🏅 10 Best Solar Gadgets For Home, Camping, Gifts & More: 2019 Reviews

Solar technology has become way more accessible and functional in the past decade, and this tech trend is just going to continue improving, as the pursuit for green energy is a global issue with economic, environmental and technological benefits.

Nowadays, all sorts of solar gadgets that we use on a regular basis have a solar version.

This is absolutely great because it means that now you can light your home, warm your bathing water, charge your electronic gadgets, and even deter gofers from messing up your garden, all with green energy.

Here is a list of useful solar gadgets that will help you to cut-down your electric bill, lower your fossil fuel footprint, help you out during an unexpected blackout, or even make your next camping trip more comfortable.

The more we choose solar options in our everyday life, the quicker we are taking the steps towards the transition from fossil-fuel electricity to green and non-polluting energy.

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of the 10 best solar gadgets and their reviews for 2019. These are great for camping, home use, gifts and more.

1. Pergola Waterproof Solar Lights Strand

These lights will make you want to spend lovely evenings in the backyard. The light are round Edison filament bulbs –both stylish and retro– that give a beautiful Italian outdoor-bistro ambiance for your yard, balcony or patio.

The strand is 27 feet long with 12 G40 LED bulbs spaced 20 inches apart, that gives you a lighted portion of 20 feet to arrange however you like, and you won’t be paying anything extra on your electricity bill while beautifully lighting your yard.

The solar panel on these lights comes fitted in an easy-to-use clip-on, so all you need to do is find a spot with direct sun during the day and just clip the panel right there. It really doesn’t get more practical than that!

Pros & Benefits:
  • As they are solar, there’s no need to be close to an electricity outlet, you can basically place them wherever you like, as long as the panel get sunshine during the day
  • These lights are waterproof, so no need to worry about rain affecting them
  • The solar panel is a comfortable 6 feet away from the first bulb of the light strand
  • This set of solar lights has a 3-year guarantee from the maker

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2. Strand of solar LED lights in Lid for a Mason Jar Lantern

This item is a Mason Jar lids with a solar panel on their top side, along with a hanging wire, and a strand of 30 amber tone LED lights connected to it; so, all you need to do is place the light strand inside a Mason Jar and close the lid tightly.

The lid fits a standard mouth size 2 Mason Jar: it has an inner diameter of 3⁄8 in (60 mm) and and outer diameter of 2 3⁄4 in (70 mm).

You will then have an independent solar lantern that you can hang or just set on a table, and it will give your back yard or patio a warm, romantic, and cozy ambiance.

Pros & Benefits:
  • The lid is designed to be waterproof, and once you place the lights in a Mason Jar, all you have to do is close it tightly and not worry about them being outside during rain or in humid environments
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee offered by the maker
  • These lanterns are sold in sets of 4 or 6, so you can set a design theme for your backyard lighting
  • There’s no need for installation of the lantern because it is just a luminous Mason Jar

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3. A String of Outdoor Solar Lights

As you can see from this list, solar lighting offers a wide range of options for eco-friendly and practical outdoor lighting, and cute holiday decoration is certainly not an exception.

This is a 16 feet long strand of 30 acrylic pumpkin-shaped solar lights connected to a 2.5’’ square solar panel with a 20 cm ground stake, there’s a 15 cm separation between each pumpkin light, and the cord that connects them is transparent.

This is an easy and cheap way to express you Halloween spirit and give a golden orange glow to your yard or front lawn, and a great complement for your spooky decorations.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Lights up automatically at dusk after charging under the sun during the day and automatically turns off too in daylight
  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation and no need for an electric outlet, just place the solar panel under direct sunlight
  • They can be set in three different modes: steady, and two different flashing modes
  • Using these holiday lights won’t affect your electricity bill at all, because all you need is the sun

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4. Compact AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio with a 3 LED flashlight and smart phone charger

This emergency AM/FM radio is very useful item, specially for a situation of blackouts due to extreme weather events, and it is very versatile on how it can be charged.

It has a solar panel on top, it can be hand-cranked, and it can be charged by plugging it via USB to a computer or a wall-plug charger, so no matter what type of emergency arises, you’ll have access to NOAA weather news on radio frequencies.

Furthermore, it includes a 3 LED light to be used in a blackout or while camping, and it can also be used as a 1000 mAh smart phone charger through its USB and mini USB ports (cables are not included).

