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10 Best Solar Gate Openers & Their Reviews [Updated 2022]

What is it like to live in a world without electricity? Dark, dull and lifeless.

It’s very unimaginable living in a world without it. In this modern world, we rely on electricity since the inventions that have been created from our previous generations rely on it.

These inventions as we speak are what we have been using in our everyday lives. The lights inside our home cannot function without electricity, the cars that we have been using need electricity in order for them to run.

1. Ghost Controls TSS1XP

Ghost Controls Heavy-Duty Solar Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Driveway Swing Gates with Long-Range...

If you’re looking for type a type of gate opener that can support heavy weight gates, then this product is what you need to purchase since this is a heavy duty intended for a single automatic gate opener.

This is also best for a single gate up to 20ft.

This is also very easy to install, like a DIY or Do-It-Yourself type of installation.

This product comes with almost a complete set of kits and you can even choose other type of kits like the dual type depending on the gate currently installed in your home.

It also includes a 10W solar panel so need not worry.

The good thing about this product is that almost everything is inside the kit.

No need to buy cables, those additional mounting brackets, fasteners, and etc.

It’s like a box full of fun goodies inside it.

Worry free right?

All you just need is to buy the required batteries for this product and your property gate will definitely get the enhancement it needs.

  • Lifetime Warranty on the motor and gear–18 to 24 months on the remaining parts
  • 730 days average battery life
  • Low Voltage since it is solar optimized
  • No batteries included
  • Its DIY installation however it’ll take you awhile
  • Issues that the product won’t easily work

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2. Ghost Controls TDS2XP

Ghost Controls Heavy-Duty Solar Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Driveway Swing Gates with Long-Range...

This one is somewhat similar to the previous one although what this product has is that it has a lot of features which make it a recommended product to buy!

One of its notable features is that it has a wireless keypad and a five (5) button premium remote and what makes this one really amazing is because it has a feature called “wired vehicle exit wand” that would trigger the gate to open if you’re about to enter or exit your property.

Indeed, a wow factor!

  • More installed features for convenience
  • DIY Installation method
  • Additional accessories can be added for customization
  • Batteries are still not included, same with previous product model
  • Has the same issues with other product, that it won’t easily work
  • Instruction given is confusing

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3. Mighty Mule MM360

Mighty Mule MM360 Medium Duty Gate Operator, Black

Energy efficient, easy to install and quality performance.

The Mighty Mule MM360 has all three on what you’re looking for.

Its energy efficient because it is solar capable of a maximum of 10-watt solar panel and also with its great reserve power, you’ll be able to use it for longer periods.

The Mighty Mule is a recommended product if you’re looking for medium gate duty.

Technically speaking, this gate opener can up to a maximum of 550 pounds and or 16 feet long gates.

And since it is a Do-It-Yourself type of installation, no need to worry because all the information that you need, the steps is inside the DVD.

How convenient!

  • Easy to install with easy to read manuals and a DVD on how to install
  • Quality and Superior performance in one product
  • More power and reserve capacity
  • No solar panel included
  • Although it says batteries are included, reviews say there were no batteries included
  • The product tends to not work during the cold season

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4. Mighty Mule MM262

Mighty Mule MM262 Automatic Gate Opener for Light Duty Dual Swing Gates Up to 12' Long or 300 lb

Looking for a solar gate opener that is perfect for your small residential property?

Then this product is would be your best pick because it’s light duty and since you’re living in a residential zone, this will only require a maximum of 300 pound gate and or a maximum length of 12 feet.

All Mighty Mule products are solar capable and easy to install which makes it a recommendable product for you to purchase.

And not to mention, it can also be suitable for all gate types so whether your gate is made of wood, iron, or an ornamental one, it would definitely fit.

  • 12-month warranty
  • Detailed instructions on how to install
  • Dual sense technology
  • No batteries are included
  • No solar panel is included
  • Reviews on it won’t last long

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5. Topens AD8S

TOPENS AD8S Automatic Gate Opener Kit Heavy Duty Solar Dual Gate Operator for Dual Swing Gates Up to...

Tired of getting of your car and open your property’s gate?

