put it on and off. It also lasts very long and is water proof.

The durability actually makes it quite attractive to those who do not want to spend or are on a tight budget but still want to enjoy the benefits of this.

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4. The Tiny Moonrays 95028

This type of deck light has a uniqueness than no other, it can be installed on the property to provide light that gives direction to where any attention is needed at any given time, quite ideal when one has visitors. It can also act as security light to scare away robbers to the homes.

One does not need the services of a guide or spend time guiding the visitors around when lighting is installed.

It’s also small thus making it very attractive as well.It can also sense the amount of light when the sun comes up and when the sun goes down it automatically switches on during the day and off during the night.

This type of solar deck light does not rust either making it last longer and much more durable. It can withstand all weather conditions.

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5. The F-TECK Outdoor

It comes in a pack of eight LED lights. It has a long warranty, thus guaranteeing a customer money back in less than one month should one not be satisfied with the final item delivered.

This is like being given an item for trial usage for a whole thirty days and one can still return it. This alone guarantees its quality.If one has kids, it is much more ideal because it has perfect lighting especially when put on a stair deck or next to a pool.

This can help avert many injuries for the family or owners of a property.They are also safe for the environment, making them echo friendly for use and much cheaper on the long run.

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6. Solar Dock JACKYLED

This is a multipurpose light, that can be used everywhere, be it on the roads, pathways, sidewalks, and any other place out there other than the home. It can also come in handy when a client has some road construction going on.

It also works well under heavy machinery such as trucks and once installed does not need to be replaced every now and then and even for as long as it’s still in use.

It’s also quite cheap and easy on the pockets, making it ideal for clients on a budget. It also comes in a pack of eight LED Lights, and very good for the outdoors, on the driveways, the backyards and on the garden as well.

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7. The LITOM Classic

This type of solar lighting lasts for a whole three years without replacement and is the first LED light that completely protects circuit and battery thereby its long lifespan. Best for those who has durability in mind when purchasing.

The solar motion sensor for this type of light is much higher than the general LED Lights. The higher sensitivity of the motion sensor makes it quite ideal especially when it comes to security measures as well. It is waterproof and also takes minimal time to put in place, very good for the front doors, porch, garages or the backyard.

It provides a super bright lighting experience for the user thereby positioning it as a perfect lighting amongst the others.

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8. Signstek LED

This type of lightning gathers energy even on cloudy days. Quite commendable during bad weather. One will be assured of lighting as its consumption of direct sunlight is quite practical, making it still usable even when there is no direct sunlight.

It’s a six pack, but with 2 LEDs only in each light pack, this item can still provide lighting for up to more than eight hours. This means that with only two out of the six LEDs working, lighting is still guaranteed.

When it is mounted flat on the stairs or paths, this item is a perfect choice for areas where electricity supply is missing. This is quite ideal in remote places where the conventional electricity cables and wiring cannot or has not been able to reach.

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9. OTHWAY Solar Light

This lighting is so beautiful one can use it for decorative purposes even when on top of being a source of power. Its use for aesthetics purposes makes it quite ideal as it gives a two in one combination. Ehen it is off, it is a decorative piece, and when it switches on, the better.

It is an all-weather lighting equipment and can withstand strong winds, strong heat, and even snow, strength it draws from its and nice design. The design makes it quite strong to survive in any given condition.

Customers have reported a 100% satisfaction with this item, thus giving making it stand at an advantage over others. The clients who have purchased or used it before fully recommends thus making it one of the popular LED lights available in the market.

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10. InSassy Solar

This solar LED design comes with mood colors that one can choose from, to fit the mood of the day or of the night or for any given activity to fit the occasion. This fulfills the wishes of the users as it can easily be changed from very bright, to dim, and to any other light shade.

It will also add some amount of excitement to the property or home because of the color combination chosen at any given time. It can even be matched with the mood of the activity or occasion is one so wishes.

It ‘s also very easy to mount thereby reducing incidences of mishaps or damage to the LED light or even property when mounting.

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11. Siedinlar Deck Lights

This design of the deck lights is elegant for any location that one may want to display it, thus serving many purposes at a go. Next to a swimming pool, a yard when guests or family can relax, gardens, paths and especially resorts for tourists.

It also resistant to pressure especially from motor vehicles making it ideal for roads where motor vehicles are operated, paths, and ports where heavy machinery are in use.

It’s also very simple and safe for the environment. For those with preference for no-complicated deck lights, this could be the ideal choice.

