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10 Different Methods Of Harnessing Solar Energy

There are several methods of harnessing solar energy. The energy of the sun is a renewable energy source that provides environmentally friendly green energy. Solar technologies are advancing every day and improving the energy efficiency of solar panels. They convert sun rays into electrical energy through photovoltaic cells (solar panels) and are becoming the dominant […].

10 Largest Solar Farms in the World

Before going into the largest solar farms in the world, let’s see why solar energy is becoming popular and why are we turning towards new, renewable sources of energy. You probably know that people have always tried to harvest natural resources. Solar energy is not a new invention, but the need to shift to other […].

Top 10 Countries That Use Solar Energy The Most

Countries that use solar energy the most are working towards a sustainable future by investing in renewable energy sources. From smartphones and TVs to street lights and electric trains, there is no denying that energy runs our lives. In short, we’re living in an energy-hungry world. Nowadays, everything in our day-to-day lives revolves around electricity […].

Are Cows Dying From Solar Panels? Find Out The Facts

Are cows dying from solar panels installed on farms? And, if yes, how do solar panels affect the life of other animals and humans? There have been claims that renewable energy sources can potentially threaten the environment and animals, particularly wind turbines and solar systems. What Are Alternative Energy Sources? When we speak of energy […].

What Is Solar Screen Fabric?

In this article, we’ll answer the question of what is solar screen fabric and respond to frequently asked questions many of our readers have. Let’s get started. What is Solar Screen Fabric / Solar Shades? Solar screen fabric is a distinct window screen mesh intended for sun control. It makes the most effective way to […].

Top 10 Solar Companies In The World

We have reached a point of no return when talking about environmental problems and global warming so top solar companies in the world have a difficult task at hand. The use of fossil fuels has proven to be deadly for the environment and to our own pockets. In Solar Power Nerd, we strongly advocate the […].