What Is A Solar Power Inverter?

Solar power energy plays a very crucial role in our lives.  But, when talking about solar system equipment, it is not only solar panels that are important, but solar powered inverters play the same role. Here, we will discuss What is Solar Power Inverter?

Solar power inverters convert the energy from solar panels into the usable electric energy that can be used by appliances, lighting, electronics, etc. in the home.

In the absence of solar inverter, we can receive energy from the sun into the solar panel, but we cannot use that collected solar energy into our home appliances, electronics, and lightings.

The solar inverter is an essential part of the whole solar PV system, and this is also the part most likely to have issues as they are located in different weather conditions such as humidity, extreme heat, and rain.

The solar powered inverter is the electrical converter type that can convert the variable direct current (DC) power into the utility frequency usable alternating current (AC) power.

When sun rays shine on the solar photovoltaic (PV), electrons get into their work and produces direct current energy.

Mostly, houses use alternating current (AC) energy, not direct current (DC) energy. And, the energy which is produced by solar panels is direct current (DC) energy. Here, the solar inverter comes into existence.

First, your solar panels collect the sunlight and turn it into energy. Then, it sends electricity to the solar power inverter, which converts DC energy into AC energy.

As time passes, more and more people are installing solar power inverters into their homes as it can save their too much amount of money. Before installing it, one should be aware of different types of inverters, the process and which PV system would be perfect for him/her.

Generally, the main task of all the solar power inverters is to convert direct current (DC) solar energy into usable alternating current (AC) energy for homes. If you are planning to set up solar inverter at your home, you will need to select it from different solar power inverter technologies.

All have the same function, but each of them works a bit different from one another. To select for your solar panel system, below given are different types of solar inverters:

1. String Inverters

The String inverters are also known as a standard centralized inverter. Most of the small solar energy system use string inverter technology.
In this solar technology, each solar panel is wired into strings. When the solar panel produces energy from the sunlight, it will go into the single inverter.
And, at last, the inverter converts the Direct current energy into alternating current energy. This kind of solar inverter technology is of meager cost, and through this, the inverter is also very easy to maintain.
This solar system technology is advisable for those house owners who are looking for low-cost solar PV systems, and also for those houses that have direct sunlight throughout the day.

2. Micro-inverters

Micro-inverters are high-performance inverters with complex systems. This system is perfect for houses with improper and small space on the roof.
In micro-inverter PV systems, a small inverter is being installed at the site of each solar panel. As we have seen, the string inverter system sends the energy from the solar panel to a single inverter.
While solar PV systems with micro-inverters convert direct current (DC) energy to alternating current (AC) energy on the roof only.
String inverters are of meager cost, while micro-inverters are comparatively of higher price than string inverters. Also, you might find difficulty in repairing, and maintenance as micro-inverter will be located on the roof.

3. Power optimizers

Power optimizers solar PV system is the combination of both, string inverters and micro-inverters. Just like micro-inverters, power optimizers are also located on the roof next to individual solar panels.
But, in power optimizers system, the energy will still be sent to a centralized inverter. Like micro-inverters, it doesn’t convert direct current energy to alternating current energy at the site of the solar panel.
Instead, it conditions the direct current energy by fixing the voltage of the electricity. Power optimizers PV system is comparatively more efficient than the system with a string inverters.
Power optimizers system can also improve the efficiency of your solar panel system just like micro-inverters. This system is best for the house owners who can pay more for the efficiency of the solar panel system.

4. Battery Inverters

If you want to keep your solar panels separate from the battery system, separate battery inverter will be the best choice for you.
The battery inverter converts the battery power into the 230V current. And, then it delivers into your switchboard.

How to choose the best inverter system for your home

You have three options for the selection of the solar inverter system for your home. As you have seen, all these inverter systems work a bit differently from one another but their main function is similar.
For the selection of ideal PV solar inverter system for your house, the first important thing is to decide how much you are willing to pay and how much you are prepared to pay for the possibility of additional maintenance.
From these three options, string inverters are of very low cost and micro-inverters is of a high price. While the price of power optimizers is higher than string inverters and lower than micro inverters.
If your home’s roof has direct sunlight throughout the day, string inverter will be the best for you. But, in string inverter, the electricity production will be reduced if one or two solar panels are not working properly.
The microinverter will be the best choice for the house which has improper and small space on the roof. The disadvantage of micro-inverters is that they are very costly and there can be difficulty in repair in the event of a problem.
A power optimizer is the combination of string inverter and micro inverter. This system can improve the efficiency of your solar power system. But, its prices are higher than the string inverter.
Hence, after considering all the above factors carefully, you should decide about the best inverter system for your home.

Factors need to be considered about solar inverter

You need to consider many important factors for solar inverter before purchasing or installing it to your home. There are numbers of manufacturing & selling solar inverters and claiming their product as the best.
Here, you need to consider some important factors. After considering the listed factors, it will be easy for you to analyze any company’s solar inverter. Below given are those factors:
  • Features of the solar inverter: Selecting a solar inverter by considering its features and functions is necessary. You have to check what kind of features you will get by purchasing it, and is there any new feature in the selected inverter or not. And, if there is any new feature in a particular product, how much extra you are paying for it.
  • Quality & Reliability: Quality is the most important factor for any product. You need to determine the quality and reliability of the selected solar inverter properly. You can also have an idea about the quality by reading articles and reviews of the product online.
  • Service & Support: You also need to determine how is the service and support by the company which is selling you its product. If the company has bad service and support, you will face problems later.
  • Monitoring: You also need to know how is the monitoring functions in the product you are going to select. Whether it is easy to monitor or it is a complicated process.
  • Price: Price is for sure a critical factor for any company. You have to determine and compare the prices of different company’s products and analyze what feature you are getting at what price.
  • Warranty: Most of the reputed solar inverter companies provide warranties on their product. While there are also companies that provide a warranty for very less time period. You must buy that company’s product which provides high warranty time duration.
  • Customer reviews: You need to check out the customer reviews left by its previous customers online and see whether they are positive or negative. This is the best way to find out how much previous buyers are satisfied with this product.
You should consider different features of a particular solar inverter and check is there any new feature that can help you in any way. Quality and reliability of the product are very important, better the quality, longer life.
Other important factors such as service & support, monitoring, price of the product, warranty, customer reviews, etc. need to be analyzed.

Selecting the right company of solar inverter

Just like selecting the right solar inverter PV system is important, similarly purchasing your solar inverter from the right company is also a very important thing.
Each and every solar inverter brand claims that their product is the best and filtering out the best one out of these is very crucial. If you will do any mistake in selecting the right brand of solar inverter, it can adversely affect your whole solar inverter PV system.
Hence, to keep the solar inverter system running smoothly, you need to select the inverter brand which is more trustable and result-effective.
The installation of the solar inverter system is a bit complicated process because once you will install it, you have to maintain it for years. And, in that time duration if it will not work properly it can seriously trouble you.
Don’t worry. To help you out in the selection of right solar inverter for your home, we have prepared a list of best solar inverters. You can select the best one according to your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Hence, Solar power inverter helps in converting solar energy from the solar panels to usable electrical energy at our homes. Basically, it converts direct current (DC) energy into alternating current (AC).
Here, we have elaborated different kinds of solar inverter systems, how you can choose the best inverter system for your home, how to select the right company to purchase solar inverter and examples of some best solar inverters available online.