why is solar energy good for the future

Why Is Solar Energy Good For The Future?

Solar energy has become one of the key topics all around the world because of global warming happening.

Many scientists and researchers are suggesting that we will only be able to survive if we stop carbon emission 100% at least by 2030.

Today we’re at a stage where we have to consider more about our planet.

Planet earth is dying because of many irresponsible activities by humans such as air pollution, carbon emission, water pollution, unnecessary chemical releases, sound pollution, global warming, the dissolving of Antarctic glaciers, soil pollution, deforestation, etc.

These are a few of the human activities which will lead to an unlivable planet for our future generations.

Solar energy will be able to stop many of the issues that were mentioned before.

For example, if we can move into solar power completely, we will be able to reduce global warming by reducing the carbon percentage in the atmosphere.

How do we do it ? We can shift into using electric vehicles powered through solar energy.

Another way, is that we could stop water pollution by removing all the turbines which are being used to generate hydraulic energy.

Sound pollution is also another major issue that can be found in modern society.

If we can move into Solar powered vehicles, we will mitigate sound pollution for a very good extend.

So, today, we will look into why Solar energy should be our main energy source, why it’s important for the future, and how we can move or transform into Solar energy.

What Is Solar Energy?

Mainly solar energy means the energy we extract through sun or sunlight.

We store sunlight and its energy using solar panels and then convert it back to electricity use in our day-to-day activities.

Scientifically Solar energy is radiant light that’s is converting into heat from the sun.

Few of the main solar power harnessing technologies are solar thermal energy, solar architecture, molten salt power plants, solar heating, photovoltaics, and artificial photosynthesis.

To work on this process, we need to save solar energy first.

To save solar energy, we use solar panels that will help in saving and using that saved energy afterward.

A solar panel will help you to save as much as possible solar energy that can be used in advance.

And the specialty of solar energy than all other renewable energies is that other than geothermal derive their energy from energy received mainly from the sun.

If a government of a country or a business or even a household planning on transferring to Solar power, many facts need to consider before moving into transformation.

One of the main facts to consider is that solar radioactivity data that is required at all levels of solar power development, from initial planning through to large-scale project development or the calculations needed to size smaller systems.

Based on this data, it’s possible to calculate average annual power production from a theoretical photovoltaic power plant, taking into account temperature, tilt, and the effectiveness of the equipment being used, such as solar panels and balance of system components.

With that said, you can understand that if we move into solar power, there will be many advantages for the country’s economy.

It’s not only the savings, but we also could save a lot of health issues and make people’s life happier just by shifting to solar power.

Ways to Use Solar Energy

Today there are many ways that you can use solar power for your day-to-day activities.

Starting from lighting a bulb to powering an airplane, all can be done using solar power.

Using solar power for vehicles is one of the main topics that we hear about today.

Nowadays, we have solar-powered cars, vans, SUVs, buses, and even solar-powered RVs.

With the implementation of electric vehicles in the market, car manufacturers took their next step in manufacturing solar-powered electric vehicles.

Some car models are already released into the market that is being powered by Solar energy.

UNSW SunswiftTokai Challenger, and Lightyear One are few of the solar-powered car models that are in the market.

Even there are solar-powered boats that are available in the market to purchase.

By using solar power for vehicles, we can reduce the carbon emission, which happens through vehicles into zero.

Increasing carbon particles in the air have been the main reason for global warming.

Therefore, by transforming into solar power, we will be helping to reduce global warming and protect our planet.

Most importantly, you will be able to save more money by using an electric vehicle in your day-to-day activities.

This will help you with your financial situation and at the same time, help the society for a sustainable future.

Solar power is not only used in a car or any other vehicle that you’re using to fulfill your transportation requirements and needs.

Today, we use solar power for different equipment such as for pumps for irrigationExhaust ventilation, for security cameras, for kid’s toysfor animal repellers, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned equipment we also have other different methods that we use Solar power.

Nowadays, we have different solar power-based housing plans, which will be mainly focused on powering through solar power.

By moving into one of these solar power-based houses, you can gain many advantages than living in an ordinary house.

Most countries offer people who are using solar energy cheaper rates for electricity than for regular electricity consumers.

Advantages Of Solar Energy

Nowadays, environmental pollution has become one of the biggest issues in the world.

Carbon emission, global warming, a dissolving of ice glaziers, air pollution, sound pollution, are some of the bigger issues that we face today.

Solar energy has proven that it’s one of the key solutions to all the issues that we have currently.

For example, if we can convert all the vehicles into electric and solar power powered, there will be no carbon emission at all.

Most importantly, Solar power will allow you to save most of the rare energy resources.

By transforming into solar power, we can say goodbye to many of the unhealthy energy resources.

Nuclear energy, petroleum, hydraulic, kinetic, and many other energy sources can be harmful to the environment in many ways.

But using solar energy, we can minimize most of the earth’s burning issues, and solar power will be our solution for the salvation from these disasters.

Because of this reason, many governments all around the world, public charities, non-profit organizations, different communities, societies, and many more people are trying to move into Solar energy before it becomes too late.

Saving your money while giving many positive impacts on the environment and society would be the biggest advantage of using solar energy.

Because of solar energy, you will get a lesser number of bills, which will support saving your income and spending it on something valuable to you can your family.