Pros & Benefits:
  • Unlike many hybrid-powered gadgets, the solar panel on it does deliver enough energy in a shot time under the sun: a 30 minute solar charge from dead battery allows for 2 hours of radio
  • It’s compact, light, and easy to carry, so it is a great device to take on hiking trips and out camping
  • Its high quality rechargeable battery is meant to last, so you can rely on making the radio work for many year

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5. Compact Solar 6 inch Fan

This is a compact 10 watt fan that includes a small portable solar panel, so it doesn’t use up much space when you take it in your backpack for a camping trip to a hot location.

The fan is suitable for small spaces that need extra ventilation at home, like a home office, a tinny house kitchen, or a washroom, but it can also be used for a pet house, a chicken den, a tree house, or an RV.

It doesn’t use a rechargeable battery, but rather works directly with the solar panel.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It can be used in a home office during the hotter months without any increase in your electricity bill
  • The fan runs fastest under direct sunshine, but also works well with weak sunlight
  • Its solar panel is fitted in a light weight plastic case that is easy to clean and has entry holes on the corners in order to be able to fasten it wherever you need with cords

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6. Solar Powered Dummy Security CCTV Cameras

A set of fixed dummy cameras that you can install around your house that give the appearance of having a CCTV recording system installed, which deters possible vandals and burglars from doing any trouble due to the idea that they are being filmed –the red light on the cameras blinks when working.

They’re an efficient way to give the appearance of a security system but at a much lower cost than the real thing.

Pros & Benefits:
  • The cameras are made of durable materials, look very real and are easy to install. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The set consists of 4 dummy solar cameras, so you can use them in your front door, back door, yard, and garage, or wherever you need some security device
  • They work with solar energy, but as a back up, in case of having very low sunshine for a long period of time, they can also work with 2 AA batteries (not included)

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7. Solar Water Fountain

A fountain is a great way for keeping humidity in the air of a garden space or even an indoor area, it is particularly a good idea if you have high-humidity tropical plants or orchids near by; however, regular fountains require the installation some type of pumping system, usually an external one.

A solar fountain just takes in sunshine and makes its own internal pump work, moving and lifting water just a few seconds after it receives direct sunlight.

And remember, it’s a completely Eco-friendly option. Its size (6.3 x 6.3 x 1.6 inches) is easy to fit into medium sized water containers that you want to convert into a fountain.

This item will bring you the relaxing sound of water without any hassle or extra costs.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This fountain is perfect to create a birdbath in your garden or even in a balcony, you can also use it in a fishpond or a pool, or in a patio
  • The fountain pump will start working just a couple of seconds after it receives sunlight and the pump is completely submerged in water
  • It has 4 different types of nozzle heads attached to the pump so you can change the height of water (up to 30-50 cm approx.)  and have it fall in different patterns

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8. Solar Powered Mole Repellent

Moles, country mice and gophers can be a true nightmare when you are growing a garden, specially if you are growing vegetables, they can wreak havoc with your plants and are very hard to get rid of.

The solar power mole repellent is a great option to get rid of them without using dangerous poisons, complicated traps, and harming fauna.

Basically it just deters gophers from living in your garden by emitting sonic pulses and vibrations at 400 Hz in all directions every 30 seconds that they find repulsive, and therefore, they’ll move elsewhere.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Avoids the use of poison and mistreating wildlife
  • The pulse frequency does not affect your pets
  • Weatherproof and easy to change place
  • It doesn’t need any complicated installations of cables, you just need to insert the mole repellent in the earth near a mole hole and under sunlight
  • In full sunlight, it can be fully charged in around 4 hours, this will enable the gopher repellent to work for 4 full days without interruption, even in unfavorable weather
  • The battery will recharge from the solar panel automatically and, as it is solar, it won’t have any impact on your energy bill

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9. Solar Portable Smart Phone Charger

Nowadays, a power bank is pretty much a necessity when traveling or if you live in a place with frequent power outages, you need to keep your smart phone charged.

This is a charging power bank that has a decent solar panel for its compact size, as well as the usual option of charging it through an electric outlet.

It takes roughly about 85 hours in order to get to a full charge.The solar feature is particularly useful for emergency charges and when hiking or camping.

