10 Ways on How to Maximize Efficiency of Solar Panels [Updated 2022]

A solar panel is an Eco-friendly system that is designed to generate energy by consuming sunlight. 

The device is made using photo voltaic cells which use natural light and convert it into electrical energy.

The only thing these solar panels need is the rays of the sun.

Solar panels have been one of the hot topics in the industry as a renewable source of energy for years now. 

Today, you may find a number of solar systems in the market, including solar hats, solar umbrellas, solar lamps, solar pond lights, solar chandeliers, solar rucksacks, van solar products, and more. 

The greater the light they get from the sun, the more power they generate. 

Therefore, solar panels are considered as the largest new source of generating electricity, beating both natural wind and gas for new capacity additions. 

So, installing solar panels in your home is an effective idea to utilize the natural light of the sun in the best way and convert it into energy. 

Installation Cost of Solar Panels 

The installation cost of solar panels varies, depending on the type, size, and function of your solar systems. 

It also depends on the energy requirements and size of your home and solar panel system. 

There are several factors that can affect the installation cost, including your solar plan, location, and others. 

The data states that the cost of installing solar panels is decreasing year by year due to the advancement in technology. In fact, the average solar panel installation cost is $3.05 per watt in 2022. 

This makes solar systems much more affordable. It means you can invest in them without breaking your bank. 

Every solar panel system is manufactured to deliver optimum results to people keeping certain power needs and purpose in mind. 

Benefits of Solar Panels 

Solar panels provide several benefits that make them one of the most promising renewable energy sources. They are a perfect way to generate efficient power from the natural light. And you don’t even have to spend a penny from your wallet, once you install a solar panel PV (Photo Voltaic) system. 

These solar-powered systems provide you several benefits that include the following: 

  • Renewable energy source
  • Offer energy 
  • Lower your electricity bills
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Inexhaustible 
  • Low maintenance
  • An Eco-friendly option 
  • Highly durable
  • Maximize your grid security
  • Diverse applications
  • Technology development
  • Versatile installation
  • Adaptable to different situations
  • Contributes to sustainable development

These are more top benefits of solar systems. If you want to read in detail about the benefits of solar panels, click here

To get these benefits of solar panels, firstly, you need to install solar panels at your home. 

But, investing in solar power systems such as a solar hat, solar table lamps, or solar umbrellas is not enough.

To get optimum results from your investment; you need to follow some tips to maximize the energy and efficiency of your solar panels. 

So, let’s discuss how you may boost the energy of your solar-powered systems. 

Tips to Maximize Solar Panels Efficiency

Here in this post, we have described 10 ways that you may take into consideration to maximize the efficiency of your solar panels. 

By following these simple steps, you can get the best out of your investment. 

Let’s take a look at the 10 tips and know how they work to maximize your solar panels. 

1. Use More Sunlight 

As mentioned above, a solar panel generates energy using the sun rays; it means they produce electrical power only during the day. 

If you want to get optimum results from your solar panel investment, you should use as much power as you can under the sun. 

Different ways to do so include: 

  • Recharge all your electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops, lamps, and other gadgets in the sunlight for hours.
  • Put all your solar devices in sunlight for full recharge and make them ready for night use. 
  • Adjust your cooling or heating devices ( that work with solar energy) to the desired temperature during the daytime so that you can switch them off at night to minimize your electricity usage.
  • If you have inverters with energy storage capability, recharge them properly during the day to minimize wastage of power.  

2. Use Only One Device at a Time 

The number of devices you can charge for free depends on the size of your solar panel and the amount of power these appliances consume. 

But, one good method to make certain you’re using less electricity is to use a single device at a time. 

There are several examples to clarify this point and here are a few of them: 

  • Do not use your electric razor and hairdryer at the same time.
  • Do not run your vacuum cleaner and dishwasher simultaneously.
  • Turn off your television when you’re not free to watch it.

3. Install a Backup Battery 

There are several solar battery systems available in the market, and investing in some of them to fulfill your electricity needs can help you in maintaining your budget. 

Some solar-powered systems like solar umbrellas and solar lamps, come with a storage system and allow you to save energy during the day.

You can use this energy at night to keep your electricity usage at a minimum

An added benefit of using solar devices is that you will always have the power to use it, even DURING a blackout.  

4. Make the Right Decision 

The most essential point you need to keep in mind to maximize your solar panels is to make an informed decision while buying a solar system. 

Doing so helps you in collecting full information about a specific solar panel. 

Determining which solar system can deliver the best value to your investment helps you keep your electricity wastage at a minimum. 

Before directly purchasing a model, it is recommended to check out different models of solar panels, know their power capacity, and other features properly for enhanced levels of energy conversion. 