Does it even tire you when it’s a bit heavy?

We’ve got you covered because Topens AD8S will definitely cut off your time on opening your gate by yourself.

This product is a heavy duty one suitable for dual swing type of gates that can hold up to 18 feet long and a maximum weight of 850 pounds.

It’s also very perfect for all types of gates and this might interest you, it comes with a 20-watt solar panel and it also comes with a number of smart technology.

This product also equipped with security smart technology, which means your safety and protection are rested assured.

The instructions that come with this product are very easy to follow and before I forget, it’s a Do-It-Yourself installation.

Totally worry-free!

  • Perfect for heavy gates
  • Includes a number of smart technology inside
  • 12-month warranty and a free product return and exchange within 30 days
  • The battery is not included
  • Missing information in the instructions manual
  • Review on the opener that it won’t work

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6. Topens A8S

TOPENS A8S Automatic Gate Opener Kit Heavy Duty Solar Single Gate Operator for Single Swing Gates Up...

Looking for a solar gate opener that is heavy duty and can also be suitable for all gate types?

Then the Topens A8S is just what you’re looking for.

This gate opener comes with a 20-watt solar panel exclusively designed for heavy duty gate openers with a maximum of a whopping 18 feet long and or 850 pound gate.

This product is also made equipped using advanced technology and just like other Topens’ products, it’s easy to install because of its Do-It-Yourself installation capabilities including easy to follow manual instructions and definitely, it’ll ensure safety and protection not only for you but for your family as well.

  • 12-month product warranty
  • 20-watt polycrystalline solar panel
  • Waterproof control box
  • Customer service of the product is sometimes unreachable
  • Reviews that product is not working properly
  • Value of money is not worth according to reviews

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This product is an upgrade to Mighty Mule MM260 and Mighty Mule MM360.

But what makes this different from the previous product models is that this is capable of heavy duty gate openers and it’s deemed as the top class in its quality.

Also, with its Dual Sense Technology, your protection and safety are guaranteed at their best

Additionally, it also comes with Professional Grade Soft Start/Soft Stop features, more detailed manual instructions with a DVD on how to install and a battery, yes, you read it very right, battery is inclusive on this one.

  • It comes with an all-inclusive kit
  • 18 months of warranty compared to previous models that only have 12 months of warranty
  • Professional Grade Technology
  • Although it is solar capable, no solar panel is included
  • Lack of warranty support and poor customer service
  • Reviews of warranty aren’t guaranteed, but not yet verified

8. Mighty Mule EZGO

Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Automatic Gate Operator

If you’re looking for a superior performance that doesn’t even require a power of the gate site of your own property, then Mighty Mule EZGO is the best product that you’ll have.

This automatic gate opener comes with a 5-watt solar panel and can even handle gates up to 16 feet long and as heavy as 550 pounds! It’s very easy to install through a Do-It-Yourself type of installation.

Sounds fantastic right?

It’s also an all-inclusive kit so no need to worry about buying additional equipment.

And what makes this product really on the top is that you don’t need to read manually written and long instructions because it comes with an interactive DVD on how to install it on your property.

Cool right?

  • Comes with a 12-month brand warranty
  • Suitable for all gate types
  • The product price point is customer friendly
  • No batteries are included
  • Not waterproof and with several issues that it’ll stop working when it gets soaked
  • Several issues on its capability to last long

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9. Eco LLC Solar Power

DC House EM3 Heavy-Duty Solar Gate Opener Kit for Single Swing Gate Operator Systems Up to 8...

If the gate in your property is not that heavy compared to other gates and still, if you’re looking for convenience, then this one is what you should put on your shopping cart.

This product can support 300kg perfectly if your gates open either left or right.

Don’t forget this comes also with an 11-W solar panel and compared with other solar gate openers, this one has already a battery included.

It’s also less consuming on power that means it’s very energy efficient and although it is not a Do-It-Yourself type of installation, you don’t have to destroy structures and columns since this product is adjustable.

It’s an all-inclusive package which means you don’t need to buy additional batteries because it’s all there in one box.