This power bank has a handy loop so it can be hung  on your backpack and charge with the sun light when walking outdoors.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Compact and splash-proof
  • Dust and shock-proof
  • It includes a powerful LED light with three different modes
  • High compatibility with tablets and smart phones with its input for USB, micro USB and USB C, supporting iPhones, Samsung devices, as well as other USB-compatible brands
  • It charges quicker when connected simultaneously through two of its inputs

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10. Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights

If you are looking for outdoor lighting for security reasons rather than ambiance, these lights are top of the line: fully solar, motion sensor activation, super luminous with 20 LED lights that cover a 270° wide angle, and they are of course, waterproof.

They’re sold in a pack of 4, so you can fully illuminate the external part of your house and be sure that if anything moves, the lights will turn on. So, feel safer and keep your property well illuminated without any increase in your electricity bill.

Pros & Benefits:
  • The photoelectric conversion rate on their solar panels is 20% higher than the average solar lights, so they can fully charge much faster during the day
  • Easy to install design
  • Each light has its PIR motion sensor, which is 20% more sensitive than similar security lights currently in the market

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11. 20 Liter Solar Shower Bag

This is great for long camping trips, take your solar shower bag and enjoy a hot shower wherever you are.

The bag is made of SMART PVC material that can efficiently absorb sun rays to heat up the water inside the bag, with just 3 hours under direct sunshine, it can warm up water up to 113°F (45°C).

There are no solar panels on this and no electrical anything, this is pure solar heat being set to use.

It has its own shower head with an easy On/Off switch, as well as high and low pressure modes; also, you don’t need to guess the water temperature as it has an indicator attached.

Pros & Benefits:
  • You can easily hang it and take a hot shower anywhere
  • It has multiple layers of fabric in order to make it leak-proof
  • Easy to fold and pack neatly into a backpack
  • The shower bag includes a hose with its shower head, a hanging strap, and a plastic tube

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12. 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Camping Lamp

This is a great solar camping lamp, but more importantly, it’s also is a mosquito zapper! A perfect combo if you like camping in the middle of nature during warm summer nights –minus the mosquitoes.

Then again, if you live in a place with lots of mosquitoes, you can use this at home by only activating the zapping mode.

This is a compact lantern that can be charged with the solar panel included, or through any USB outlet.

A full charge takes merely 2 to 4 hours, depending on the charging method, and a full charge will last up to 28 hours in its UV mosquito killer mode, or 18 hours in its soft lamp mode.

You can activate it as a lamp, as a mosquito zapper, or just both modes simultaneously.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It’s coved in a plastic cage to avoid the inside wire from being touched
  • An IP67 waterproof rating, so you can leave it out on rainy days
  • Easy to clean, just remove the plastic cage, make sure it’s off and clean with water
  • The mosquito zapper is both attractive to insects, and quiet when zapping them

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13. Luminous Hummingbird Solar Wind Chimes

This is a rather unique decor piece for your porch or garden: a hummingbird themed wind chime that at night becomes colorful and luminous.

All you need to do is hang it in a place where the top (where the solar panel is placed) receives direct sunlight, and enjoy the magical sight of color-changing hummingbirds suspended in the air at night.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Waterproof
  • The chime automatically recharges during the day and automatically turns on at night
  • Fully charged, the chime can be lit for 6 to 8 hours
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • It has an on/off switch in case you sometimes don want it to light up automatically

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14. Retro-style White Iron Solar Lantern

A beautifully crafted retro-style lantern to hang in your garden, made of iron with a white-wash finishing to give it an antique and rustic look, a tasteful accessory for your decor, specially if you’re going a bohemian and original vibe, or a more timeless elegance style.

The lantern is 6×6×6.7 inches, you can can hang it easily, or just place it on a table. It comes with a 3000K warm white LED bulb with a 4 lumen intensity.

Under proper sunlight, the lantern will be fully charged in 6 to 8 hours, and that will keep the lantern on for 8 to 10 hours at night.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It has a practical On/Off switch, in case you don’t want it on some nights, however, it won’t charge during the day if the switch is off
  • The lantern automatically turns on in a dark environment, and off when a bright enough light source is near
  • No need for any installation, all you need is to click the on switch and charge under direct sunlight
  • A 180-day guarantee

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Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 10 best solar gadgets and their reviews for 2019 that are great for camping, home use gifts and more.

See one that’s not on the list and should be? Feel free to let us know down below in the comments section.

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