5. Install a Solar Concentrator 

A solar concentrator is a device which allows you to maximize the power of your solar panel. 

The device helps you in concentrating solar light and convert it into electricity. 

The primary use of installing a concentrator is to concentrate the light falling everywhere on your solar panel. 

The process also involves the usage of other devices like mirrors for double advantage. 

Thus, these concentrators can increase the efficiency of your solar panels. 

These devices not only offer you improved energy but also help you to save money. 

6. Place Your Photo Voltaic Panels Smartly 

Another important way to improve the performance of your solar panels is to install photo voltaic panels wisely. 

The orientation and the angle of the panel must be right. 

Finalize the setting of your photo voltaic panels in such a manner that they receive optimal light of the sun throughout the year. 

For example, if you live in the southern hemisphere, the orientation of the solar panels must be more towards the north. 

Similarly, if you belong to the northern hemisphere, make sure your solar panels are facing the north. 

You should also focus on the tilting angle of the panels to ensure they are directly exposed to the sun throughout the day without any interruption. 

7. Don’t Keep Solar Panel in Shaded Areas

Placing your solar panels in shade is one of the major factors that affect the efficiency of your solar systems. 

As you know, solar panels need light from the sun for functioning. So, to derive optimum output from your solar panels, make sure they are not kept in shaded areas.

Do not expect them to work well without providing enough solar energy

If you don’t want an adverse effect on the output of your solar panels, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are getting enough light from the sun. 

Ideally, you need to locate your solar system in a place where it can get direct sunlight.

If there’s shadow on even one corner of the panel, it can significantly make a huge effect on the output of your whole system.

For instance, this is truly needed when you connect 4 to 5 photo voltaic cells in a series. 

In this case, if a solar cell is shaded, it consumes the energy produced by its neighbor panel. 

To avoid this problem, ensure all your solar cells are getting direct sunlight throughout the day to convert it into power. 

8. Keep Your Solar Panels Clean 

This is another essential thing you need to work on if you want to maximize the power of your solar panels. 

When dust accumulates on the surface of your solar panel, it lowers the efficiency of photo voltaic cells. 

This happens because the sun rays that fall on the solar panel could not reach photo voltaic cells directly. 

That’s why you need to make certain that there is no dirt and dust on the top of your solar panel. 

You can clean your solar panels annually if you want them to work properly. 

In fact, many surveys have proven that cleaning your solar panels once a year can maximize its efficiency by as much as 21 % and improve returns on your investment. 

In addition, the other amazing benefit of cleaning solar panels regularly is that it helps you in improving the durability of your solar systems.

The more years they will work, the more power they are going to generate. 

9. Prevent an Increase in Temperature

One major factor that can impact the amount of electricity solar systems generate is the temperature at which they work. 

Most people presume that more sunlight means more power, but this is not true.

Different solar systems react differently to operating temperature, but in maximum cases, the efficiency of these systems lowers as it improves in temperatures.   

The impact of improved temperature on the power of solar systems is called the temperature coefficient. 

Remember, the photo voltaic panel’s efficiency is greatly affected by the level of temperature.

Its efficiency lowers down as the temperature increases. 

Therefore, proper care must be taken, and you must ensure that there is enough gap between the roof and solar panels. 

This enables easy air movement and stops heat from having an impact on photo voltaic levels. 

If you want detailed information on how temperature impacts solar panels, continue reading

10. Maintain Your Solar System Properly   

Another effective way to maintain your solar panel is to keep it in good working condition. 

Solar systems can lose efficiency easily if not maintained properly.

You need to clean them every six months to make sure they are free from dirt and rust. 

You should also ensure that they are in direct contact with the sun for optimized performance. 

If you want, you can get professional assistance for your solar panels every couple of years. 

Getting an expert to check your solar systems is not as expensive as you would have thought.

A professional not only helps you in identifying hidden issues but also fixes the problems before they get worse and begin costing you money. 

So, keep your solar systems maintained to improve their durability and to keep your expenditure at a minimum. 

Wrapping Up the Post 

There is no surprise that a solar panel is the biggest asset to humankind as it can be used to produce enough energy. 

You can use this energy to perform multiple daily tasks with ease.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips will help you in stimulating the mechanism of your solar-powered panels. 

Not only solar panels provide you enough power to do your day to day tasks easily but also enable you to use less electricity and keep your bills at a minimum. 

Bring as many as possible solar panels into your life, use them properly, and make your life a little easier and stress-free. 

Solar panels are also known as a clean and green energy source.

The survey also shows that 59% of people are using solar panels as they contribute to keeping the environment green. 

So, investing in them can be a great start towards reducing carbon footprint. Purchase solar panels and contribute to building a safe environment.