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12. The 6 Pack Deal By Falove Solar

This type comes in color white making it very specific for those with particular preferences. When choosing it for a particular area, it easier when color coordination is a key determinant on what is being mounted where.

It can also hang from any gutter system and simply goes on at dawn and off in the evening. No need for controls.

It’s water proof so no need for worries about the extremities of the weather condition of any given location chosen for this.

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13. Carry360 158 LED

Its flickering flames is the focal point of this deck light. And this comes alive when it is dark, while the bright lights go on when someone is around and continues for as long as the person is around.

The flickering flames also casts a rather soft mood-enhancing, and pleasant glow which is quite beautiful.

It also has a greater sensor that can detect any movement quite far away as compare to the others.

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14. Solar Flood Lights

This is the improved version of the earlier Solar Hallomall and it comes with twelve LED Lights. Its super large solar panels, create speedy absorption of solar energy, making it very effective as compared to the lightings with smaller panels.

Its full twelve months manufacturer’s warranty with no explanations, makes it quite ideal for first time buyers.

It can also be adjusted to any angle one wishes for even if it’s already installed making it very flexible to work with.

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15. The Tomshine Sunken

These lights have extra stability to them once they are installed on the ground, thus making them quite attractive when it comes to permanent installations. They are quite long lasting and quite durable, making them quite choice to make for projects that are there to stay.

Furthermore, they are very bright and quite warm, quite ideal for creating star effects for a facility, making guests to feel comfortable.

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16. Yescom Romantic Deck Lights

For passion lovers, this is the type of light to install in a property. It creates a dreamy feeling to any place that it is chosen for, turning the feeling of even the most of boring sections in a home.

This type of light has a level of water proof and is still ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They are quite ideal for the stairs or steps and can be used to illuminate the walkways.

Their sockets are inbuilt thereby allowing for connection and expansion as per the number of lights that one prefers to have. It’s great for energy saving and environmentally friendly for use, quite ideal especially because of its environmental friendliness.

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17. Yescom Outdoors Step

The light has exceedingly long life span, so if one does not wish to keep on changing the home lighting, this is the right choice to make. It’s energy saving and also does not contribute to pollution of the environment.

It has very warm white lights, and colors making it ideal for comfortable home lighting.

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18. Solar Step Lights

It comes in a cool pack of two lights. The white color itself makes it quite good. These lights offer the best step lights for one’s home with bigger solar panels. They are also very stylish in design that can also be used as decorations when not in use.

These lights are pocket friendly and offers service for a very long time.

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What to Look for and Consider when Buying Solar Deck lights

Now that a decision has been made to purchase Solar Deck lights to mount at a particular area, what is it that one should look out for when doing the purchase What are the best features of a good solar deck light?

Nobody should suffer the pain of doing a purchase only to end up with dim lighting or one that cannot last for the duration that it was supposed to serve, and worse still, one whose quality is compromised. Below are key components that should stand out when carrying out a purchase.


Is the deck light I am purchasing serving the purpose for which I am purchasing it for and meeting my expectations to the maximum? Are the lights bright enough to light the area of my focus or simply offering dim lights and not to standards expected, and are the installation screws in place? Or it will fall apart when I begin to work with it and mount it on the backgrounds that is offering support?

Are the Photovoltaic Cells efficient?

Older models of solar lights tended to have solar cells that were not durable enough. One should therefore check out for these cells to ensure that they are modern and long-lasting for the intended period. One should find out at the point of purchase about the efficiency of these cells.

Location of the deck light

Where I’m I going to put this light and how? Location matters a lot when it comes to making a choice. I’m I going to hang it on the wall, or is it going to light my steps, or my pathways or my garage and parking? All these need to be considered in order to fit the item with the purpose and place. A misplaced light may just cause a misery to the user in the long run.

The LED Lights

The LEDs should be robust and strong enough, especially for the deck lights used for heavy duty such as on roads, pathways and even on construction sites.

Solar Deck Lights for Aesthetic effects

The solar lights that are used for beauty purposes should serve this purpose. Their purpose is not to provide light but for radiance, so do the features they possess serve this purpose in illuminating the areas of focus?

Solar Security Lights

These lights whose main purpose is to lighten dark areas should be well equipped for this job and they should also fit in well in the security plan or detail of a property.

What about the Price?

Does the price match the quality of the lighting gadget one is purchasing? A huge amount of cash may just be wasted when the right choice is not made. At times also one may be tempted to the lower price, without considering the purpose or even the lighting needs to be.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 15 best & top-rated bright solar deck lights and their reviews for 2019. See one that’s not on the list and you think it should be? Drop us a comment below and tell us about it!


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