  • Battery inclusive unlike other products
  • New in the market, but the quality product has proven its worth
  • Can be switched easily to a manually operating system in case of power failure.
  • Price is not really that customer friendly since it can only support 300kg and single type gates
  • Maximum range is only 8ft

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10. USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300

USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener

Eyeing for a solar gate opener that has a wide array of system?

Then the US Automatic Sentry got you covered.

This product is your best choice because you have two options on recharging it whether through an AC or through its solar panels and what’s good in its solar panel is that it allows you for remote installations and can provide you the energy that would last for weeks without sun.

It can support gates weighing up to 400 pounds and or as high as 20 feet long gates, which is perfect for your iron made gates.

And since it’s solar operated, it’s full of solar friendly accessories and the kit is almost fully-equipped.

Hassle free right?

Convenient and energy efficient.

  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Fast installation that would take you less than an hour
  • Good monetary value
  • The battery is not yet included in the package kit
  • Reviews of battery charger failures
  • The product doesn’t last long in reviews

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Final Thoughts

As a homeowner, solar gate openers are already a huge help for us in many ways.

First, it’s because it provides the right convenience we’re looking.

We cannot deny that we always get exhausted after a long day at work and driving our own vehicle generally adds up to it.

It is more exhausting once we reach our own home, where we still need to get out of the car and open the gate and get out again to close and locked it.

But with this kind of product, we cut our time and have a little relaxation while waiting for our gates to automatically open and close for us.

Second, it’s because of the quality and features.

As a homeowner, quality is more important because I wanted it to last for as long as it con possibly be because we don’t want to waste our money.

If we keep in mind, gate openers are not that cheap because price wise, you’ll definitely need more than a hundred bucks.

We want that the value of our money would be is worth buying the product.

Also, we also consider the product features, what comes inside, what are those inclusive items and as well as how long can the product’s warranty can cover.

We can’t just buy a product that is not complete because we don’t want to spend another time buying for missing parts and product features included how technology makes it very unique.

Unique in a sense that not only it provides security and safety but also provides ease for usage.

Finally, what we consider on buying solar gate openers it’s because its energy efficient.

Without a doubt, inside our homes, we’re already consuming a lot of electricity, from electric stoves, washers and dryers, appliances, gadgets and many more and it’s already a burden on our own pockets paying huge amount of electricity bills plus we’re not helping our environment.

However, our modern world has evolved and has already been using alternative sources of energy for equipment to function.

In the case of gate openers, we should put in mind that the energy that we will be using if we install it is that is running 24/7.

That’s a lot of energy to consume!

But with solar panels being equipped, it would only cost little energy for electricity since most of its energy source is coming from the sun.

You’re not only helping yourself from spending too much money for energy bills but you’re also helping saving the environment by the use of alternative energy.

Also, the convenience that it can give us is already enough to let us relax even just for a minute.

It would also help us in cutting out huge electricity bills and remember, it’s one way of helping us save money for more reasonable use, not only in the present time but as well as for our future.

Less impact on the environment, price is different compared from other gate openers that requires large quantity of energy and low operation cost.

These three (3) factors has always been the main points why a lot of people are switching to solar powered gates.

If we come to think of it, it’s small however the environmental and personal contributions it has shown has been overwhelming.

We cannot deny the fact that we’re living in a modern where we most of our things cost more than what we expected but we also come to a big realization that the effects of it has proven to be unimaginable in a way that it’s destroying us.

Solar powered gate is one important alternative way in countering these unwanted circumstances.

But we also must not forget to choose the right product quality and choosing the price deals.

We don’t want that once we purchased these solar gate openers, there would be a lot of unwanted circumstances that will occur, who would want that?

No one right?

There are a lot in the market right now that has been imitated and once we mistakenly purchased these, expect that it wouldn’t be as effective and as good as it was advertised.

It would even cause more hassle and beyond that, the problems that may occur would be as bad as expected.

Wrapping this up, if you’re planning to buy a solar gate opener, make sure to read this one as we have chosen the best in terms of the company behind each and every product, each of its features, its usage and many more.

Let us chose to be efficient in a small way because small ways contribute and achieve greater results and greater results would mean that we already made a big and reasonable impact.