Solar energy can be used as the main energy source for huge manufacturing factories.

By using solar energy in these factories, we can reduce the number of electricity Watts that is being consumed by those factories.

We should not forget that there are many stories where solar energy was able to change people’s lives within a couple of months.

Transforming Into Solar Energy

Today we have many options if we’re planning to use solar energy.

Solar energy-based housing system has become one of the famous solar-based solutions all around the world.

The main reason for this is that Solar energy-based houses can be bought at an averagely lower price.

But the main advantage of these houses is that you will have to pay very a smaller number of bills than a regular residence

When you’re trying to convert your current living style into a solar power lifestyle, the first thing you should consider is a cheaper option to install a solar panel.

It would be a better choice if you can select a vendor who is funded or sponsored by a government body; therefore, you could get those panels for a very low price.

Since most of the solar panel installation companies provide installment plans for your solar panel purchases, it would be easier for you to manage.

Once you find the right vendor, you should consider and select an open place in your house to install those solar panels.

And you should be cautious about selecting a place which is directly open to sunlight. Therefore, you won’t face any issue of saving less energy on your panels.

If you’re living in a country or territory where you have good summer-like weather throughout the year, you should be fine having a fully solar-powered house to complete your day-to-day activities.

But in case if you’re living in a country or territory where you do not get sunlight regularly, you will have to consider for an alternate solution which will help you with your day-to-day activities.

A Success Story

Africa is one of the key victims that was able to gain full advantage of solar power.

Africa, as a continent, has so many rural cities where its main electricity cannot extend electricity for.

Over the past decades, people and researchers tried their best to find a solution to give the theme poor people electricity, which as a basic human need.

Hip hop artist Akon was one of the leading celebrities who led one of the Powering Africa programs, which led 100,000 people to get electricity just to do their regular daily work.

It’s not only that; some rural cities in Myanmar, where there were issues on transmitting wired electricity was able to powered by Solar energy.

The most recent example for that is Powering West Africa, which was led by UNDP.

People in these villages were not able to use electricity from the beginning, and they were using hazardous kerosene as a source for light and as a fuel.

But after implementing many solar panels all around the village, now those villagers can use electric appliances like mobile phones, Televisions, washing machine, radio, electric fans, heaters, etc.

Using electrical appliances was not only the advantage those people from West Africa were able to gain.

Some kids were not able to go to a school because they had very few sources for learning.

After implementing those solar panels, UNDP has been able to send many kids into schools and help them in their future studies.

So, you can see how solar energy can change the world and change people’s life.

This is only one of the many success stories that Solar energy implementation was able to achieve.

Minor disadvantages of transforming into Solar energy

Like everything else in the world, when transforming into solar energy, there are also some minor disadvantages at this stage.

But these are minor if you consider the harm that is done by current energy sources to our environment.

The biggest issue out of these disadvantages is that the initial installation of solar panels to your house or your business location.

If you’re planning on installing solar panels to your place, you should consider buying it from a government-based company.

Because many governments are promoting and helping people to transform into solar energy and in that case, you can get some relief on the initial cost.

But in some parts of the world, the cost is way too higher than European or an American country.

Especially when it comes to the Asia region, there is a huge cost that you have to bear to install solar panels into your building.

But most of the countries are giving special discounts and installment plans if you’re planning on moving into a Solar-powered life.

If you’re living in the UK, you can look into Empower EnergyGreen power, or SOLARBLOC vendors who offer very reasonable prices on Solar panel installation.

Weather dependency will be the second most affecting issue when you’re using solar energy.

Since solar energy is depending on the sunlight, you may not be able to save more energy during daylight if you have rainy or cloudy weather.

But in most cases, you still can save some energy even with a slight amount of Sunlight.

Space is going to be another highly considerable fact that you should be looking into when you’re planning on transforming into Solar energy.

If you can install bigger solar panels, you can save more energy to use for your day-to-day activities

But bigger the panels, bigger the space that is required to install them.

This won’t be a bigger issue since you will be installing most of the time, solar panels on the roof.

Final Thoughts

So, you should understand by now why Solar energy is import to us and what are consequences that we might face if we don’t transform into solar energy.

Since the beginning of time, humans wanted to find an energy source, and there were many energy sources.

Petroleum, Kinetic, Heat, Electricity, coal, and many other energy sources were human inventions that changed our lifestyle.

But in the current situation, we’re using them extensively, and we have made them as compulsory things to live a life on.

Therefore, we keep using them on our day-to-day activities without considering the consequences that we will face one day in the near future.

And that is the main reason that we had to find substitutions for these energy sources therefor we could leave a healthy planet for our future generations.

When people try to find solutions for these mass pollutions of earth, then only they realize Solar energy will be the solution that will save this world from dying.

If you look at the big picture, solar energy can be replaced with all the energies that we currently have in use.

Also, we can fulfill all of the day-to-day needs without any issues.

And most importantly, we can complete all of those needs for a lower price while not harming at all to our planet.

We should be able to promote solar energy more and more to save this planet for our future generations.

It’s the responsibility of this generation to use eco-friendly energy sources rather than energy sources that will pollute the air, water, sound, atmosphere, or your home.

Thank you so much for reading this article, and please let us know your ideas in the comment section below.

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